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Simon Talbot On Translating Jokes From Danish To English | Russell Howard

please walked on the stage a fantastic comedian either way from Denmark it's Simon [Applause] oh yes I'm Simon and I'm here from Denmark yeah miss kiss me I will call bone cells like a tough loss key limiting katenka do what's better in Denmark yeah so don't worry tonight it's gonna be in English and I'd like to start out by apologizing I know I have kind of a weird accent I sound like a leprechaun had a stroke because I am Danish but my father's Irish so yeah he drinks actually he called me recently an un son I fell off the roof because I was drunk and I was trying to get some apples dad you have to stop it's gonna kill ya it was like all your Royce you're right I'm quittin fruit you know I love him to bits he tried his best despite the drinking if I'd out wrote a book on parenting it would be called how to raise kids when you feel like it and now I have this weird accent and it's a real problem because no one believes me when I tell them I'm Danish know what ever since I got everyone goes no you're not losing your Irish and then I have to defend the fact that I'm a Danish guy trapped in an Irish accent I'm from Spain ish basically it's true because I identify as an overly humble rye bread eating Danish person but I sound like I'll batter you but I'm a big believer in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that's why I plan on raising my kids with weird accents sooo my teenage daughter come home from school dad why does everyone think I am the Russian so it's a weird accent but I'm just so grateful to be here tonight cuz you know I loved and Mike don't get me wrong but it's a tiny country you know I was kind of tired of performing for my mother she said you always witness that doesn't know I was always like hey you know what you had a birthday party no okay can i that was raised as a joe was witnessed that was my entire childhood that grew up as a Jehovah's Witness and I left when I started thinking when I started thinking but I know it makes her happy and that's all that matters to me it's fine there's just too many rules for me like you can't masturbate so it's true like I was 40 years old go and guess I wrote Polish teenagers for masturbating that's like punishing fish for swim and just stay right there way to where the rules like no birthdays I remember asking my mother when I was a kid how come I don't get a birthday party and she said I'm Dave for the yeast was utterly holiday enforces this based on people can bear some users which translates to well that's because Jesus never had a birthday party and we want to be like Jesus first of all Christmas it's a little birthday and secondly of course not why like why would they waste seven chapters of the New Testament detailing Jesus is awesome birthday party do they expect to see a preacher go and Jesus blew up on the candles we should sing him 73 happy birthday Jesus happy birthday you're gonna die and if you're always witnesses can't do something just because it's not mentioned like just because Jesus didn't do it there's a lot of stuff they can't do like they'd be seriously constipated I've never read about Jesus taking a ever like that would explain why they're frantically knocking on doors so it's so exciting for beast-like transitioning from Danish to English starting over but right at the beginning like when I started it wasn't always that good it felt kinda you know it's like I've kind of learned how to play the piano and all the sudden the keys are different this when I exhale a joke in Danish I'm quite confident I feel good I'm like yeah dinner and then Denon and then and then I translates it and it be like [Applause] this used to be funny that's all and it's so painful working out new material because I'm very aware of the audience I've always I feel happy I'm a very sensitive overly empathetic guy I can't even delete apps I press them and I see them shaking so it's so hard like I'd stumble through some new material trying to translate and I'd feel the audience destroyed it and that's why playing the piano and doing stand-up isn't completely the same because at least you don't feel physical discomfort watching someone who sucks at playing the piano see someone who's bad at playing the piano you're like oh he's he's trying to he's learning good for him don't reduce it learn it's good he's trying but when you're watching a shitty stand-up comedian you're like oh I hope he doesn't kill himself he's he's still going I'm gonna kill myself and it's just a lot to explain all of this it's a lot for you guys to like wrap your head around the whole Danish ex-jehovah's witness with an Irish accent I know I did a show and there was this American girl in the front row she was just staring at me like I was a lava lamp like worth having I don't think I was and then after this show she came up to me she was like as over and excited and like enthusiastic as they come totally Americans he's like oh my god oh my god oh my god Simon Taba time and holla oh my god oh my god oh my god anyway you said you're a Danish so I was thinking Danish stand up what's that even like it's like well it's stand up but I in Danish and I wound up showing her videos of me performing in Danish so it's like yeah when I'm home in ten why I do like an iron 20 minutes there oh my god that's awesome amazing and Arendt's when Emma Nets in such a difficult language does she think Danish people are sitting around Christmas Eve can we please speak English which is exhausting Flitz gets the awkward call moonsault like a table dance now stealing maidan katenka dude I knew you'd get it it's some place she goes to the aquarium and looks at the fish how do they do it moving around breathing and such a difficult and BA but listen you guys weren't difficult at all thank you so much [Applause] [Applause] you

24 thoughts on “Simon Talbot On Translating Jokes From Danish To English | Russell Howard

  1. As a Jehovah witness , you are not allowed to have fun , but this guys is funny , must be the drinks his dad was taking got into his DNA .

  2. I love when he was like ‘og det er fordi jehovas witnesses cant do something’ and just moved on as if he hadnt just started that sentence speaking danish

  3. …How does he do it? Moving, breathing in such a difficult environment?…. I met a few Americans, who are like that. On a stage it's b… hilarious.

  4. Ari eldjárn is also pretty funny, he is an icelandic comedian and his name literally translates to raven firesteel

  5. I’m not sure if I laughed because it’s funny?
    or because I’m Danish and I get it ?

    Wish I had the full English perspective

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