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Shimmer and Shine Meet the Chubby Puppies a Funny Toy Parody

– [Narrator Girl] Family fun for everyone! (joyful music) – Ah! Shimmer, what is this place? – It’s a dog park! (chuckles) – A dog park?
– Yeah! – Wow! Oh, wow! Oh, wow! I love it! I love it! Wi! I love it! I love dogs so, so much! Wi! Wi! Here, puppy, puppy, puppies! Come on, come on, wherever you are! Shine, where are they? Oh, man, this dog park has no dogs! – Oh, hello, we’re genies. Let’s wish for one! (chuckles) – Good idea! – [Both] Shimmer and Shine,
a playful puppy divine! – Oh, wow, we did it, Shine! And it’s not just a puppy,
it’s a Chubby Puppy! – It’s so chubby! Ah, it’s so cute! Hey, puppy! You sure are a cute puppy! – Oh, she’s a Labrador. Let’s call her “Lulu”. Oh! – Lulu the Labrador. Hey, puppy! Who’s a cute dog? (barking) Oh, look at Lulu go! – Whoa! Watch out, Lulu! Is she trying to get through? – Maybe.
– Oh! (laughs) Puppy kisses are my favorite. Oh! Oh! Lulu! – Maybe she can’t see. – Ah. Lulu, come back here. (bark) Well, at least she
listens her own name now. Okay, so let’s push her some glasses. – Yeah! We’re genius after all! – [Both] Shimmer and Shine,
Lulu’s glasses divine! – There, now she can see! – Oh, look how cute she is! I love the hearts! (barking) – And I think she does too! Whoa! Look at her go! – Oh, she’s so happy! – Hey, Shine.
– Yeah? – I wonder what other
cute stuff we can get her. – I don’t know. How about … Ah! How about a bow for her neck? – Good idea, Shine. Oh, Lulu! (whistle) (bark) – [Both] Shimmer and
Shine, a cute bow divine! – There you go, Lulu. Hope you like it. (bark) – Oh, it’s so cute! – Yei! Puppy kisses! I wonder what other cute
things we could wish for Lulu. – What if we wish her to be a princess? – Uh, good idea! – [Both] Shimmer and Shine,
a princess Lulu divine! – Yei! We did it, shine! – Wow! Look at her! I love the crown! – Okay, princess Lulu, do
you love your new crown? (barking) – Now let’s play some games. (chuckles) – Woohoo! Lulu, go fetch! – Go, Lulu, go! – Oh, no, she lost her crown! – It’s okay she found it! Woohoo! Wasn’t that fun, Lulu? (barking) Do you wanna play tag now? (barking) Okay, Shine, we’ll be “it”. You better run, Lulu! (bark) (chuckles) Gonna get you, Lulu! – Whoa! She’s fast! – Yeah, she is! – Get back here, Lulu! – Look at her go! – And got you, Lulu! Whoa! Whoa! Come back here, Lulu! (barking) Shine! Hey, Shine. – Yeah, Shimmer? – You know what I think Lulu needs? – What? – Some more puppy friends! – Great idea! – Let’s wish for a dog
park full of puppies! – Yeah! – [Both] Shimmer and Shine,
Chubby Puppy party divine! (bark) – Yei!
– Look at all these dogs! – We did it! – Wow! Look at all our
new Chubby Puppy friends! Lulu’s gonna have a lot of fun! – I wonder what different
types of dogs they are! – Okay, Lulu, now it’s time for some fun! (barking) Look at those puppies go! – They’re so cute and playful! (joyful music) – Wow! So many puppies! Whoa! That slide sure does look like fun! – Where Lulu go? – Ah! Lulu? Lulu, where are you? (whistling) Hey, puppies! (barking) Oh, no! There are so many puppies here I can’t remember which one Lulu is! – Oh! I have an idea! How about we make a wish
that Lulu will stand out from all the other puppies? – Uh, good idea! – [Both] Boom zahramay, make
Lulu stand out in some way! (barking) – Oh, my goodness! She’s pink! Just like you, Shimmer! – It’s so true, Lulu, I
do love your pink fur. It’s like my pink hair! – Oh, I just love you so much, Lulu! – [Both] Boom zahramay,
we had so much fun today! – I just love our new pink dog Lulu. – And Chubby Puppies are the best! Oh, they’re so chubby! – And for more fun videos
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us on Facebook and Twitter! And give us a big thumbs up! – Or buzz up if you
really liked this video! – And today’s special
spelling word is “puppy”! – “P-U-P-P-Y”. – We sure did get to play with
lots of Chubby Puppies today but I think our favorite is
Lulu the lavender Labrador! – You know, this is a
super rare Chubby Puppy. – Which genie do you think
Lulu looks more like? Shimmer or Shine? Let us know in the comments below. – [Both] By everyone! Thanks for watching! Boom zahramay, have a fantastic day! (barking) – [Narrator Man] Hey there, everyone! Thanks for watching our video. Now, make sure that you subscribe to “The Engineering Family”,
there’s lots of cool videos! That is another cool video right there! And you can select and watch it, I think you’re really gonna like it! It’s a Team Umizoomi, PopCo, surprise eggs, Frozen, Play, Masha … There are so many videos to watch! Bye! (joyful music)

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