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49 thoughts on “Sean Paul – No Lie ft. Dua Lipa

  1. Only Jamaicans can understand Sean Paul. His language is English Creole and Jamaican slang for those persons who didn't know.

  2. #Dua Lipa
    #Sean paul
    Woooooooooooooooooooow ilove youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu💋❤️💜🎉💛♥️😍😘😍💜😍💜😍❤️😘💛🎧🎧🎧😭🎧🎧🎧💛💛🎧💛💜💜😘❤️😍❤️😍💋💜

  3. I played this song and said google assistant to translate this my google assistant die………………….

  4. Feel your eyes, they all over me
    Don't be shy, take control of me
    Get the vibe it's gonna be lit tonight

    Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness gimme some a dat
    Pink sweetie badness, look how she hot
    She a black goddess, but tell her don't stop
    It's a good piece of mentals under the cap
    Hot piece of gear, mami love how you talk
    Watching every step, I dip upon what you got
    Stayin' in my brain, I'm 'membering all the touch?
    And my aim is to give you this love

    Hypnotic the way you move
    Let me acknowledge the way you do
    And I would not lie or play you
    Beam me up like Scottie
    It's so hypnotic, the way you move
    That's why I wanted to get to you
    And I would not lie, complain to you
    Pull so hypnotic

    gyal we never miss
    Feel your eyes, they all over me
    Don't be…

  5. 1) Great song
    2) Even the most expensive parfumes can not take away the ugly smell of jealousy towards Sean Paul

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