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Shut Up and Buy This $36 Grilled Cheese

(dinging) (upbeat music) (classical music) – [Narrator] I’ve always hated. I hate the noise, I hate
society telling me what to do. You! Bag! So, I decided to reinvent. Let’s go. To do something new, to
do something exciting. Whoo! So, I started a [Bleeped] food truck. (classical music) I’ve always had business savvy. – Price went up again? – Chug my nuts! Yeah, I been told I have
an attitude problem. But if the food’s good,
what’s the problem, huh? What’s the [Bleeped] problem, huh? (people chattering) Can you wait a minute, you greedy pigs? – [Woman] It’s a bit of a
stereotype in the chef community that chefs are rude, and Anthony completely fulfills this, and many additional stereotypes. (clattering) – Not a spicy meatball.
Get you [Bleeped] back to Weehaken. Clean it up. Tastes like [Bleeped]. – Anthony’s always had a
pretty negative attitude. But most geniuses are like that, you know. And I guess, that’s what makes it okay. – [Anthony] You know you hear
these stories, these chefs, they came from rough neighborhoods. They lived such a tough
life, but guess what? I came from a very affluent neighborhood. All right, so imagine
how hard it was for me to do crimes in a place like that. – When Anthony was 18,
he did stint in prison for throwing a can of
spray paint at a cop horse. That experience changed him, you know. It made him want to shape up. Despite hating almost
everything around him, the one thing that grounded
Anthony was cooking. – [Anthony] Coming up
like I did in Jersey, there’s only three ways
to make it out alive. You can run coke, you can join a family real estate business, or
there was the kitchen. – [Man] Anthony’s grandma
and 22 older taught him that cooking wasn’t just a thing
to keep him out of trouble, it was something that
he could do as a career. They gave him the confidence
to work through the ranks. But of course, you’d never know that. He’s never hired a woman before. – Food’s about giving and
nurturing and sustaining life and that’s a man’s game, baby. (rock music) – [Pat] I worked under
Anthony for ten years and I thought we had a special bond. But also, he’s sort of crazy. – [Philip] Cooking made him
feel special, whole, important in charge, maniacal,
rageful, insane and complete. – He thinks that because
he makes a good sandwich, he can be a jerk but
that’s not true, right? – Took them this long to
get me this award. Nice. They’re mothers. – Right? – Why are you looking at me? Work. Jesus Christ. – I grew up with Chef
Anthony; I watched his rise while I was just starting out as a critic. Yeah sure, he can be salty, but he’s also just dedicated to the craft. When you think it, what is the difference between striving for perfection and throwing a knife at someone
for buying the wrong ham. Everyone really opened
their eyes to Anthony when he left the restaurant scene and started Cheese Punch. (classical string music) – [Anthony] It shouldn’t take
that long to get one person a grilled cheese, guys. Jesus Christ, get out of the way. Here. – [Philip] Cheese Punch was
his message to the world. You’re restaurant walls
shall not contain me. Things were finally on his terms, no more reporting to
bosses or going to court. It was just him, his
ideas and the open road. (door slams open) – [Officer] Excuse me, take
a look at your permits. (rattling) – Yeah – [Philip] Things were
really going his way. – I’m mean, food trucks had been around. He didn’t invent them. – Anyone could make a
grilled cheese. Yeah sure. Okay, if you say so, but
Anthony reinvented it with more cheese. (classical music) – [Anthony] Let’s go. Let’s move it. – [Philip] It was genius, I mean people had sold bread
and cheese out of carts before but they had never charged $15 for it. – I guess, that’s just an amount of money that makes affluent
people feel comfortable. – Sure he has a bad attitude. Sure he’s stressed out of his mind and has never once learned
a coping mechanism for it, yes he is turning a grossly high profit by selling something who’s
base ingredients cost nothing. Sure okay, I’ll bite. What? That’s it. – Make a line! This is good stuff – His food truck is good. So. You know. What can we do? – What you got to understand is that no one was doing this at the time. It was the wild west out there. There were no rules. There was no script. We were just flying by
the seat of our pants. – [Anthony] In the beginning
stages, we tried to start big, but sometimes someone just can’t hack it. So I had to fire my main guy, Pat. – He fired me for showing up early. He said I was trying
to be better than him. – And no matter how many people you fire, or get deported, it never gets any easier. All right, but I have to
make those tough calls for the sake of my business and my sanity. It’s the kind of thing
you’re never prepared for. – Yes he was! – For today’s service,
we got the Cheese Punch, we got poppers. Let’s push
the Caprese salad, man. That [Bleeped] Is going bad. Super sour. What did you say? You talking [Bleeped] To me? We’re firefighters here man.
We’re putting out fires. Maybe you don’t understand
what it means to be a fireman, okay, maybe I don’t know what
that entails, oh I’m so sorry. You think I have time to talk
to [Bleeped] Firefighters? You do? You think I have time to talk
to [Bleeped] Firefighters? You think I’m just
waltzing around the city like an arson, waiting
for firefighters to come, be like, ‘What do you do today, sir? What do you do today?’ Get the [Bleeped] Out
of here. You’re fired. You’re fired too, wait whoa. I need you till the end of rush. All right, you’re rehired. – Anyone who didn’t see his
vision was violently ejected from the truck for standing in his way. – Get the [Bleeped] Out of
here. You’re still fired, man. You think I’m joking? You think I’m joking? What, you want me to call
the firefighter right now and talk to him? That’s what you want? Wow look how fast he’s moving
now, now that he got fired. – If you can make a sandwich that good, you can do whatever you want to me. Your talent totally makes
up for your personality. It’s a fact. (crowd talking) – Hurry up! I’m touching the burner with my hands. I don’t feel [Bleeped]. – I know he’s a perfectionist, all right. But why did he have to fire me? And why did he have to
lie and tell everyone I got fired for [Bleeped] (whispering) in the sandwiches. – [Producer] What? – He said I [Bleeped] A sandwich. – [Philip] Anthony’s a rebel. He’s someone that could reinvent anything. – He was never the type
of guy to be happy. I mean, happy with his product. What did I say? – He was never satisfied, so he started to get more creative. He examined his original grilled
cheese recipe and thought, ‘so what? What the [Bleeped]
are you looking at?’ but what he saw that no one else saw was what if we put more cheese on it? – More cheese? How’s that going to work? What’s that going to look like? Is it even possible? – I can’t believe he did it. A true king of the food truck scene. – It was a rip off. – It was a masterpiece. (classical music) – It cost $29. – After Cheese Punch
Supreme, Anthony thought, ‘How do I top that?’ He hit a creative block. – He’s going through some personal things. – [Anthony] My girlfriend at the time, broke up with me for a job in Canada (sighs) Says she was tired of following me around. She was my rock. She was the only one who could
calm me down from a rage. Her career was the worst
thing that could have ever happened to me. I couldn’t think. I was getting panicky. I was getting mad. Except now, there wasn’t
anyone to calm me down. – Some suggested he seek therapy. – I was furious. (sighs) – He didn’t. – This was my girl we’re
talking about here.. My girl! – He really couldn’t innovate under that kind of undue pressure. – The culinary community was
up in arms at his girlfriend. He tried everything to win her back. – Texting her, calling her, showing up at her apartment unannoucned, Mrs. Doubtfiring her, Tootsieing her, White Chicking her. (sad music) (screaming) – [Frankie] But she had moved on. – [Philip] The mad just
wanted to innovate. He just wanted to find
the next stepping stone from Cheese Punch Supreme. How could the master
reinvent the reinvention when he was this sad, I mean, didn’t Blanche understand
that his genius was at stake? – [Frankie] He decided
he just couldn’t go on. He couldn’t innovate. He was washed up. In a rut. Totally empty. – [Anthony] I was so
mad, I was just thinking, ‘I hate Canada. I hate it.’ So what’s the opposite of Canada? Mexico. Cheese Punch Mexcio. It was so simple. I couldn’t believe I
was charging $34 for it. And why stop there? Cheese Punch Bangkok Cheese Punch Guam Cheese Punch that Indian place I wanted Cheese Punch places as far away from Canada as possible. – [Philip] Anthony was
experimenting with flavors that were unheard of. Chipotle, curry, turmeric. Stuff literally no one was using. I mean sure, Mexican and
Indian people were using them but Anthony is white. So it’s different. By appropriating flavors
from other cuisines and exploding the margins on
very inexpensive ingredients, Anthony built his revolutionary
Cheese Punch Empire. – Food trucks all over
the country, book deals, television shows. – It’s pretty awful he can do that. – Did we enable him? – [Philip] Food is art and art is food. And food is in fact, art. And Anthony understands
this. He has a vision. – Off man, whoa gimme gimme gimme gimme The next step? I’m going to keep being me. I’m going to keep doing what I do. No one’s going to keep me down. Cheese Punch is going to keep growing. It’s going to make room for the next thing I’m going to reinvent. I’m going to do a stationary food truck. We’re calling it a food place. – He’s creating a restaurant. – It’s got like walls
and bathrooms, tables. – A true visionary. – There’s a front door
so if there’s a draft, you can close it. – I think we created a monster. – I’ve never [Bleeped]
A sandwich. I promise. (door closes) – That’s it for this episode preview. If you want to watch the rest of this go to and
start your free trial. It’s free? Do it! It’s free. You get a free trial? Holy [Bleeped] What are you, nuts? Giving this [Bleeped] Away. – [Philip] I first met
Jong Mi on a vacation in South Korea. I wandered into this temple
and saw this unassuming woman. Shaved head, gray robes and I thought, ‘who is this woman? Am I the first person to ever see her? Did I discover her?’ The food she makes tastes like nothing and because of that, it
tastes like everything. – [Man] When I eat her
food, I feel less hungry. And that’s magical.

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  17. I’m an 18 yo linecook and I have this aditude cus I low key run the kitchen sometimes cus our chef left 😕

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