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Sink crack repair – how do you fix it?

Hi, we’re in Austin, Texas. The North Austin
area and so we’re going to be doing a vanity that is for a family that they’re
selling and so they want this done. And this vanity is really in excellent shape,
nothing major about it, except for that.
There was a HUGE crack and they put some putty in it. Some stuff, it’s pretty strong,
it’s pretty good but it looks pretty bad and it’s bumpy.
So we’re going to repair that and we’re going to do this in Montana. it’s going
to be a gorgeous color, it’s going to be in Satin, and once we have this done, we’ll
be able to show you. The bathroom is really beautiful, they have
already worked on this, so everything is nice, the tile, the wall – everything.
And so all we need to do is take care of this. So we’ll be back to you soon. And so we’re done with this vanity and we’re
going to show you. Look at this, it’s a little shinier – it’s going to be more satin.
In other words it’s going to be less glossy. And so… it is.
Remember all that damage on the side? We fixed that. Actually that’s like a defect
in the sink where it bubbles up and then it breaks. And you know, when we were
fixing it, it broke, so we had to fix that with marine filler.
But here it is, so there was a little bump there, and we fixed that. A little
crack on this side and it was fixed. Other than that, we have it very nice so now
this vanity has no issues. And they can put the house on the market and
this vanity is going to be just fine. Very nice – very long lasting, with the proper
care of course. And so that’s that – thank you for watching.

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  1. The previous comments are incorrect. This as a stone texture spray coating process, and it is the same vanity top. It was white before it was repaired and refinished, and it is a stone pattern now.

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