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47 thoughts on “sense8 (finale) | Humor

  1. Thank you for this! There wasn't enough time for good fun in the finale, and it was great seeing it here.

  2. Please help us renew Sense8! Season 3 is what we deserve

  3. very sad not to see them for a proper last season, but very happy about getting closure. It was a lot to cram into 2hrs, would have loved a few more episodes. Have watched it 4 times over.
    love this show, very well written, great locations, fantastic cast, fabulous music, a very moving show/content and funny. Please NETFLIX bring it back!

  4. Love the show but the rajan kala wolfgang stuff threw me off. I thought they were star crossed lovers but hey ho.. best of both worlds i guess

  5. Also:
    Sun when Rajan walks in: Ya know… normally, I'd knife this guy on sight. Why the hell is he here?
    ….. but, FUCK… it's Rajan.

  6. "No more carbs in the house"
    Love Lito ahahah and love this show so much! One of the best ever!
    Thanks for this video!

  7. AMAZING EPISODE!!! When I knew that it's 2,5 hours I was like WOW!!
    but actually I've to say that last 3 mins was totally unnecessary! It reminds me of Sausage Party lol

  8. Great end, and I'm going to really miss watching all the excellent actors and all their adventures. It's really too bad, they could have easily cut down on the locales they filmed in to cut costs, and still carry the storylines, it could have been revamped. I can only hope someone else picks up this series and continues with it, and have Lana at the helm, cut a few corners and it still would have worked for all the fans. We all cared so much about the characters, it's just so sad that we won't be able to continue our adventure with all the characters on a weekly basis.

  9. Ugh I just wish they make another show with the same cast! I love their chemistry! I love them so much! Like honestly, I would fuck each one of them or all together 🤤 lol 😂😂

  10. A cena em que o Rajan chega no hotel e pergunta "O que tá acontecendo? " é a melhor..Eu ri demais com a cara dele e ele deixando as coisas caírem 😂

  11. I really wish there was more!!! I'm so sad that it's done! The episode was wonderful, but it would have been even more amazing if it had been a full season!

  12. I actually really loved RajanxKalaxWolfie ending. It somehow made sense, they didn't have time to developt it further, but it was nice that they were dropping hints that it could happen and it did, I would be way angrier if it was just bait.

  13. I fucking LOVED the finale!! I was so, so worried that it would be a let down and it wasn't! I loved it!!! I thank the actors and writers and directors for not giving a shitty ending!

  14. When Bug sees Nomi and Amanita again and he goes “Angels!” And then all the Sensates come out from behind the door and he’s like “You’ve multiplied!” Thats such a mood

  15. honestly the fact they brought back all of the sensates friends was soo fucking great omg :((( like felix, rajan, diego, and bug, it was amazing

  16. I'm gonna miss this show so much.
    We need a season 3😥😥😥😥
    Anyway the final season was so so good!!!!!!!💕 Your edit is perfect, thanks for make this!😊

  17. In the moment Lito screams "I can't have carbs in the house I'll eat them all." I think we could all relate to his fucking soul.

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