Laughter is the Best Medicine


Jon: She’s a proper Brit, who’s practically overflowing with class and manners. Jon: He’s a Texan who probably cleaned up cow shit this weekend. Jon: Please welcome Ellie Main and Max Kruemcke. Jon: He’s short, bald, and full of cheap liquor. Jon: She’s tall, hairy, and full of cringy jokes that only she thinks is funny. Jon: Please welcome Barbra Dunkelman and Jeremy Dooley. Jon: I’m your host, Jon Risinger, and welcome to On the Spot! [Intro Music] Jon: Hello, and welcome to another fun-filled, guaranteed-to-make-you-laugh, best-part-of-your-week, episode of On the Spot. Barbra: Fuck you.
Jon: I’m your host, Jon Risinger–
Jeremy: I don’t think you– that’s a promise you can’t keep. Barbra: Bye, Jon.
Max: WOAH! Jon: I’ve committed to the joke. Um… We- we gotta fun joke. Max: You just attacked Barbra.
Jeremy: Jon’s got like the konami code on his shirt. Barbra: Why did you–?
Jeremy: Up up down down down up up.
Jon: I didn’t mean to say ‘fun joke’, I meant to say ‘fun show’. Jon: I don’t have- it’s just anchors! It’s all up!
Barbra: Some are down.
Max: Some are down. Jon: Are they down? Oh, they are, you’re right.
Jeremy: Idiot! You’re wearin’ it!
Jon: Five points to Jeremy. Barbra: Ayyyy!
Max: WHAT?!
Ellie: Come on! Jeremy: The buff’s starting early! Barbra: Hey, why did you call me hairy? Yeah, hair look all the hair in your head compared to him. Are you hairy? Jeremy: I win. Second show in a week I’ve had my chest hair out. Jon: Are you pretty- are you pretty, like, hairy all the way down and everything?
Jeremy: Yeah. I can be. I might get to say like yes as I am do you manscape yeah? Max: Yeah, me too. I keep it–
Jon: You don’t manscape, you’re just a… weird, hairless, chimp walking around. Jeremy: As smooth as ping-pong balls down there. Ellie: It’s so pretty.
Barbra: He’s so pink! Jon: Hey, real quick, this episode of On the Spot is brought to you by: Beachbody and Felix Gray, thank you so much. We have some oldie Goldie’s here join us and we have a new girl in town Girl on right hosiery jumping that girl. It’s ali bang um What’s up? No one watches a new girl for Zooey deschanel? No, no one was no No, you are the only person who watches that show first I really actually don’t watch him so okay, then don’t say you know you’re your fake fan. Look at you Yeah, y’all watching for the funny cute boys um all right? How why are we talking about good? You know what no idea? What anyone well? I could if I join a TV show name like TV. Show you watched No, not you Jeremy Is a rerun on Netflix to back at last air drama okay? All I do is sit there and watch battle unrest Holy did yeah pretty much. Oh my God you live such a simple life. I love it poor little oh, Kimmy Jaeger Why not I can give you many reasons all right here. We go It started alright, so uh we’re gonna. We’re going to play some games before you get the games. We’ve got camaraderie Jon: We got some bad alcohol to drink and we got a few orders of business to get through. First is team names. Jon: Ellie, Max, hit me with your team name!
Ellie: Go on, Max.
Max: Young, nubile, and afraid. Jon: Did not expect the twist at the end there. Nubile yeah, because they never hear it. Yeah, not used enough Yeah, if you ask me right now if you put me on the spot minus five points Among it oh my God But if you ask me to say where was I wouldn’t know what a nubile? Yeah? I just feeling like Sexual no been any like fresh in like wait, Josh. It means like a newness yeah as well. It’s like it You just supple you what I don’t think Similar where did not no one is going with us try a date with a russian us rate your stomach That’s a syringe full of nubile finest 5.0 will rock we’re gonna lose a time. Yeah. Yeah, let you know yeah If you like rana if a guy was on a date with you ali, and went is it a very supple girl What would that be like well? How do you know? Okay, so we got young nubile and afraid let’s just get that training because everything else on Twitter is just terrible It’s actually par for the course it is billion What do you guys got over here that I’m sure Jeremy is well aware of if he didn’t walk into the show five seconds ago That’ll explain our team name Jeremy Please show We’re going to try for attitude knows a little lid. I heard you you guys had some technical problems Yes, exactly when you say, we’re gonna record two parts of crash Bandicoot before we show up and crash you Michael I did not crash we cry our brains The only recording no we ended up recording usB I saw anymore in the first part and then realizing you never hate this part on the audio Burn man ah so did the whole video with I love you Mr.. Wait, did you guys do Michaelson unit for six years? I’ve been doing it for three. Did you um did you webcam? Yeah, just uh bit just dub the whole thing we talked about just over nothing though but That’s not the same Just have your wives double just have your wives up in India he was he was sad because he was like now you’re gonna be good at it, and it’s gonna be different ah But the what he forgot is that I’m I’m not good. I saw of crenshaw. We’re still I’ve been watching guys crash Bandicoot’s leslie It’s actually pretty good. I mean Michael is yeah Michael’s like let’s watch it yeah my formers and stuff that other people would hang themselves that’s Michael superpower not not in these let’s plays but Michael’s superpower I’ve Always said by is that the fact that he can just sit in front of a screen playing a game and just talk non-stop That that boy does not manage a see the bone. It’s got a shit superpower. Yes no, one’s going to call Michael battle of the main building because I think we want to put Michael versus miles in that situation and See who could keep going without stop talking miles don’t even read a video and then we hook about my dear to the camera Infinite out of the world here, we got teeming Got the glowing gas let’s move forward. We got one last thing we got the deal cards We got to diddle diddle cards, and that’s what that court called the pea pods. Yeah I have a hard time not making funny. I know I’ve noticed that so far um hey, I Don’t think it’s very quite appropriate itself a favorite place wait Jeremy. You can’t british accent. You’re great action. No I Want to damn it and Gavin kids in some what you come oh? You plumber you please good night? Mike everything Kevin does is when he’s explaining something and it confuses himself into explanations. He’ll be like well It’s pretty simple right you take that Yes, if you like the car taking a very sharp left turn you have to learn his man like and you spit while you’re talking He’s like oh Michael boy fat now become good call tonight. You gobble over Any of them like what is this area? five points for that dream zac Netzero A positive that they’re actually still negative all right so guys our doodle cards anytime during the show you can play the field cards on someone at the Beginning of their game they have to do that trade progress the game we got these cards from the audience want some fun with that Later let’s move on to a game play kind of linguistics Cunning linguistics of the game where we’re going over dictionary found some words you guys are definitions for them we have some fun with that back and forth and we’ll start off with le and max for this let’s find out what le and Max’s word or Phrase is Your hand from Arch user. Let’s go with Zuria So mur han or amur han or a marine a lot of lot of pronunciations possible here, so what do you guys think? Each of you gets an opportunity. It’s a merkin for your hand What the market America American is a vaginal wig? Ha ha ha ha wait, wait. Yeah, I thought guys can have merkins too. Yeah, I think we’ll have you back legs. There you go If I like the vaginal wig is better so it’s a mer handsome bird if you want to make Pubes on your so if you’re someone like you who’s nubile and heroine? But you want to have those really like a witch hairy man. No, no, it’s it’s more Just like to create the effect of pubes on your hand. Why would you want shoes on your hand, right? What do you went in on some? I don’t have to use any where on me I’ll be like look I figured this is it I? Got it all hairy and wiz room It’s been green assisting what because I realize the finger you would have it all over your hand. You’re taller could no, no, I got so How many hairy hands would be great you’re out of steel walls? I’m wearing it I Got a hair on my hand Jeremy on the Kitchen just Washing the plate just want the point elbow grease means something different for me. Yeah, I’m like me paint stripped oh It’s just your elbow there you go. I fall over me. All right, so I’m merton is a merkin for your hand I feel like that might actually exist considering all the stupid stuff out there Ellie do you have another idea of what a merkin yeah unfortunately max is way off base what have you put in you and the Point being so lay off are you serious? I’m serious This is bad. That’s all very New Bylaw a man and actually sort of a swimming stroke okay, so if you’re trying to replicate a mermaid swimming So you’re going to put your hands by your sides right? And you just kind of kind of like left and right it Like that but like really far Okay, that’s real numbers to anything. It is kind of any demo mermaids are very much much faster than that But you know you can do it live one more time No, I think so many more actually I want to see max do it yeah Can you demonstrate on the floor mermaids are known oh? Yeah, so they just shit in water Yes, because you’re so you’ve got a fishtail you got a fishtail Yeah, and you’re not going to use your hands like some sort of like Newbie little actually poured you died, so you’re gonna feel like like that, but really fast Getting good. Whatever. I’m doing it I usually Underwater holding his breath Water that’s my house. Yeah, and no need of you got it I know chum You gotta 4.4 argue with me. Oh Sure, we got it – one more point. I’m pretty sure it up. We got it. Oh I’m pretty sure we got it no Mine is to point. God you’re just I just got on the ground and did a wiggle and you lost the point Zig we got it. Mine is a hundred points. Oh my God july We’ve got a competition They can make it back like obviously you can lose it quickly and gain it quick. I give you a hug Can I give it back? Why should I take you through you to? Give me hug. I’m so innocent nobody’s like I might take my big down give me 20 points That’s like you need your women wild oh, oh All right, all right 150 points this way somewhere in a 350 if no idea was drawn to get that back all right All right, so what do you have got one chance morelli was close, okay that she had the mer-pup right so it’s like a Merman Except it’s more han like more han solo. Oh It’s han Solo Judge Alaimo which is like the Alternative Star Wars universe that not a lot of people know about like Santa get to get on the board Yeah, you know if he was half fish he probably could have dodged that lightsaber stabbed in the last movie Swami No, well, I’m thinking that it’s like I don’t Know sorry fish top. Oh human leg I don’t remember him dying and jointly on hard well if you were the fish walked out With that with that move that is true. Yeah with that this is that is a very fast stroke if you can’t ride That’s got it actually exists because there’s like mermaid versions of everything. I’ve done that way. I’m really on so let’s real definition the sound Produced by testicle slapping against, but I was close. I’ve always wondered what that word was suspense. Let’s go hit my buttocks during that move so saying all right then I got job exactly This is a very very villain and I’m going to get points to max on that yay, all right hold on Matt new file So you can include tell me to take that the new things like nude like the con from there when guesstimate I wanna come in files And Jeremy drinking more let’s find out with their word is oh face jerking boob it by blunt object MMM-hmm What’s face jerking? What is the action Arts Crafts? Abbott I know what this is Barbara. Yeah face jerking actually know someone who does this is when you go on Facebook, okay, and you look up pictures of someone you have a crush on or maybe not someone you’re just interested in and you masturbate they look at pictures of but it’s like very PG pictures, so it’s like people with their cats or Like girls and their friends, and you just you just knock one out boy I know somebody who did them we all really know someone who’s I’m nestle creepy? Yeah, your roommate no you talking about her on always open. Oh Yeah Yeah, yeah, who is it? Griffin just like really like not even like sexy pictures. No you always need a second good to be a sexy person Jerk off to him all the time Okay, okay. What’s my wife? Saying look he looks back at her. I didn’t notice your or not Okay, I know she said she was gonna be all right here always probably watch out I totally thought she was back there somewhere um Patrick’s back there, how you doing Patrick okay? Good just to check in. We never got my drag name. We did it Okay, it’s so good. It’s like a hundred point put happy Make sure it’s in the graphic that pops up all right, so we to love Jeremy. Oh Should I call the game? face jerking is when You get a masseuse that doesn’t really know what they’re doing, and then they go to do the face massage part And they just kind of go like That on your face. I mean, I love the most I have a follow-up question yeah what have you gotten a massage before yeah? Did they ever massage your face? Yeah, it was like They don’t let the forehead thing my ears laying on your back and go like please and then go on in like this Actually like they’re standing behind you and they’re like oh, they go Himbo Dan Dan Avedon from Game grumps he just post a picture of him getting a vocal massager. Just someone massaging his faces Oh damn, so Hilly live in California Yeah, is that feels like a collar that’s a very La thing But that’s what face jerking is and you don’t want to upset them that you know like clearly you all know you’re doing so sometimes You just like spit a little bit then ago. He came in he’s going on All right, what’s the real way nobody you guys? Face jerking is a blowjob That’s it We whispered to me It was like I got no face fucking sure I got It I think yeah, I guess I thought oh you guys it. Yes today now There’s no rule all right. You just got a hundred fifty points for a hug There are no rules to this fucking show yeah, and you know what I think we got it Ellie, do you actually have anything better? He’s going to grow with that? Oh Yes, sure. Let’s go with mack how many points we get for a Jeremy dooley hug? I’ve ever hugged you that would be worth a lot more equipment I don’t know I don’t want to feel like I’m copying right Wanna hug Really Konami points is gonna be coming out for that cuz I want to pull I think there’s gonna be one big point You know I mean Fantastic hug I give good hugs. I’m huggable 200 points We’re gonna Ball misses you can lift me up Do you need to work together to create a world where women get the same amount of time? Someday someday, you can have it. You keep I think we should probably give me 50 points for that So that way you don’t find form a claw the Brick booth wow Mr.. Casas, what’s the real definition of face jerking back to being on Facebook all the time again? Oh this faction out of it? Oh, just not what she was doing come on that satisfaction So points have to go I Like Jeremy’s okay. Yeah, we’re good oh Wow, I think that’s wait We have one more we delve one more we’ll do over each team gets one chance and we’ll just go quick What’s the last one last one is? Canadian special from affiliate oh, so Elliott a Mac you started soft. What’s the Canadian special? That’s when you cover someone in protein while you having sex with them That is exactly what I was going to say we didn’t even talk about it. Yeah, oh We’re like I’m not mad at it. It’s the real thing Luckily I know what the actual is. I’m really really hungry and that just sounds fantastic What do you guys get second, please? Oh, no? Oh, you don’t get stuff you find the holidays you’re late, then we’re gonna clink and we’re going to take a shot okay? What is that needing special so a Canadian special? I’m not going to lie you’re making passionate love with your partner all right you reach the moment of beautiful Climax And then you lean in and very quietly whisper in their ear I’m so sorry oh man Wow, that’s pretty good How many times have you said sorry in the bedroom? every time I stayed on every block Sorry, sorry. Sorry that can yo dick is so big What is happening guys guys want to have a high-five moment about Max’s dick you got a nice day? What’s the real definition of a Canadian special? I should stop apologizing non-stop, but the weight of course a person nicely into what you want them. Oh No Jeremiah Why whole drug a Very good friend of mine, and he would have given me points You know I hope to live in a world where one day point to you guys over here These guys over here. I don’t care what? Miss monumental loss of all time That’s fine. Now. It’s hot we’re going to brick don’t we’re going to ruin it hahahaha, really girls, Aim, ya Makin otherwise Martin above of Max sitting with a drink. Oh, we’re gonna ruin it. We’re just going to break it all Hey Before we find out what all those points are then does all that I do want to say a little something Hey, thanks, Beachbody Beachbody on demand is an online Fitness streaming service that gives you unlimited access to a wide variety of highly effective World-Class workouts personalized to meet your needs plus extensive nutritional content All proven to help people achieve their health and fitness goals with Step-By-step program guides workout calendars comprehensive nutrition plans and innovative portion control focusing focused cooking show Fixate and the motivation support of a growing community Beachbody on demand is the total package I think people understand our at this point that I have a big proponent for health and fitness and nutrition It’s how I ran away from fat John years ago And so these are great ways to to to achieve that with with a service like this and and nutritional help like this So I highly recommend you guys try this out. 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Where’s that Beachbody and All like gymnastics and shape and everything what happened, I watch the video Today of me like backgrounds in high school some video. I made back then I’m like God I gots been Fucking when that’s all you didn’t continue there hey, let’s move on to our next game. We’re gonna play a swipe a Swipe to the game you each going to come up with a profile description for an online dating profile we have asked some members of our community some in there with a 10-5 points, you sassy not allah. Yeah, you really do need to stop you’re not going to keep me down them Yeah, yeah, oh, no, alright, since you guys are going to play the game We’re going to go with Barbara and Jeremy on their person We’ll find out about them who is Barbara and Jeremy that one person on this one. His name is lane Lane is overly anxious And very nervous about everything and wants to have his first date at his mom’s house, okay. That’s a very important thing What also we what else do we know about Blaine? Ellie Sully in love with a yellow lab Fully in love with a yellow lab when we get a leopard Oh, okay. Likes like like like like the totality of this battle of like me yella t like no All right The same today Elaine is fully in love with a yellow lab overly anxious nervous wants to have first date at Mom’s house, okay? So you guys are gonna. Go one person at a time listen for the bell? That’s when you switch people giving off this profile I want Barbara to start us off introduce us to this special little lad blaine in any of this information I’m gonna give one second for Jeremy only actually connery hanoverian Jerry I got your boy man extra time. Yeah Why for Drive young? Little person come on. What’s wrong What’s wrong? We’re gonna fight everything’s Happening, why are you doing this to me that is I want to fight him. What a great? Game hey hey hey, I will give you points if you let me start the game no I Will give valerie toys like all of that that was good I’d even Superboy through the end of all that love the way to that for this round, Gerrae Wow, Barbara starts out Thank God you got your game Stop bro. My name is Blaine Gibson uh you know I think that’d be really cool if you came over my house to be to Doggystyle because that’s the way I like it if you want. I mean, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, but my My mom’s got a much better house than I do I think and I don’t really you know I just wondering that I’m an okay guy and And really it could just be a date with the three of us Energy that’s a great time I’m really for some reason into blondes. I don’t know it’s like my thing and But like you don’t have to go on a date if you don’t want to like I just want to be respectful of you but my mom she makes really great meatloaf, and I think it’d be really cool if you came over and More are bark bark That’s the that’s the that’s the sexy talk. I do in the bedroom raus raus, Monroe and Don’t worry my mom won’t hear us too much probably oh My goodness wow warf warf warf ooh, I forgot. What a dog sauce Wally our folks are you’re like you only bag You know like when you’re in school, and you’re like either Spanish or in French You’re learning language And you learned that other languages have different like sounds for like the sounds that animals make like we say stealthy Yeah, like how our people? sure Did you take a Turban high school? My family service. Oh, okay. I know it was kind of raised this but it’s already kind of okay Yeah for you He’s so special to me And I just love that he’s here and I’ve missed him so much my parents called me specialty I just really did all right, so that’s blaine Let’s find out who max and L are going to help out. I mean even Milder Aaron, right? Oh This this guy’s oh mack you delaying he refers to himself in the third person by his nickname and his nickname is Big Mac Daddy Jesus and We have a dental card and an extra trait. We got to come from this side So what’s our straight first a trait? Uh oh shit? Oh? That’s a great one. All right. He has a really terrible stutter. Oh, shut ur Daughter what else are we doing with you? Should we do that today? You could think oh my God? I think I would love to hear that with a british accent Oh come on. There you go I’ve been targeted Ellie Ellie hmM. Has to speak like Mickey Mouse ha ha holly you know Holly hey, thank you. Holly Beau hate grape juice in case there were not enough Aspect to this All right, so we got one person who’s got a mickey mouse sound both you guys do stutter This is Patrick refers ourselves a third person is Big Mac get you Anything b. We know a couple of That was a singing. I’m sorry to do that. Oh my God it’s big a Big night day Jesus oh My gosh, Eddie jesus. Oh that was big nigga. Jesus get bell ring ali yeah, hi. I hate myself. Oh Facing the word of it. I listen to me that was Barbara that was a combination and holly Barbara and Holly work together Okay, part Holly Holly exactly also wearing mermaid pants Oh, that’s that’s pretty common and some people hate grape juice So I got to get points to you guys on now another kind of a respect. I agree with that decision lose everything What if water points? I’m very curious, it’s good to be curable Jesus that Hug I Love okay. I got something to say about the point Where’s the transparency? Where do we know? I’ll just being computed. I love other timing of that came down to you guys on a high of winning that laster I want to just be Demolished by the law we don’t want any commentary about it anymore act. What anymore point? Okay, I will here’s what’s going to happen I’m going to read an ad That’s what you think you’re going to do Yes, I thought he knows he’s gonna do well for the show, so we should probably let him do it yeah, we should after the ad we will have the redemption challenge, so There’s there’s opportunities, okay, I? Need to see your documentation about how these points are calculated john Kaito something what? Every time I’m looking at the camera at the monitor. I always think Ellie is me using another car Red-Light Alley Redline crisply look Everything from her fright what every time I feel right. I am like Jeremy’s not wearing a blue shirt That’s not me. That’s weird cuz every time I look at the monitor. I think max is me And I’m like look at it, basically exactly the same Max boy Go back, just do a quick switcheroo cameras ready watch go to me real quick Alright alright enough, Shenanigans. I gotta get through this so hey got a little something say about felix great Thank you felix great for supporting the stuff. So think about often you guys look at screens You might be looking at a screen now Big chance or you might be listening to this podcast to get away from one so that’s also not you know possibly show But you know all about that I rub a moment where your eyes feel dry and fatigued and you might have a headache or your vision goes blurry Your eyes say they deserve a break at that point. You can give them one with a pair of computer glasses from Felix Great now see felix crazy Light lenses are specially designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare which many of us know are the two culprits behind digital eye strain? 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So look for that Give your eyes the break they deserve go to Felix Grey Glasses dot-Com slash spot today to try a pair of Phoenix grey computer glasses and discover a smarter way to work that felix glasses calm Spot to let them know who sent you highly recommend them I have the same problem constantly going to screen constant of eye fatigue, not a real fan of like the yellow tint kind of Typical like computer glasses these are are clear They actually look stylish if they have a lot of frames you can choose from that look like normal glasses Which is nice so check them out? What’s going on? My people my people don’t talk to me like what’s up my peeps alright So that’s not only with my boys here’s how this is going to work. We have a redemption a challenge How would shit all this challenges is that I’m Gonna. Have you guys? stand in the center us you guys and we’re for time on the clock and I need you guys just to hold a straight face crap. Oh first a straight face. You said oh Wow, just a mark if I ever heard it alright. Matt come on. You need a hold a straight face for 60 seconds Don’t you step back a little bit more on the spot right there there you go get it on the spot yeah, this is not that thought that uh Is that I’m gonna let Barbara and Jeremy do whatever they want other than touch you to try to break your face I’ll be right here Okay, cement of that time on the clock sixty seconds get your straight face ready That’s a very gay face there you go ready set go how the how about have the cow says God might as well be walking all this up, but not Hey, Max, I got nothing for this Let’s see What what’s what’s green and has wheels grass I was just kidding about the wheel Okay, max, you know someone’s like how do you stop a bowl from charging? I said well, just take away his credit card Hey, you know someone asked me hey, how do you stop a skunk from smelling accent fuck it just block his nose I’m addicted to brake fluid but I can stop anytime I want People left me a personal addicted to pasta fuck yeah Yeah, yes, yes All right, we caught a smurf there at one point But I’m going to do this ass dimension I Feel like Nexus s where we went I feel like you were cheating that thing your honor your honor You actually went to one where they’re making you smile your laughing face, but he was doing a face It wasn’t just so it’s a pouty face. I’m gonna allow it because I have are you trying to thank me right now, Barbara? Yes, oh come on. I’m already gonna fight John I’ll find you to read Well get into a big old fight. Well, we’re at points. I don’t want a replica wrestle some big one the one I don’t know how much you give them. Yeah, how much do you need? Oh really? You don’t give any points to us other – John how many points they had? again guys 80 points each oh nice 160 all right, so that should keep you that’d bring you up to a fighting chance it’ll ring you into the Ronda I think that negates Jeremy’s wonderful hug that I will remember to my dying day. You know I worked out this morning Cuz I was like I might have to hug john and pick them up So I thought I wake up every day talking that right all right. I’ll tell you am I hugging muscles You guys are allowed to laugh now by the way Hey, John, man You could be getting a little bit more on that redemption challenge if I gave you a hug no oh Good because I wasn’t going to give you a yes, and then I would say no they points to me bizarro points I gave whatever I say what we’re game called come again Come again is Jeremy’s favorite game. Where you guys are going to get a scenario in character You’re going to act it out on our spot right here in the center the twist is that throughout the game? I’m going to ring the bell, okay, whoever spoke Last patient there you go whoever spoke last after I ring the bell has to rewind the last thing they said and give a new take of it and keep doing it until I stop ringing the bell and to the last thing they say is the new cannon they continue on with the scene We’re going to put time on the clock and I listen for the bell I can read as many time as one I can read it won’t ring at once I want to so cameras right in front of the TV. I can’t watch There we go moving on the TV. Haga mice are strong. I’m watching that a Barbara and Jerry start us off on the last game, so I’m going to have max and Ellie start us off on this game Oh, what Max and Ellie’s scenario? Ellie stole Max’s favorite cookie 9 yet max is trying to get them back getting more and more frustrated the longer it takes Thank you Link Alicia’s for this problem delicious so Ellie cookies cookie thief Max Cookie boy, Cookie Boy Max oh That’s a good butt tap The fish the slab Max starts off on this one listen for the bell. Oh, God stop it ready like the show go So I believe that you have something of mine Do you think that what what do you think I have I know I know That you stole my cookies Well last thing is so I don’t know if I stole your cruiser It’s like they were just cookies that were left out If there was a cookie that I found if there’s a cookie that I made it Let me tell you my clothes for my look I don’t think they were because I know that for a fact that you’re alleged to cashew nuts, and these are cashew in them They were substitute – eunice they were Imitation – ha ha ha ha – not, you’re lying. Oh I know I checked their decidin. It says like white chocolate and cashew nut so we’re homemade cookies They didn’t have any ingredients on them but then they couldn’t be newell’s safe because they you took my cookies and put them into a box from the store What I know what you did you think that I won’t cookies that much that I would still buy I don’t that you needed them that much I think that you survive solely on cookie And you wanted them so much that I decided gives off that impression that I survive solely. Oh now You’re trying to get you’re getting defensive. Oh yeah. I mean it stole the cookie your shoes. I’m just eating some cookies Okay, a real nice always stole cookies from the fucking Joker I Cook even know how I got these cookies and was so invested in that story leroy, just making women ballet of a tainted with Max killing Ellie Watching see is how that ended yeah? That’s the only way I think it would work out um that was actually really fantastic. So good job to you guys So we have one more round of a game to play Barry they’re not paying attention all to a mat patrick is trying to subtly show them to the office oh Hi, Dammit, dammit. Yes, Rick. Ah this would be best to see Jeremy doing it and I thought about it a lot I didn’t keep on forgetting it all before everything. Let’s uh Chop well let’s find out what it is. I thought it What the sCenario is and then we can find out what the decart is. I like that. I’m holding it still here Okay, you can hold it there ah kindergartner Jeremy is rumored Cootie and suspect you got them from Jamie Dunkeld Who has a habit of licking the food of other students, and I didn’t I didn’t read it hang on squashing water you’re a kindergartner okay, so this is from ehrengard 13, so Jeremy Cooties thinks Barbara gave him two name food Bimmy. What does them you got to do Barbara has to squat while she speaks? Vimy is a squatter. Okay, Jamie’s already going to be on the floor, but look I was going to be on my knees All right, well well before you think it’s all good Jeremy only talks in movie quotes Queen 20 television it says oh give you more options oh my God Okay, hey everything is I can see this loading simp like this loading sign right now like loading movie code got my regards from error error your card police It’s not the movies and holly again Holly again Luke damn, Holly. Just knocking out of the park good con all right if you guys want to take your spots My little kindergarteners. Oh shit. That’s not a squat And there’s Jeremy, oh They got a little little LuncHeonette back in Sunny D. Hi. Damn it um all right so jitter ugh I’m sorry. No not seeing any of these uh Jeremy if you Could start us off in any way wearable. I’m gonna give you the chance I’ve been thinking about making thing I really should try to pick something there you go ready Set go You lucky punk. He always Chris egged. Oh You are I’m your father Here you will. Oh, never let go jack You think I could see your sandwich my opinion. Thank you. All right here wondering you can Why do I have to be snakes? I’m sure with selling a movie at some point I’m Batman Get on Batman good you you’re not Jeremy. Give me more of tammuz Milk was a bad choice. I know that movies shit Sound a man lorraine breaking yeah? I Could have said stay out of a tall grass. Oh, God. It’s like you’re trying to pass like oh, it’s nothing Oh there was nothing. Oh, so good You’re worn out really christ. Oh my God. I could I just wanted him to keep going oh my God I was right there was nothing less You did good though, so great I think we got to that scenario great. Yeah that that was a Kid who thought he had cooties and was blaming on the person Yeah, you probably got to that to me that that’s what that scene was a very Avant-Garde interpretation Your instinct I got at that final point That’s a tough one You know what based on the fact that they actually got through their scene. I’m going to go points too young and nubile Yeah, they’ll bond but Just to fuck things up a little more. How about 15 bonus points to Jeremy for a hidden quote. Thank you, John. Thanks, John Take those 15 points to my grave and now I don’t know who’s got what points let’s find out What final score it’s expired ten months ago? Want to come back down? Back down New Violin Viola we learned this campaign oh You’re Gonna fight me still oh Yeah, I know how to thank you But like in a loving way, okay? You guys can see the fight if you want to Join us for our post show for first members only we’re going to do one more game after this Also, want to give a shout out that if you guys want to participate in the games and be one of these people that gives out prompts we post on the our rooster calm slash my profile so john received calm celeste, John I post a Blog post every week with the game you guys can participate with that in and submit comments first So if you want to do that look for that I want to say thank you to a beachbody on demand and fee looks great I want to say thank you to Barbara Jeremy Max and my new ble Okay, thinking about holidays. Let’s say thinking of you guys. Don’t want to say goodbye. We’re out of here

100 thoughts on “SHE LICKS EVERYTHING – On The Spot #107

  1. I haven't watched on the spot in a long time because I think it's very disorganized and frankly can get annoying. But this episode was great! Was pretty organized, nothin too crazy, and the teams were both great! Great episode!! 😄

  2. Yo, props to the camera work on Max and Ellie's last game performance. That makes this whole episode. And obviously, Max and Ellie did an amazing job. Im glad Ellie is on camera more. She's pretty amazing.

  3. Jeremy's Descent into Madness
    Micky Mouse Friendhouse(can't say club in Britain)
    Ellie v. Joker
    Max, No

  4. I come back to this episode every so often just to remind myself why Max is consistently one of my favourite Rooster Teeth employees.

  5. Jeremy you're probably from the cape, cause none of us from from further west think you are funny. Go back to NY.

  6. nu·bile
    (of a girl or young woman) sexually attractive.
    "he employed a procession of nubile young secretaries"
    (of a girl or young woman) sexually mature; suitable for marriage.
    synonym: sexually mature

  7. I can't take Jon serious, that can't genuinely be his real laugh…it's impossible for someone to have a such a fake sounding laugh and for it to be the real deal

  8. nu·bile




    (of a girl or young woman) sexually attractive.

    "he employed a procession of nubile young secretaries"


    (of a girl or young woman) sexually mature; suitable for marriage.

    synonyms: sexually mature, marriageable; More

  9. Thing is Barbara isn't actually that funny, but I love seeing with OTHER funny people, just because her reactions are always adorable

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