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Shelley Hennig’s mother wants to kill her? (humor)

Morgan: “Tell me more about this mother of
yours.” Shelley: “My mom wants to kill me.” “Um, yes. We’ve all felt as if our mothers are trying
to kill us, haven’t we?” “No dude, she actually wants to kill me.” “Um, very interesting. What makes you feel that way? What makes you feel this myth that your mother
wants to kill you?” “She just hates that I was born.” “It can seem like that, can’t it? When they get angry.” “No, pretty sure she said I hated the day
that you were born.” “Oh, well we’re out of time. Sorry. I know we just started, but… we’re out of

13 thoughts on “Shelley Hennig’s mother wants to kill her? (humor)

  1. Well if your mother wants to kill u just use some glowing claws
    Some has got to make a claw mark emoji

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