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Sean Penn Gives David Spade a Tattoo – Lights Out with David Spade

When I was on SNL… Oh! -Um…
-(cheering and applause) I got a tattoo from Sean Penn. -You weren’t there yet,
I don’t think. -Mm-mm. Uh, I decided
it was time for some more ink. Solidify my hard rep
on the streets. So I got
my favorite tattoo artist and author to do it again. We talk about his new book, Bob Honey Sings
Jimmy Crack Corn, and I almost cried. Here it is. -♪ ♪
-(chuckles): Okay. So, we’re gonna start.
He gave me a tattoo once, and now we’re doing it again. It’s just the same stupid bit
twice. So let’s see how it goes. What tattoo
did you give El Chapo? (both chuckle) I had a tattoo parlor that
I called Sean’s Okay Tattoos. -Sean’s Okay Tattoos?
-‘Cause they were, -at best, okay.
-Okay. But now my eyes
have deteriorated quite a bit, so we’re sure to at least match
the level of the last one. Yeah. You look
a little rough today. -But are you ready for this?
-No. I didn’t come ready. In fact, I haven’t touched one
of these guns in 15 or 20 years. -Yes.
-I’m wondering if I want to maybe set this needle
to go a little deeper. -No.
-No? Okay. -Ready?
-Yeah, let’s try. -♪ ♪
-(buzzing) Oh, I remember this. -That was a shaky line.
-(laughs) Are you trying to do a line? No, it’s the DTs. Well, how are the lines?
Are they super squiggly -or are they…
-Oh, really squiggly. Yeah. Sir, what’s this stuff? Is this part of the program? I think he went rogue. -Jesus Christ,
it’s Jason Bourne. -(chuckles) There’s gonna be
so much corrective work to do. -Okay.
-I’m just gonna hold this, -’cause you’re bleeding a lot.
-Yeah. Sh-Should I put a tourniquet? I have a (bleep) ring on. I
don’t know if that’s gonna help. I don’t remember
that much chaos last time. The chaos is this… -I didn’t have that then.
-I know. I didn’t want to say anything,
but you’ve been shaking. -The chaos is
you won’t forget it. -Yeah. Believe me. We know
it’s not gonna be perfect. I live with that other disaster. -Uh…
-(phone rings) Oh, my God. This is El Chapo. Are you here? You’re not here. Hola. ¡Papi! -Spanish bit.
-(laughing) Tell me about Bob Honey. The first book was
Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, -which came out last year.
-Yeah, but that– -And there’s a second one.
-Yeah. Bob Honey
Sings Jimmy Crack Corn. It’s, uh, literature
and ludicrous, in a sense. All related
to kind of what’s become a-a kind of ludicrous period
in American… Society right now. Little small on the… -Yeah, that’s what these
are for. -Oh, yeah. I got to stop by Rite Aid on
the way home. Get my cheaters. You’re gonna stop by Rite Aid
and get some Neosporin also. (laughs) Am I gonna have
to stop by urgent care? Oh, no,
I meant to tell you that, when you squint, it looks great. Let’s think
about when we hung out. There was the time that, uh… that you made Gary Busey
really happy. -That was in Malibu, right?
-Right. And he came over
and he’s fully bananas. We were both sitting there
and you go, “Oh, shit. Here we go.” And I go, “Oh, is it paparazzi?” -And you go, “Worse.
Gary Busey.” -(laughs) And he walks up,
“I spoon-fed Eisenhower.” And he just–
he says the craziest shit. These stories
are basically a smoke screen to say we used to hang out. You’ll be out of here
by midnight. I know you have a hard out
by midnight. Uh, so, one time… Oh, I–
we were doing read-through. Oh, you did the Church Lady. -Yeah. -You did the Church Lady
with Dana. That was right before me
and Farley got there. He did a sketch, uh,
where Dana interviewed him as the Church Lady,
and you were really good in it. I know you never hear this
in your career. You did a good job in that. Did you know Farley
in the old days? -Did we all hang out or…
-Only a little bit. -I-I met him a couple of times.
-Oh. Okay. ‘Cause he liked you. I like be–
I’m, like, the de facto widow. He liked you.
That’s what I do to people. He didn’t like you. But, uh, he did like you ’cause
you’re were (bleep) super cool. He goes… (inhales)
“Dude, you’re getting a tattoo from Sean (bleep) Penn.” -(laughing)
-So, uh, one time– here’s another dumb story
about him– me and Farley share an office, and, uh, I had a Playboy out and we were all looking
at the centerfold, ’cause we’re all pervs. So, me, Rock,
Sandler and Farley– we all shared
that one office corner– so, we’re all looking
at this Playboy centerfold and we like this one girl. We– I go,
“This girl’s really cute.” So, anyway,
cut to we go to read-through. Farley walks in
one minute behind me. He goes, “David, look–
have you been in the office?” I go, “We just came
from the office.” He goes,
“Have you been in it since?” And he wrote me a note,
’cause we didn’t have texting. So we all go back there and he had my Playboy out and he jizzed all over it. -Wow.
-Yeah. Jizz. Didn’t see that coming, folks. Did not– Surprise ending. And he goes… (chuckles)
And then we all were staring at him like he’s crazy.
And he goes, “No, no.” Then he knew it was bad.
It was, like, not cool. Bad Farley. He goes, “No. Shh. David, don’t tell anyone.
David, David.” And I go,
“We were gone for a minute.” And he goes,
“I can jizz in a minute.” So, anyway, uh, he goes, “David,
please don’t tell anyone.” I go, “I won’t tell anyone
for 25 years unless it’s Sean.” So, uh, anyway, that’s more for Christmas. Uh, I’ve been wanting
to get this haircut. I can give you the haircut. (laughs) -You’re not done, are you?
-No, I-I… -Have to cool off?
-What I’m looking at will be correctable. (giggles)
It’s… It’s what everyone wants
to hear from their doctor. So it’s pretty good. -There it is. There’s the work.
-There’s the gun. -Huh?
-On that big Spade gun. ♪ ♪ What’s up? I didn’t know
what tattoo to get. I was thinking of all these, uh,
Farley stories lately. And then,
I’ve been connected with him for years and years,
so I thought, you know, might as well just stay
connected with him through a tattoo,
so, I appreciate you doing it. -Thanks, bud.
-Good to see you. And, uh, we’ll see if I live. All right,
let’s get out of here. -Wrap party at Sean’s house.

100 thoughts on “Sean Penn Gives David Spade a Tattoo – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. I'm homeless sleeping in my car in the Midwest… Winter's coming soon and I don't want to freeze again… Never again….

    I don't have any tattoos…
    But I wish I could sell space on my body for a tattoo for some money to get out of this jam I'm in….

    Maybe I'll turn my whole body into a race car driver uniform….

    I got to make ends meat some how…

    Sean Penn is awesome…
    So is David Spade..

    I think they should both do a movie together like a cop movie or something funny and cool…

  2. Sean Penn is a fucking douchebag Commie loving piece of shit…. he supported Chavez in Venezuela who destroyed the country and murdered hundreds of his countrymen.

  3. A Farley tribute tat given by Shawn Penn… If only Spade had cool things to talk about.
    For those who can't detect sarcasm, there it is 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Both of these guys are great! I saw Mr. Penn speak in person once…very impressive guy, and Mr. Spade has a totally unique comedic style.

  5. The bad thing is spade felt like such a hard ass getting that.. u can see him trying to flex as hes saying "wrap party at Sean's house".. hahah.. sad sad little human man

  6. he needs to tone down the juice because that added to the chain smoking and admitted alcoholism and his famously known love for the white powder is a good way to go and meet his friend Marlon Brando where he's now. Just look how he is shaking.

  7. D. Spade has gotten very cool as he matured…I think Joe Dirt made him a whole new person…I use to think of him as a dude Smoocher but; he's less so now…:)

  8. "I spoon fed Eisenhower!" Wonder if he really said that, if it was improvised by Spade or if it was written ahead of time. Bloody funny either way.

  9. Chris Farley what a guy, he was always up for the occasion whether he felt like it or not, you would never know it because he was always up for the occasion

  10. Thank god Comedy Central stopped the generic hippy news bs. This is a good show. Let’s make Comedy Central Funny Again !!!

  11. I still say Chris should have lived and God should have taken David spade for comedy it would have definitely been a upgrade #wellyallgotthisinstead

  12. Fuckin Sean Penn is insanely ripped, Jesus Christ that's scary. And hes possibly stoned in this video…..cant say for sure, but I wouldnt be surprised. He's a chill cat, as well as one of the best actors of the century

  13. Not gonna lie I just thought about this but Jim Carrey would be a gangster ass tattoo artist I wouldn’t mind getting one of him also

  14. So cool that Spade still cherishes Farley's memory after all these years. My introduction to both of them was Tommy Boy and Black Sheep (they still make a great double-feature) and it's the reason I will always be a fan.

  15. Hahahahaha “is there a setting to make this go deeper” “I’m just going to hold this here it’s bleeding a lot” 😂 ❤️ Chris Farley ✌️

  16. I have never seen Sean show so much affection to a friend before. They have a connection only men can have. It's about as pure as it gets.

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