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Sesame Street: Grover And A Fly In My Soup

GROVER: Ick. Oh no. Waiter! WAITER: Just a moment, sir. GROVER: Oh no. Waiter! WAITER: Not now, sir. GROVER: Oh. WAITER: Yes, sir? Waiter at your service, sir. GROVER: Waiter, there’s
a fly in my soup. Could you do something
about it? WAITER: There is a fly in your
soup at this establishment? GROVER: Yeah. WAITER: I shall do something
about it instantaneously, sir. Yes, sir. A fly in your soup. I shall take care
of that, yes. Let’s see, a fly in your soup. Are you sure it was a fly,
not a noodle, or maybe a piece of hair? Let me see. I am looking in the soup,
sir, and I do not see a fly in the soup. GROVER: No, no, Waiter, I
believe I said “in the soup,” and you’re looking
under the soup. WAITER: Oh. I knew that. Anybody knows that. I knew I was looking under the
soup and not in the soup. All right, I will now
look in the soup. GROVER: Thank you, thank you. Yes, thank you. WAITER: You’re welcome,
you’re welcome. All right, in the soup. Let me see. Here, little fly. No, no, no, no, no. I am looking in the soup, sir,
and I do not see a fly. GROVER: Waiter, you’re looking
next to my soup. The fly isn’t next to my soup. The fly is in my soup. WAITER: Well, of course. Of course it is in your soup. GROVER: Yes, of course. WAITER: Do not accuse me of not
knowing what “next to” and “in” means. GROVER: Of course. WAITER: All right, all
right, all right. I will look in the soup now– GROVER: Thank you. WAITER: –for this
supposed fly. All right, in the soup. Oh, fly, little fly,
cute little fly. Now I am looking in the soup and
I do not see a fly, Sir. I think you are mistaken. GROVER: No, no. Now you’re looking on my soup. You see, the fly isn’t on my
soup, it’s not under my soup, it’s not next to my soup. The fly is in my soup
and you haven’t even looked in my soup. You’ve looked everywhere
but in my soup. WAITER: But sir, then where
do you want the fly? GROVER: I don’t want
the fly anywhere. WAITER: Well then why did you
ask for a bowl of fly soup? GROVER: [SHOUTING] I didn’t ask for a
bowl of fly soup. WAITER: You should have asked
for a bowl of soup and said, “Hold the flies.” That’s
what you should have– GROVER: [SHOUTING] Will bring me another
bowl of soup? WAITER: The customer
is always right. GROVER: Thank you. WAITER: You’re welcome, sir. I shall bring you another
bowl of soup. GROVER: Good. WAITER:[GRUMBLING] I don’t believe this. Charlie, draw one. GROVER: 12,000 restaurants, I
don’t know why I have to come to this one. WAITER: I don’t know, Charlie. I think we’ve got
a weirdo here. He comes here a lot. All right, sir. All right, sir. I think I shall be making you
very happy with this. Here we are, our special
soup of the day. GROVER: And what kind
of soup is that? WAITER: Cream of mosquito. Where’s my tip?

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Grover And A Fly In My Soup

  1. ugh! Grover…..😑😒 he is not so good at being a waiter or looking for flies in customers soup like in this sketch like in this one!

  2. "A customer is always right." With all that repressed anger. I've had more than one incident like that with a customer 😂

  3. I'm grown now but remember this. Every emoji except one for a fly🥣.😮.🥣.😮🥣.

  4. "Where's my tip?"

    I don't know what would give Grover the idea that he would get a tip, he clearly provides poor service…

  5. Like don't. Worry like. That's. Just talking. Ok

    😮☝️😎✋🤩👌 So it's. Ok

    Love that's. Being. On the. Actionative. Background. Verb. At by. The. Impressive. Bethany. By. That's. Being. Hair. Loose.

    But. No. Like. Cause. That's being. Life. Through out. By. A. Pixar movie. Sorry.

  6. Man, do I MISS these sketches! 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂 Grover does an AWESOME job as the sort of waiter who drives that poor guy CRAZY every time! Srsly…someone must've watched A LOT of Monty Python when they concieved of these as the plots of the segments are DEFINITELY Python-esque…LOVE THEM!


  7. I think the brilliance in the jokes are that they are so very simple yet so random to the point where a kid can understand it and an adult would have their minds blown by the sheer absurdity of the situation

  8. Two nights ago, as the full moon shone, in the leaf-tossing, dread, howling wind atop Arkham Hill, Grover swore an oath that he would and must keep for all his life….to follow Mr Johnson round everywhere he went, swiftly get one job after another, and drive the man crazy with epic trolling. This was his pledge.

  9. I don't know how old this video is, but I remember this one well as a kid, and I'm 46 now!! Sesame street, you've not just entertained Americas children, but the whole worlds (and still do so). Cookie monster still makes me laugh.

  10. 2:17 durny klient krzyczy will you bring me another bowl of soup!?$%$$$$$😠😠😠😠😠😠 to śmieszna kłótnia hahahaha.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😆😄😅😄

  11. I am only 15, but I remember this story quite vividly from when I was a kid. I only just watched it again today and got the reference. Has anybody seen the Fawlty Towers episode that this was mimicking?

  12. 2:21

  13. グローバーと青いハゲ親父のレストランコントは「セサミストリート」の隠れた傑作。

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