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Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Bird Poop, Joe Biden’s Continued Gaffes

-Hey, everybody.
That’s Jake. I’m Seth. These are our favorite
jokes of the week. Former Vice President Joe Biden
apologized this weekend after misspeaking
at an event and saying, “Poor kids are just as bright
and just as talented as white kids.” [ Audience groans ] Adding, “Sorry,
that came out gay.” Authorities in South Carolina
have dropped drug charges against a college
football player after a test proved that a white
substance on the hood of his car was bird poop, not cocaine, though I can understand
their suspicion, because everyone knows
the best place to hide cocaine is on the hood of your car. The “New York Times”
is reporting that Former Vice President
Joe Biden is trying to reduce
his number of gaffs by using a teleprompter
for speeches. Unfortunately, he’s already been
caught on camera massaging it. Former Colorado governor
John Hickenlooper announced today he is dropping
out of the presidential race and released a three-minute
video thanking his supporters — by name. A German man has raised
over $700 on a GoFundMe page to help pay
for his rehabilitation from a “potentially
life-threatening erection.” Said the man, “With your help,
I can beat this thing. [ Laughter ] ♪♪

21 thoughts on “Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Bird Poop, Joe Biden’s Continued Gaffes

  1. WTF! I always thought Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo were the same person. Never made the connection until the Fredo video. Damn.

  2. "Gee, let's think about it a bit… That bird poop tested positive for cocaine! The Birds are the Cartel, they are filling up and flying over the border under the radar, no one expects the frogging birds! Better watch out, first, it is drugs, next, Mexicans… Hurry Quick! Get out the Cyanide Cannisters!!!"

    FFS!!!!!!! What is wrong with everyone? Too many 'cursed mystery demon-infested Dybbuk Boxes' sold & opened in the USofA the past 4 years? What is it? Are Y'all possessed? I gotta tell each & every one of ya the BS is getting waders deep. We are trying to keep a sense of humor, but is it much more than Gallows humor at this point? It kinda feels like the kinda humor the ones at the end of a long line of convicted innocent souls waiting their turn with the hangman would have? Or is it just Me? Peace, we all need it. IMHumbleO

  3. Funny how seth has nothing to say about Epstein having a portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress. I bet if he had a portrait of Trump in a dress Seth would have talked about it all year

  4. Jokes of the week is the laziest segment they do, but I genuinely love the jokes all week long on this show. If wasn't for Colbert's Monologue and Seth's Closer Look, I never would have started watching these shows but now I watch every late night show I can. I need the laughter and they do a good job.

    So go ahead, make this lazy segment every Friday, take a little break and go home early. You've got a great staff, Seth.

  5. I pulled a "Joe Biden" once on New Years.
    i was so drunk; i convinced my friends to help me spend 45 minutes to look for my car till we remember that, thinking ahead of time, we had come by Taxi. True story.

  6. I think if he read these hokes himself for a second time especially with some commentary/side jokes the segment could be much better!

  7. they really missed the chance to write "because everyone knows the best place to hide cocaine is on the hood "

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