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Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets

– What’s up, guys, it’s
Shawn Mendes and I’m gonna be reading some of these thirst tweets. ♪ Yeah, show me your love ♪ You are weird and obsessed with pain, but I love you for it. Oh my God. This is insane. You know what the bad
thing about this tweet is, is that I’ve seen this so many times. Don’t ask anybody to choke you. Poetic, you should
write a song about that. Well, thank you, that’s sweet. (Shawn chuckling) I don’t view my abs as art. Haunted, you guys are haunted. Don’t put these things on the internet. I think I could probably get arrested for tweeting this stuff. You guys dug for the
worst ones, didn’t you? Not reading that. (Shawn laughing) I’m sorry, there’s a
line and she crossed it. Nope, not reading that either. Guys, that was me reading thirst tweets. Yeah, a couple of you, I’m
sorry I didn’t read your tweets, but you need to stop
tweeting things like that. (upbeat instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets

  1. I love watching his videos just because I love seeing how uncomfortable it makes people😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. He’s uncomfortable but like he’s comfortable around Camila because they’re are OBVIOUSLY in a relationship 😉

  3. I hate when celebs take these funny tweets in the wrong way…appreciate you’re attractive and you’re famous lol you’re gonna have fans

  4. Shawn is such a hottie. I would just like to sit and hang out with the guy and smoke a joint, maybe listen to some songs. He’s a sweet guy. Just downloaded his song if I can’t have you

  5. Who else thought "how very stupid" at least once?

    Because I thought it with every single tweet thingy😂😂😂😂

  6. Shawn Mendes : Is Uncomfortable In This Interview

    Also Shawn Mendes : Does a photoshoot with boxers on and is shirtless

  7. I feel bag for guys/boys because when girls say them these to they suffer from fake laughing uncomfortably, but when you say these stuff to a girl, people will say it's abuse or harrass etc.

  8. I knew Shawn Mendes existed but I had never paid attention to him or his music, but thanks to Tan I'm now obsesses

  9. I mean… Shawn Mendes is cute but I'm just not that type of person, you know? His music isn't my style but I do get a bit of Shawn in sometimes.
    🎶I love it when you caaaall me Senoritaaaa🎶

    Camila is quaking.

  10. Some ppl are weird as hell. I was watching Colby Brock reacting to his dm's and it was the same kind of stuff it's gross. But also, love ur songs Shaun Mendez!

  11. Lots of others tweet these things
    Me: I wish we could blast Shawn Mendas’s music during school! That would be fun!

  12. Everyone praises him as a hero, even though he has said bad things about "black people". It is a pure justification and no one understands and sees it, because it is not racist or even discriminatory to offend people because of their skin color ….
    It is bold to blame any friends, even though you committed the crime. In addition, it is stupid and pointless to say that you would not cause anything bad with a small range. "I did not think I would be more famous than I used to," Shawn, do not play the innocent here!

    If he had said something against homosexuals, such as "I can see that the gays or lesbians are coming out of you, Lauren," people would go overboard and criticize the thing or, as Shawn likes to call it, the sensitive past.

    Because to be gay is better in our society and more human than black. Simply derogatory to this Shawn and the entire music industry. (They) Do not allow people to fight against racism, but instead praise homosexuality like a free law.

    I really wonder where and with whom Shawn Mendes grew up to 14 years, that he has racist friends who make "harmless" jokes about black people and how to know such dark discrimination as a teenager. Hopefully not with the Nazis …

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