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She Shed | State Farm® Commercial

Well, it finally
happened, Zachary. Somebody burned
down my she shed. Nobody burned down
your she shed, Cheryl. Well, my she shed’s on fire. Your she shed was
struck by lightning. Zachary, is my she shed
covered by State Farm? Your she shed’s covered, Cheryl. You hear that, Victor? I’m getting a new
chichier she shed. Chichier? Mm-hmm. That’s wonderful news. Go with the one that’s
here to help life go right. State Farm.

100 thoughts on “She Shed | State Farm® Commercial

  1. Halious commerical. I've watched it so many times that I surprised my stepmom and recited word for word, then banged my hand on my lap right as the chandelier came crashing on down.😆😆😆

  2. After the initial investigation, Victor was charged with arson. But after further investigation it was found to be a team effort as Cheryl had tied the water hose around a tree near the home resulting in restricted water flow as well as keeping the hose from reaching the burning structure.
    Cheryl and Victor are now being charged with insurance fraud in addition to Victor's arson charge.
    The homeowners will also be responsible for the cost of the emergency response and multiple fines.
    State Farm has canceled the couples insurance policy and plans to file a lawsuit for their false claim.

  3. My girlfriend calls my Man Cave the "Ass Hole" and her She Shed the "Bitch Barn". Each is built to the International Fire Code, with a sprinkler system, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. The probability of either one burning is extremely low.

    Can never remember the difference between Allstate and State Farm

    Just looked at the policy. We get the Dean Winters "Mayhem" Unlikely discount from Allstate.

  4. I truly love this commercial. It has even got me thinking about getting my own She Shed. Also a big fan of State Farm who covered my home insurance for as long as I owned it. I think a sequel commercial showing us the new and chichier she shed is
    In order. After all, State Farm covers us even when things are new and hopefully the new shed will have a sprinkler system among it’s new features. Brava Nicole! You and your costar made a memorable commercial. Best of luck and blessings in all your future endeavors.


  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this commercial!!! Especially Victor’s face when he said ‘chichier’? But did anyone else notice the little trickle that was coming out of Victor’s water hose?

  7. If her she shed was struck by lightning, then maybe she ought to install a lightning rod on her she shed once it’s rebuilt. What century is this?

  8. If her she shed was struck by lightning, then maybe she ought to install a lightning rod on her she shed once it’s rebuilt. What century is this?

  9. this brought me here, great read.

  10. If Cheryl was smart she'd tell them it was a Guest House with a pool! Then see how much State Farm covers that SHIT!! Struck by lightning!! Funny how I heard people getting money for a NEW 85" flat-screen TVs from them FEMA checks saying they got damaged in a flood. Knowing damn well ain't no one have a TV THAT BIG!!!

  11. Shes in clothes and hes in pajamas. Seems cheryl may not be letting him "farm the land" n he burned it down? Stay out the she-shed so much Cheryl and let Victor "till" the "farmland"🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. People keep telling me this at work because I sell sheds. I had to take a look and see what people were finally talking about XD

  13. Love this commercial. best one yet. We all know who did it by the attitude of Victor. I hope they both get future commercials with State Farm. I can imagine the next one, "The Accident" staring Cheryl and Victor.

  14. I hate this commercial ! It depicts a married couple, composed of an upset woman and a man that appears to have given up on life ! A man who has his entire life drained from him and now he's totally defeated. That Sucks

  15. Well, let's see. 1. The ground's not wet. 2. Victor has a water hose but isn't trying to put out the fire. 3. Victor put the hose on the lowest setting. It's barely dripping.
    Conclusion: I'm not a snitch, so I'm not saying.

  16. I'm sorry…maybe everybody is scared!…but I'ma be bold/me…not comfortable with this?🤔 commercial….there's a huge amount of scenarios fr State farm but went with this😕….#respectfor all please🙏

  17. Attention common female: You do not need a she shed, because you already have the ENTIRE HOUSE! The ONLY reason man caves exist is because it's the last thing a man has that you haven't forcibly removed from his life in your never-ending onslaught to take everything from a man. The ONLY reason "she sheds" exist is because you think that, despite already having the whole bloody house, you need yet more with a fancy name to in a way invade the actual category left that a man can have. How about you stop being a retarded feminazi cunt and realize how much you have, how much you have taken and how little you have given back. There is a GREAT imbalance in your relationship is it's dominantly favoring you.

  18. We have had very quick lightning storms where I live so I believe her she shed could have been struck by lightning. Her husband seems to be disappointed that their insurance will cover its replacement with an even gaudier girly monstrosity of a shed in his backyard. were a tool shed should be. lol

  19. Well it finally happened Zachary someone burned down my she shed
    Nobody burned down you she shed, Cheryl.
    well, my she shed's on fire.
    you're she shed was struck by lightning
    Zachary is my she shed covered by state farm?
    your she shed's covered, Cheryl.
    you hear that victor? im getting a chicher she shed.
    mh hm.

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