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Secret to a Happy Marriage – Laughing with Mary

Today’s question comes from Sharon in Sante
Fe. She says my granddaughter is getting married this summer and asked for the secret to a
happy marriage what should i tell her? That’s a wonderful question, Sharon. It’s difficult
because we promise to be true to each other until death do us part but nobody ever tells
you how long that might be. My husband and I just celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary
and i can’t tell you how surprised we both were. I remember the day we were married.
The priest told us never to go to bed mad at each other. So for the first ten years
we stayed up and fought all night. But of course my instinctive answer to the question
“what is the secret to a happy marriage” is bourbon or the alcoholic beverage of your
choice. But i’m pretty sure that’s not a politically correct answer. No, I guess I would opt for
the traditional Erma Bombeck reason to stay together. That would be: whoever leaves first
has to take the dog and the children.

4 thoughts on “Secret to a Happy Marriage – Laughing with Mary

  1. This lady is a true blessing from God.. Thanks Mary and the people who posted this. I truly needed to see this at this moment in time.. roflmao

  2. My husband and I have been married  53 years and one day a lady friend asked my husband what the secret was for a long and happy marriage, his answer was on 2 words: "Please and thank you!" She was overwhelmed by his answer. His answer in other words meant: love, respect, understanding, caring and sharing! I wish all newly wed couples would take the advice of Mary Maxwell's video plus what I posted too, as it is the only way to keep a happy marriage!!! 

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