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SHOULD I BE LAUGHING!? Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 9 [REACTION]

what's up guys Nikki here and today we were going to react to five minutes of Freddie's help one at part 9 you guys have been on my case about finishing up the series before we get into this I do want you guys to remember that we do have Instagram Twitter patreon my store all my books that I've wrote Amazon wishlist all that can be found in the description box down below before we get into this some of you may or may not know that I am currently in the process of moving and therefore I had to take a small break due to the fact that you know moving so I was gone for a week expect me to be on and off of YouTube for a while I will let you guys know exactly when I plan on returning so don't worry about that without further ado let's get into this five nights at Freddy's Help Wanted series because I do want to get this finished and out of the way so that I can do the Pogo series which you guys really really want me to do apparently Marc's really angry in the Pogo series unlike him being scared to death and five nights of Friday's so without further ado as I said all this stuff is in the description box down below go check it out let's let's get into this let's let's react to part 9 here we go hey guys before we get same I want to let you know that cloak has new focus new shirts for Pride Month they're great we also are shorts and best of all half of all proceeds are going towards the Trevor Project so go to cloak Francom or hog in the description below and find some for your salute Lemus thanks so much and back to the game hello everybody my name is my look at Englert sack there because I wanted to reiterate my point with some definite severity but we need to go into the cocoon wishy-washy nightmare world where you've got a little more substantiation to you yeah I know that I have not been the best about getting all of the tapes in the Yatta Yatta and the what that and I still don't know what this button do nor do I think I want to know what that button do but I don't know what that button do can that music not be so ears ratcheting Lee horrifying yeah so what I'm gonna do is I'm not gonna go to the basic five nights at Freddy's levels mostly just because I really want to see and I feel like I've earned the ability to pick and choose which one I go to next I wanna see how these change because bonnie in this picture really grabbed my attention and i don't know how it's gonna be trying to change is our nightmare world anyway but here we go looking god damnit in service no it looks like Bonnie's guitar is out of tune it must be recalibrated okay first we must access his harmonization modular located inside his secondary throat bite to access the through pipe both eyes first people great you must be as precise as possible when removing the eyes from their respective sockets wait so what's different about it then besides are really messed up music and then sit out okay so it's the same coin that I got before doesn't even exist anymore I guess okay left eye your left eye don't mess with me buddy because lying about this bullshit you got a you got a weird face and I don't like it oh my god yeah okay everything's fine just pluck it great job thank you was it the left eye and the cleaning receptacle on your left you got it Bonnie's right hi and carefully remove it from its socket sounds good to me buddy I like it can I have this place can I have this at the right I into cleaning receptacle on your right great good job to open Bonnie's faceplate carefully press the 2 button is located on either side of Bonnie's John alright you're not gonna mess with me this time cuz I know what you do when I do this alright something is not right one of those notes is out of tune right push the button again to replay the audio check I know it was alert button that corresponds to the incorrect press the blinking button again to verify your work great job Bonnie is in tune and good simply replace both eyes and the order that you removed them then close up the faceplate that easy huh not much different going on here all feels the same actually well done that concludes your parts and services task I'll see you next time all right oh okay wait is that me that must be it wait meat bites excellent I absolutely incredible I agree but hang on I'm very confused maybe I had a computer's understanding of what this was all gonna entail buzz what the hell that was exactly the same yeah why they accept it so freakin weird yeah I don't get the hell knows mark both decks fuck what the fuck is that oh my god you just went rummaging around the kitchen again oh my god okay alright then ref you spin it is gimme that give me some of this Oh take dad no bruja mom to open her beat carefully press looking expert I'm fuckin swear to God I fuckin to clear the infants yeah yeah I know I remember the kimi spread now reattach armed hand and cupcake complete I have this how can I not have this there we go like that okay and but no incus you're fine oh wait Bobbi infestation what the fuck oh my god oh I don't know where the gun is ready to serve to the kids again oh god what if I don't what happens if I don't about what if I don't I don't know if I want I'm not hungry nope I like pizza are your eyes Oh together I well I don't tell me to eat it as rude number one number two oh really it's written eat it oh fuck you you know what's up you oh you look what the fuck wait wait wait whoa wait a minute why are there three run that by me again fuck off piece of shit go prick huh fine whatever got screwed you've got this stupid cable I don't know why this stupid cables giving me no yeah I know I know I know I know I know I know boy well well if you weren't talking over me I would say catch out of you and catch out of me my take – would it be bad you get fat mark why what's wrong with my voice does it match my everybody oh my god so many things you might misconstrue about my appearance but looks can be deceiving get it out of my face please shopping across across the room I got junk of that yeat is he all right mr. parts oh well looking why every time it looked a bond against left a poem on our star attraction let's return it to the lost and found carefully grab and remove the child's head from Freddie's mouth funny thing what be careful not to touch any of Freddie's sensitive wiring good luck with this one main lawston I don't know if I can get my hand that deep in there there we go got it thank you replacements maybe sound come on get in there okay am I good am i good holy fuck good lord what the hell that's no no what the hell exactly pirate plunder bar a treasure trove of tastes delicious I got the lottery on this one oh yeah you did oh I I'm peering too much behind the curtain and also why do those curtains raise that one time forever yeah okay foxy was just there not functionally different but everything is so just messed up here I think after this what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and try to find the other tape Oh Bolton cervix fucking swear and please Lex is dead on his endoskeleton oh oh oh oh fuck you got a hammer okay it's okay Oh house could be doing a playful goof do that again what's that did they change like that I don't like that change like what you're not gonna be polite about it then I'm not gonna be polite about it either get me out of here get me out of here get me out of here I bet just about enough with your it's badass oh fuck I put it on my hand Oh oh my god oh my god okay I didn't know I could do that I didn't know to do that listen oh god I can't put it on no I'm busy with it hey hey turd nugget hey deuce not very good loser hey asshole it's stupid fool what are you gonna do that hey I got the power now what do you think of this I got the oh my god yeah whatever you can get me I got your head what are you gonna do stuff me in an endoskeleton kit more stuff what are you gonna do about it nerd get with the program loser fired yeah suck some of this dong okay this is my there we go whew that's a close one well I place the eye back into his eye socket okay oh this concludes all your parts and service tasks tada I don't think it should be real bit like this but you know you do you do what you wanna do you do you and I'll do me we won't do each other probably is me Bonnie Oh Bonnie ah man you're you are Wade's apparently nemesis Wade's apparently knows this okay well you know we're all good after I repaired you right that one why can you eat that one I I swear I'm not trying to I didn't even think about that I had completely forgotten that you could eat them hi how are you good great why now either one down did all of them easy peasy I'm gonna go back into the real wolf thank you so what I'm gonna do next there's a there's like some going on here something going on and it is gonna require me to get those tapes sure there's got to be some guide out there that tells exactly where those are so my next mission before I even continue doing any of these ones which I will I'll do these it looks like they're not too much terribly dim more difficult I mean these are probably the Phenom owns are but yeah see wait night tears what the fuck wait no what oh yeah you have night terrors Oh for that one in order to get that you probably gonna be to everything okay alright okay um well we got that to look forward to but I'm gonna look up where those things are and I'm gonna get those in the next good idea thank you everybody so much for watching be on the lookout for more for now the short video as soon as you can subscribe and ring the link that bell if you want to know exactly when where and why check out the description for more links to videos that I've made in the past and thank you everybody for watching and as always I will see you in the next video oh right so anyway that was five nights at Freddy's Help Wanted part 9 you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this because you guys have been on my case about doing some more five nights at Freddy's help on it anyway thank you guys so so much for watching don't forget we have all of this great stuff in the description box down below please go check that out follow me talk to me I always talk to you guys on the social media anyway thank you guys so much for watching if you guys happen to like this video please make sure to give it a big big thumbs up make sure hit that subscribe button down below turn on that Bell button turn on all notifications like comment share subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Applause]

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