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Search WWW » Scarlett + Ta Mi ► True Love [HUMOR]

We were really worried when you guys both left the room. You were worried for nothing. It’s not like she would’ve hit me or anything. Why are you here? You’re the one who showed up. I was just standing here. I’m going to oppose to all your ideas. Let me… I’ll have to offer something better. What’s better than money? – Humanity? – Threats. Come here. Scarlett, please calm down! My gosh, Scarlett! I’ll find their weaknesses and threaten them. I’m against it. Are you two here together? – No. – No. Hey! Ta Mi! Stop! You’d better stop right now! How do you expect me to stop? I want to stay alive. I need you. Help me. Stop right there, you rat! Scarlett, please calm down. Let’s be reasonable. Go… Unbelievable. You’re at work right now, and there are tons of CCTVs. And you’re an ex-convict. Stop right there! You little rat. Does it belong to the guy who put you on the real-time keyword list? Yes. If you know I’m an ex-convict, you should’ve told me… that he’s cheating on me! Listen. I know I didn’t tell you. But I threatened Joon Soo to break up with you. I’m serious. I totally threatened him. What a jump. You’re mistaken. Mistaken? Mistaken? – You little… – Scarlett! Wait! Come over here! What are you doing? Was it you? Did you take money to fake keywords? I surrender, I surrender. Why do you look like this? I’m sorry. Don’t you think you’re hardly fast enough for a chase? Are you done? Yes. I’m going to keep you aware of all the risks you may be ignoring… just to get to your target, and keep reminding you of all the negative results… there could possibly be. I will always be against you. Thanks a lot, Cha Hyeon.

36 thoughts on “Search WWW » Scarlett + Ta Mi ► True Love [HUMOR]

  1. NOooo. Don't delete. It's a master piece of art! Oh my God, you've captured the essence of the sistp. These two are trully amazing together. One of the bests parts of the kd

  2. LMAO These two are definitely each other's true love. Their relationship is the best part of this drama!

  3. if she was a boy character ,.,,it would be a petition to make the first lead guy,,,but kdrama is not ready yet for that change .But even like this she is the best

  4. The reason why I wish Cha Hyun/Scarlet was a bi/lesbian in the drama. These two are the ultimate girl relationship. As much as I love their perspective love story.. at the same time we didn’t really need the guys to spice up the drama. These two are already spicing everything up.

  5. This sistership is awesome! Wanna watch this now just for them. Most shows portray women as enemies rather than comrades so the few that make them friends really are gems.

  6. this is literally lee da hee like if you've seen the family package race on running man and all the episodes where she's one of the guests, you'd know that this is so her 😂

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