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Should You Give Career Advice?

(upbeat music) – Hey there and welcome to, “How To Know If You Should
Be Giving Career Advice”. If your friend or loved
one sent you this video, they’re concerned that you might think you should be giving them advice on how to advance in their career, when in actuality, you should
probably shut up maybe. Here are some hints to guide you. First hint, did anyone
ask for your advice? If they answer is no, consider keeping your
condescending BS to yourself. That’s right. They aren’t too shy or intimidated by you to ask your opinion, they just know it would be worthless. Fun fact, simply being older than someone doesn’t make you more
qualified at anything, you conceited piece of trash. Next, do you work for a business that’s owned by your parents? Then bro, you gotta shut up. If one or more of your parents owns a business that employs you, you should be proud of that and embrace the fortunate
life you’ve been blessed with. But don’t get it twisted and
think you have any insight on how someone can earn a
living on their own merit or you will catch these hands. Fun fact, of course I thought about just applying for the job I want, you stupid idiot. Or maybe you’re actually
unemployed right now, or fancy yourself as a “entrepreneur” with several “irons in the fire” and your parents are supporting you until you get on your feet. Consider figuring your own stuff out before you talk to me,
you spoiled ego maniac. Next hint, is your advice, “You have to get out
of that dead end job”? Then absolutely, and I can’t
stress this enough, shut up. The rent’s due and I have bills
that won’t pay themselves. Fun fact, if you tell me one more time that I should just quit, I’ll punch you in the (knock). Now, at this point, you may have noticed that all of our gender references have been directed towards men. (orchestra music) Hint number five, do you owe me money? If so, then consider that right now, you’re lucky I don’t
just your useless hiney. (laughs) If you’ve made it this
far, then congratulations. That means you paved your own way, without nepotism or falling
backwards into luck. But, does your car sound like this? (car engine revving) Then you should not be giving advice. And that’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching. Fun fact, that sound
effect was from my car and I really can’t talk either. Hey, It’s Raphael. If you like College Humor
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100 thoughts on “Should You Give Career Advice?

  1. Me and my boyfriend love college humor.. we were a little iffy about Raf but after watching this video, he is a great addition to the cast! Great job college humor

  2. Reminds me of when I was about to rent my first flat (that's an apartment to you Americans) and a colleague said something like "but why don't you just buy a house?" I could barely formulate a response. I was about 21 at the time and this was my first permanent job.

  3. Someone once asked me recently for career advice…the best advice I felt I could and should give is: Don't ask me. I don't know shit

  4. I get that you're censoring your videos now to not be demonitized, but the sudden silence in dialogue makes me thing that there's something wrong with my audio and I miss the humor. Could you use the classic censorship tone? The one that's like a high pitched beep? I'd appreciate it.

  5. It's a shame about the whole swearing algorithm thing, but this is still the most I've laughed at a CollegeHumor video in a long time. Great work!

  6. While you are doing PSA for douchebags could you please also do one for millennials who think they can criticise others as if they have a clue how life works because they had to solve that phone bill problem one time and be stern to a call operator. Noone cares about your "career" or if someone gave you some perfunctory advice as a conversation talking point.

  7. Almost a perfect video. Shame you had to cut out women based on the assumption that they don't do this. Clearly you've never worked for a woman before. Try that first and then get back to me you blessed ignorant fool.

  8. You forgot to add the bit about starting their career in a vastly different labor market where a 4 year degree would take you far.

  9. The career advice I hate is when a friend tells you to upgrade to a professional CEO's kind of work wardrobe so you can get the raises. We didn't all have our parents pay for college and pay the rent on our apartment so there's extra spending money for a Chanel purse and Armani suit.

  10. Especially when you are in a field that everyone thinks they know about but they actually don't know anything about it.

  11. Well. Done. I laughed AND clapped at the men part. Bravo, good sir.
    But you know, this whole internet thing MIGHT just be a flash in the pan, have you thought about going into the bookstore business? Everyone loves books!

  12. My car runs great for a 2005 and I can’t relate to any of the stuff because my business well not enough to support me is doing well and I’m just a college student who has no reason to be in the middle of a career yet.

    Furthermore I do agree that if you have a dead end job you should leave but their is an adult way of doing that by finding a job with more opportunities or potential and moving up the later after you get hired NOT by just quitting. applying for the jobs is the only way to get it done but I also understand that most people already are already trying

  13. I really hope one you will reconsider and use bleeps instead of just muting the word. It really makes the video less funny if I have to go "what?… Oh, must have been a cuss word" every other minute.

  14. This is my brother. My parents had 3 children, he's the oldest, he's the only one that graduated university so far, never had to support himself until after graduated and then he worked with my uncle. Later he moved and, his then-girlfriend got him the job he has now.

    Meanwhile, my brother and I had to support ourselves throughout our whole careers in whatever job we could find, and then we started supporting our parents.
    Not only he's the best qualified and earning more money, but he's also stingy and unwilling to support our parents for more years to come. For several months now, my other brother had to put more and more money for them as he says he just doesn't have the money to help, which we know is BS.

    He's always giving us advice on how to work, how to get ahead, and everything from how to live and how to exercise, etc, while never endlessly complaining about his job and how he should be paid more so he can spend every penny on luxuries.

    For now, my other brother and I keep pushing forward, we keep studying and thriving. Any day now my older bro is gonna stop helping support my parents…

    Thks for reading.

  15. All of our gender references have been directed towards men ……

    I love it so fucking much. It's so true. I've never gotten condescending or useless career advice from women. Only from self-important pompous men who don't know how to mind their own fucking business.

  16. "Now, at this point, you may have noticed that all of our gender references have been directed towards men."
    Waits a moment.

  17. No one has ever asked my career advice but I've talked one friend into going back to college who is now making six figures (I also gave him a loan to help him do that, which he paid back a few years later because I am an intimidating person and no one wants to owe me money) and another into switching industries for a less tedious, better-paying job. So you can take your advice-giving advice and shove it up your ass.

  18. I didn't hear anything after "at this point you might have noticed all of our gender references were aimed at men" I was laughing too hard! Raf's face just killed me!

  19. I didn't understand the bit about this only being directed at men. Is this just a stereotype that I'm unfamiliar with?

  20. Get a job? Get a job!? Sure, why don't I just strap on my Job helmet, squeeze into a little job cannon, and blast myself into Job Land, where Jobs grow on Jobbies!!!??!!??

  21. I heard from Charisma from Command that you should surround yourself or follow people who are there where you actually want to be, not just any people. This seems to conflict with the idea that confirmation bias leads people into a false dellusion into thinking what they value is good rather than the reality. Is this advice good or no good?

  22. Jesus I've been on like a 2-day binge of old college humor (jake and amir, hardly working, etc.) and I am legitimately saddened by how much less funny you guys are now. There were like 2 lines that made me chuckle. and then the absolutely random and unnecessary "only men give shit advice" line. And I know the whole not swearing thing probably isn't entirely your fault as youtube is in a shitty state, but it still contributes to my underwhelming opinion of the video.

  23. I fucking hate when people give me career advice when they can’t or won’t put themselves in my shoes.

    No Karen I can’t start a baking business from home because I don’t have a proper oven or the right equipment to even start.

    No I can’t start my own cafe because I don’t have enough experience to get a fucking loan.


    Like back off

  24. Let's go ahead and add, "If your field is completely different from my field in every single possible way, don't tell me how to advance in my field." Because no, your experience as a loan assistant is not going to help me as a welder.

  25. I love these upbeat yet condescending passive-aggressive videos. It's everything I love about CollegeHumor in one place.

  26. Min 1:00 omfg i hate when all my unemployed friends tell this. Im at that weird age where i still have many unemployed yet grownup friends with privileged families and they literally all tell me this like all the time .like no ,i just sit at home and wait for a job to fall on my face …btw .love when Ralph does this .so funny

  27. Thank you! Finally a video to send to everyone who wants to weigh in on my life like it is there own and get them to shut the f*** up.

  28. Those struggling people are not doing it right. Just sacrifice your firstborn to the God of Luck. How hard can it be?

  29. I stopped giving advice when I realized no one actually listed to my IRA advice.
    1) Sure, contributing $115 a week will max out your IRA every year.
    1b) Sure, I can guarantee you have that money or could free up that money if you were honest about your consumption habits
    1c) Sure, I can guarantee you will have an inflation adjusted account worth over a million dollars when you reach full retirement age
    2) I can mention that IRA assets aren't counted on your FAFSA
    3) I can mention social security benefits will be cut to 75% in 2034

    But naturally no one listens to me. But I can bet I will be called upon to support these people who didn't listen through my tax dollars. I don't give advice anymore. I live and let live knowing one day Im going to be required to bail out everyone who did want they wanted and it didn't work out.

  30. "you know what I'd do if I were you?".

    "So this will be advise that only becomes relevant in a set of circumstances already known not to exist?"

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