Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sherlock Crack [Christmas Special]

exactly let’s stop playing we don’t need toys to kill each other where’s the intimacy Allah I swear I’ve seen a porno start just like this the boys back let’s go tomorrow evening 7 o’clock then oh and the name is Sherlock Holmes in the address is 221b Baker Street the old friends just talking during the fat man to man I saw the ghost ah ah no ghosts I’ve got a stone or a rock muffin on cooking by the way you have a surprisingly comfortable bed oh shit shit shit shit you two to me so well picnic taken over me make me feel like someone else you got me aha as your friend as someone who worries about you what made you like this okay I look quite bit out so I’m quite handsome of course doesn’t make sense it’s not real oh damn it and you are flesh and blood you have feelings you have you must have impulses you are my best friend every day and now they’re gonna say I nectar jjigae I’ve never been so impatient to be attacked by murderous ghosts for God’s sake this could kill you you could die do you like my stairs hello yeah my bottom I didn’t listen you have a magnificent brain of Moriarty I admired I concede it may even be the equal of my own untouched I’m gonna let your pains out

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