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Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump and Kim Jong-un’s Summit, the First Mardi Gras

♪♪ -Rami Malek took home the Oscar
for Best Actor last night for his portrayal
of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” while I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga
took home Bradley Cooper. [ Laughter, cheers ] President Trump
arrived in Vietnam today ahead of his summit with
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. “It’s good to see
you again, Kim,” said Trump
to the first 30 people he saw. [ Laughter ] The first Mardi Gras celebration
was held in New Orleans 192 years ago today, and the streets were full
of drunk men yelling, “Show us your ankles!” [ Laughter ] President Trump and
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un began their summit
in Vietnam today, where Trump referred to Kim
as his friend. And Kim said to Trump,
“Quiet. I’m watching
the Michael Cohen testimony.” [ Laughter ] A new report
has placed the U.S. as the 35th healthiest country
in the world. Americans celebrated by ordering
a number 3 and a number 5. ♪♪

38 thoughts on “Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump and Kim Jong-un’s Summit, the First Mardi Gras

  1. I'm just glad the summit wasn't in Louisiana.. 'cause you just know Donnie would lift his shirt for a few gold colored beads.

  2. Meyers is a Satanic Hollywood pedophile. It's no mystery why he hates our President, who's going after these sick perverts.

  3. Kim was most likely thinking "I'm not your fucking friend, you dickhead". Kim now knows that Trump is completely stupid, since he is developing and testing long range weapons that can reach the United States, but somehow Trump thinks that makes them friends.

  4. It's actually possible that someone working for Kim Jong WAS watching the Cohen testimony, and that when Cohen mentioned that Trump's school grades were embarrassingly low, that person might have whispered it to Kim Jong directly. "Chairman Kim, Trump is very low intelligence. You can easily use this situation to our advantage."

    Et voila! Trump leaves Hanoi looking like a useless moron, and Kim returns home having secured his nation's national defences for the foreseeable future, ensuring the Kim family retains power indefinitely, and all it took was having someone watch the testimony for any interesting tidbits.

    #YouWontHearTHATonFoxNews xD

  5. The Tobacco Industry it trying to put a 90%+ tax on the Vaping Industry.

    Vaping has been proven to be many times safer then smoking.

    Did you her about that guy that said, "child slavery should be legal"?

  6. Allow me to bless you with a solid new segment idea. Free. No charge.
    "News From Under the Bus" – featuring consequences of being tossed by Donald Trump.
    You have a treasure trove of fresh new material.
    You're welcome.
    Need more, just ask.

  7. Seth's writers are so much better than the other late night talk show hosts! Funny. James Cordon and the other guy are not funny and I do not know why they are even there.

  8. The current president may not be the best choice, I think that may be clear but Seth Meyer's obsession with him is almost disgusting and very obvious. Seth, you are letting the president live in your head rent free.

  9. Let us start a petition that forbids, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Late Night With Stephen Colbert, and Late Night Night With Seth to go on vacation at the same time. We need our fix and it's unfair for them all to not work at the same time.

  10. This ugly Joker makes fun of our Wonderful President every single night!!
    At least, take the time to find out the truth…
    President Trump does not get paid to be President…except for One Dollar..
    He donates everything to charity….
    Take a look which President sold us out….At this minute, Pres. OBAMA is worth 2.9 Billion dollars…

  11. That's not how the joke goes Seth. It's " I wanna number 9, a number 9 large, a number 6 wit extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45's, one wit cheese, and a large soda."

  12. so sad to see usa just crying about their president!!!
    why didnt you choose better in the first place? time travel : would you go back in time to kill hitler? what about trump? the damage is done!! thx usa

  13. Seth!! You know what you're missing?? Out! On the crazy awesome experience of performing stand-up near or around southcentral indiana to a paying audience!! I mean I thought, "it couldn't hurt to try" you could do a spot in Bloomington with timmy meadows! Or as a solo gig w/e'vs. Not cool enough you say? Well are you tired of tourists making a cluster f#(k out of the City to catch a glimpse at the leaves changing colors? Well you're in luck because you have the very exclusive option to pay a driver to drive you through southcentral indiana while all that's happening and you can have a look at the leaves changing colors, or you could find someone willing to drive you for free because lets face it you're not the cross country driving type. lol. You maybe thinking why would I want to pay to go to indiana?? Good question, and the answer is simple! Put on a stand-up esk show or something for paying customers! Bloomington, Indianapolis, Louisville KY, or Cincinnati OH.. I mean I might be able to make it to a Chicago show if given proper time in advance as to save enough… You don't want to do that either. Okay well this has amused me for a second

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