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She’s Terrible, and She OWNS It

(quirky music) (dynamic music) – Ms. Seabird, interviewing
here is a dream come true. I have been dying to work
for a female driven brand. – Yes! That is what Seabird is all about. Empowering women and selling them makeup. – And can I just say, as one of the few female
CEOs of a global company, you’re, like, my role model. – Oh, thanks queen. Honestly, it is amazing
to be an inspiration to young girls everywhere. The key to success is to know who you are and own it, okay. So you definitely have the qualifications for our rock star assistant position. – Ms. Seabird, this is your 3:15 lemonade. I hope the ice is better. (crash) – I said good ice! – (crying) – So for start date, um- – Sorry, um, who was that? – Oh, that was Carla,
our rock star intern. And one day she’s gonna be a CEO. And I’m not just saying
that because she’s my niece. – Why did, why did you berate her though? – I’m malicious and I own it! – Sorry you own? – Who I am, what I do,
terrorizing my employees, and I’ll never apologize. ‘Cause I woke up like this, flawless. – I don’t want to overstep but, like, we do have to apologize sometimes. Like, for example, she was crying. – Okay, well I’m just being me, I can’t be responsible for
how people react to me, so… – Don’t take this the wrong way but I thought you were a feminist. – Of course I am. Lemme ask you a question. Who run this mother? – Girls. – Girls! – Yeah, you just keep
bringing up, sort of, pop culture stuff that doesn’t exactly- – I love Katy Perry and all women. So I don’t know what the problem is. – Isn’t that her song? – Oh, Ms. Seabird, I have
your 3:16 lunch ready. – What the hell did I tell
you about wearing red? You look like a ketchup bottle. You’re fired. – (crying) – What the hell? – Mm, she was a really good employee. And a new mom. – Jesus. – I’m sorry. Not sorry! – In all the press you do, you talk about what an amazing
workplace this is for women but you’re a straight up abusive boss. Yeah, you just mask it in
these feminist catch phrases. – Hey, sure, I’m tough! Sure, I’m demanding. Sure, I lie to my shareholders. But Seabird is an amazing
workplace for women. You know why? Mimosa Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we have free mimosas! (phone ringing) One sec. Yes, queen. Oh, you’re being hysterical. I’m not sleeping with your
husband, you’re my best friend. You’re nuts. Before you jump to any conclusions, I am sleeping with my best
friend’s husband and I own it! – So you’re a bad friend too. – So in some ways we’re
like a global corporation but in others we’re like a start up. No paid family leave but free mimosas! Here you go. – Wow, you are- – Thanks! Whatever you’re gonna say, I own it. – I was gonna say that you’re a monster. And you acting like this
is somehow good for women is setting us all back, okay? I don’t think I should work here. In fact, I don’t think
anyone should work here. You’re completely unfit to lead. But I’m spineless and I own it. – Yes. – Um, so I’ll see you Monday. – Oh, yes you will! And you’ll never leave! – [Interviewee] Oh, that’s not good. – I’m your mom now. (record scratch) – Hey, it’s Lily. If you like college humor
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100 thoughts on “She’s Terrible, and She OWNS It

  1. I figures there was gonna be a punchline about a dude walking by having the same problem and the reporter not batting an eyelash at it, or even joining in

  2. "But i'm spineless, and i own it." Totally relatable to me. One minute I criticize people for doing bad thing, and the next minute i bend over backward to please them.

  3. Feminism is "pop culture"?
    Isn't it hugely unpopular right now? Something like just 30% of women consider themselves feminists or something because it's so disliked.

  4. Wait excuse me did she just say makeup ? Since when ? But I thought this wasn't a makeup company. This is false advertisement someone needs to sue them.

  5. Nothing makes ya feel like a woman more than being taken advantage of while subtly being made to feel ugly, fat, and just generally not good enough by a major corporation.

  6. Wow I’m impressed collegehumor made this, I thought they were gonna stick with the “feminists are perfect & can do no wrong” angle. Funny vid.

  7. This would’ve been much more hard hitting if it was more against other genders and races than just being mean to random women :/

  8. Feminism is empowering to be: fat or skinny, slutty or celibate, nice or a bitch, fake or all natural, 6 cats or no cats, unemployed or employed, freeing the nipple or not, etc. as long as you hate all white men, you’re a proud feminist

  9. This is why capitalist feminism, or 'Hillary-Clintonism', doesn't actually liberate women at all, and only enables them to be bossed around by a small handful of rich women instead of exclusively by rich men.

  10. So, The Devil Wears Prada, except we're looking at the interview process for a background character instead of one who learns to stick up for herself, in the process bypassing the "mean bitch" stereotype surrounding women in positions of power.

  11. In my experience people who put a lot of stock in labels such as Feminist, Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Capitalist, Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Scorpio, Taurus, Environmentalist, Vegan, Anarchist, Skeptic, etc. usually don't do a lot of self-reflection.

  12. I actually supported feminism no matter how extreme it was but recently I heard a women defending mothers abandoning their children in the garb of feminism and I guess that’s was it for me , it crossed a line when you go against children this is where I draw the line.

  13. "Oh, so it's okay for a MALE ceo to act this way, but when a female does it she's 'bossy'…"

    Actually no, you'd still be an asshole regardless of gender.

  14. PSA: Just because men disproportionately get away with certain bad behaviors doesn’t mean that you should be able to get away with those bad behaviors as well

  15. Was this a part of a different show or something? Don't get me wrong it was good but, it doesn't feel like this was made by CH

  16. Personally I don't know why having a sociopath has anything to do with femenism but other than that it was allright

  17. Men succeed because they aren't afraid to compete with each other, and refuse to see themselves as a collective.

  18. Loving the dig at toxic women hiding behind feminism, who will accuse you of "bringing women down" when you call out their shit.

  19. So this is what you’ve been reduced to college humor? What I wouldn’t give for the old cast that actually made funny videos

  20. Feminism produces people just like this. Just because you do something and you’re a woman doesn’t mean that thing is good or empowering!

  21. The joke/portrayal really seemed like CEOs are sociopaths and put up whatever facade they think'll be effective. I kinda didn't get where the feminism came into it?

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