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Sherlock Yack - Episode 25 - Who chocked up the grizzly with laughter?

peacocks feather one on strike this April strange crime in the suit and you're looking for a side the bad guy still can't hide if you get lost reasonable he's green and naman he's no fool and he's wait double cool he won't stand for no Yuki Michelle I want the coat will you find out before Sherlock who choked up the grizzly with laughter case who didn't put a stamp on this this is Sherlock yak oh it's you doctor beaky we all the trees in all the zones I'm on the go I mean I'll call Hermione and be right there hello what is it come iets Sherlock meet me at the Grizzlies enclosure he had a problem it's suspicious I'm starting an investigation your day off what do you mean your day off I mean my day not working but don't worry I found a replacement in case there is an investigation a replacement yeah morning it's an honor to work with you Sherlock hmm I gotta tell you Sherlock I'm an actor and my wildest dream whoa is to play a great detective bang bang so hop I said to myself just jump on the occasion man oh boy and I'm a super karate expert too maybe that could yeah save your life yes I can assure you I've rarely seen anything as frightening indeed very impressive what happened doctor the grizzly was the victim of a series of small jerky expirations accompanied by in articulated speech bringing on a general tightening of all corporal muscles hmm he almost laughed himself to death interesting it seems to have been set off by this letter hmm these letters come from a newspaper are very cleverly glued together hmm the culprit is very meticulous question what is small green and has moustaches it obviously is a funny riddle oh yeah that joke could be booby-trapped hmm sorry before Salam so what is small green and has moustaches answer a snail who's fallen into a can of green paint and happened to try on some fall moustaches that jokes degree of humor is about absolute zero yeah I didn't understand a thing not even the question if that joke isn't funny why did grizzly laugh so hard the garbage can is often the friend of the detective aha a bottle of nitrous oxide and a gas mask as you probably know nitrous oxide is also called Rupe it no laughing gas that's what got the grizzly to laugh like that where am I you were the victim of a hilarity attack mm-hmm it was horrible boy did I laugh a lot do you have an enemy who would want to harm you he isn't just because I won the inter haha Cup the inter haha Cup to win theatre haha Cup you're not supposed to laugh when octopus tickles you under the arms it's perfect because I actually never laugh I love to but I can't and my competitors don't like it the parrot the gorilla and the baboon I'm sure one of them did this making me die of laughter that's revenge fine we now know who to interrogate hippopotamus piranha and an O parrot gorilla and baboon no problem I'm on it ha let's rock and be careful we ask questions very nicely and now a great song from the islands you can't get away come on talk are you gonna talk well bust don't pay attention he's a trainee a trainee huh Oh next time ask him for a resume before hiring one hmm do I hold a grudge against grizzly sure thing it's not normal to let someone who's unable to laugh participated me in – ha ha ha eat your fast what should I do hit him take him down huh just be quiet Shh usually I'm the one who wins the inter ha ha cub I have my own technique I make my adversary laugh uproariously before octopus even begins tickling them and how do you do that hmm I tell one of my special little jokes huh can we get a sample yeah no problem what is red super nice and innocent hippopotamus piranha in it no my son ha ha say would you mind putting this on if it'll make you happy it's for sores well that's not more wrong thank you hmm say up I have a small favor to ask you would you mind posting this for me of course hmm there you go kangaroo the way you behave with parrot is unacceptable I was too soft at it no too brutal let me handle the next interrogation what about me then you can look for clues hmm any decent roast beef what even if it's bitter right 1d where was I enter ha ha ha it's true I wanted to win the Cup because of the prize that goes with it what prize the thousand peanut pesos that ain't now monkey money so I really held a grudge against believe me hey say could you tell me a funny little story please and it's important for my investigation if you look wait I have one that's super funny ha ha question what's yellow with black polka dots and it's a banana uh you just told me the answer oh don't I still get what's yellow with black polka dots and you can peel a banana take you already neuter they did hey look Sherlock I became friends with a garbage can and I found a clue a can of hairspray to make my hair so shiny look he's not a spy it's a Guinness sprite pine for more graffiti your graffiti to decorate my stuffand i suppose that you use a mask to paint with hmm a mask like this one it's right but take it easy don't think I'm the one who did it Thank You baboon this time I figured out what you got to do to interrogate a culprit a suspect I suspect sorry let me do the last interrogation I can do it I can do it I promise no violence agreed no problem can you try this huh gas mask please sure thing buddy nothing very far to Walmart here buddy hey I don't want to bother you but could you tell us a funny story well I got one that'll knock you right out so listen up body's question what is yellow with black polka gosh can you peel hmm I better go Nana that's a dumb joke what do you mean it's pretty good I say confession you did it or I'll send you flying don't pay attention to him he's a rookie I'm innocent body anyway I told a grudge against grizzly one day I'll get that Cup I just have to try for a few years it's just like stickers stickers are the training night and day for 10 months unfortunately I'm not very good yet but you'll see I'll be champion with stickers you know Sherlock in the end I'm not so sure I want to play a bank bank detective it doesn't matter the investigation is over I know who the culprit is what about you young detective if you pay close attention I'm sure you can figure it out let's go over the case someone wanted to make the grizzly laughing self to death with laughing gas the culprit doesn't have much of a sense of humor he's very good with his hands and has a gas mask who did it the parrot the baboon or the gorilla actually the case is simple parent the gas mask fits you perfectly and you hold a grudge against grizzly oh but you have a sense of humor who ever wrote a grizzly doesn't have any anyway could you have written a letter with cut up letters when you have trouble sticking a stamp on a simple envelope gorilla hmm you have no sense of humor like whoever wrote the letter but you're not very good at sticking things and the gas mask doesn't fit you at all hmm as for you baboon you have no sense of humor you write up your menu with stickers the gas mask fits you perfectly and you hold a grudge against grizzly all of which proves one thing that the competition you cut up the letters in a newspaper and wrote up your allegedly funny joke at Grizzlies place you sprayed the letter with laughing gas and protected yourself with a gas mask once you committed your crime you threw everything away in a garbage can when grizzly opened the letter he smelled the gas and started laughing uncontrollably alkylations beeps it's clearly one need to hook up without laughing once I wanted to force him to laugh for your very unfunny crime you'll get an appropriate punishment yeah I'll take care of baboons punishment if you wax that'll be fine hmm good you cookie come on cookie cookie come on the constanly daughter oh forget about it grizzly a man I'd really like to laugh at least one time in my life oh goody goody goody goody could you hello sure luck everything go alright while I was gone yes great because I got a lot of rest I hope so because you're not about to have another day off really why not because I forbid you hmm are you trying to say that you missed me uh well yes well no not at all

4 thoughts on “Sherlock Yack – Episode 25 – Who chocked up the grizzly with laughter?

  1. Disney Princess Detectives
    Season 1
    Episode 25
    "Who chocked up Grumpy with laughter?"
    Grumpy (from the 1937 Disney animated classic Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs) is a moody character who doesn't know how to laugh. That's why he's won the no-laughter cup in DisneyWorld which is given to the character who resists tickles the best. But that morning, Grumpy gets a letter that makes him laugh uproariously. Who did it? Was it Olaf (from the 2013 & 2019 Disney animated classics Frozen & Frozen 2), Phil (from the 1997 Disney animated classic Hercules) or Kozlov (with blue clothes) (from the 2016 Disney animated classic Zootopia)? At the same time, all the team (except for Moana) has taken a day off and Moana will have to investigate with a totally crazy partner; Alex! (from DreamWorks Madagascar franchise).

  2. Note to viewers: Unless you saw this show before, don't click on the times until you watch the whole thing.
    🔷 1:50 – 2:06 Quite the enthusiasm.
    🔷 I guess it's "Good Cop, Bad Cop" from here on.
    🔷 4:30 – 4:51
    🔷 6:09 – 6:26
    🔷 9:09 – 9:12
    📔 9:37 – 9:56
    ⏱ 9:56 – 10:03
    🔷 11:13 Somebody looks like a pirate now. 11:20


    If there were to be a "Sherlock Yack" season 2
    🔸 "Who Trapped the Marabou?"
    📖 Marabou falls into a trap, and broke his wing
    ❓ Was it Ant, Campine, Panther?
    ◾️ Meanwhile, Freddie accidentally trapped Sherlock, Reynard, and Doctor Beaky in the closet. So once again, Hermione puts Sherlock on remote in an investigation.

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