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Sheroes | Perfect Patri | বিয়ে নিয়ে ইয়ে | Farhana Muna | Munatic | Bangla Comedy

Hello Aunty, please come in Muna! I’ve found the perfect boy for you I have the matrimonial site’s form I will make sure there is a queue of boys for you Muna! Just answer these simple questions! Good good!It is about time she gets married Question 1 – What are your hobbies? Listening to music, reading and playing cricket! GODHELPUSALL! What is this girl saying WTH Have you gone crazy! Girls don’t play cricket Girl, do I visit the cricket field to fry snacks? Hello Aunty, my name is Salma Khatun Captain of the Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team My team won the Women’s Asia Cup 20-20 for the first time for Bangladesh So you were saying, that girls don’t play cricket? *embrassed* Do you want some Roohafza? Okay okay, write cricket. What’s the next question? What are your goals after marriage? Hmm..two…no three kids! Cute, small small, fair fair, fat fat kids! Having babies, cooking, and running the house! What else are you supposed to do after marriage! I want to finish my Masters GODHELPUSALL! What is this girl saying WTH Muna do you want to become like Sofia Aunty’s daughter? Her daughter has done a PhD. Poor thing is not getting married yet She’s turning 30! It will be very hard to find a boy for you if you are over educated. Besides, what will you do with so much education? It’s not like you’re going to become a barrister LOL So I’m just wearing this black cape for fashion then? Rumana Ma’m! See how they’re discouraging me! I have to listen to this everyday! My husband didn’t want me to study law further He physically assaulted me I suffered horrific injuries at his hands, he took my eyesight To stop me from studying I still refused to give up It took me 7 years, but I still finished my law degree You must show courage. You must be brave. She has a point…What do you want to study Muna? I want to study Science Home Science? MASTERS OF SCIENCE. Major in robotics. Umm..okay but your mother has a point Why don’t you study an easy going degree like home science? Science is such a tough degree for girls! Can girls do science? That’s not our doorbell, ours isn’t working Hello Uncle, my name is Mahmooda Sultana I’m a Research Engineer at NASA I use Nano-technology to make sensors for NASA That NASA uses for various missions From mountains, to underground, to planets and oceans My technology is used in NASA’s equipment That’s why I was awarded NASA GODDARD INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 2017 By the way, I’ve fixed your doorbell So you still think girl’s aren’t good at Science? Not a big deal right? No no! What are you saying! Muna! It is decided. You’re going to study Science You’re going to make nannoo-technology and send it to the moon! work at NASA? Who’s in your family? What does your father do? Are you single or attached? I have the perfect boy for you! Just answer these simple questions

31 thoughts on “Sheroes | Perfect Patri | বিয়ে নিয়ে ইয়ে | Farhana Muna | Munatic | Bangla Comedy

  1. Bangladeshi "YouTubers" need to learn from her!

    That's how you use comedy to inspire, educate, empower and motivate! 🙏🏽


  2. I missed your videos so much apu! Please keep posting videos regularly. It’s a request. I used to love your videos a lot! A daily dose of entertainment for me! Please please please be regular this time. Lots love

  3. Finally you are back. Please try to be regular on youtube.
    ইউটিউবের বস্তাপঁচা বাংলা কনেন্ট দেখতে দেখতে চোখ নষ্ট হয়ে গেছে। অনেকদিন পর আপনার ভিডিও পেয়ে ভালো লাগতেছে। এই ভিডিওটা funny হলেও, inspiring. 👍

  4. Damn, i got tears in my eyes. This was so well executed❤️. So proud of our women… well i mean the ones who dont push marriage upon you.

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