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Sir 2 mins – A Tamil comedy short film

Sir, Can i speak for two minutes? These are fresh joss sticks, it makes your home perfumed Sir, 30rs pocket for just 15rs in offer basis Sir, please buy at least two pockets Please sir Please test it for one time sir Sir.. sir Excuse me sir. Can i speak for 2 minutes? Yes I wanna explain about Personal loan offer sir. No no no. Sir please. i may explain you the offer. Please listen. No no, I have to reach the cabin No.sorry. Good Morning Good Morning (typing sound) (phone ringing) Hello sir, we are calling from Saxophone Yes tell me Can I speak for two minutes? Saxophone has introduced new post paid offer Can i explain about it sir ? How do you guys get my number and calling me ? Sir, It’s a good offer Sir, I know to call you If i need any offer Don’t Call from new numbers and disturb me everyday How do you take my number without my permission? Sir… Don’t you have any manners? Sir, If you could listen to the offer Sir, Do you think Am I jobless? Don’t provoke my anger. Cut the phone. Thank you! Have a nice day! Dude Water? No thanks New bumper offer. Flats very near to Chennai at Arakonam Sir, What sir? Sorry sir You are struggling so much even for this small dialogue Sorry, sir, this take I ll make it You are also not allowing to hire an artist No, sir, This takes I ll make it. Sure Why are you so adamant that you will only host? Hey brother Sir, You are wasting my time Is it ok? Sir lets go Action New bumper offer Very near to Chennai, 15 km from Arakonam Our royal city is located schools, colleges, shops, hospitals are very near to our royal city Here I cent of land charges only up to 1.25 lakhs Don’t miss this opportunity utilize this opportunity To make use of this rare opportunity You have to contact your Royal Kannappan You have to contact your Royal Kannappan Hey Did this fellow settle the money or not? He asked for 4 months time, boss Why 4 months 5 months time for him? All over the town, he is cheating as offer and all Tell him to meet me tomorrow Ok boss Otherwise, he can’t do his business Ok boss Ok boss Today where we are going for the campaign? Gandhi Nagar boss Ok, get ready. let’s move Welcome brother, How are you? Fine brother I am competing in the election this time too. I know you will vote for me Hey, he is our guy Am I right? Yeah brother I trust you people will support me. please save my hope Sure If I win this time, I have many offers Brother, its scheme I have many schemes All the schemes are for Gandhi Nagar only The schemes follow as Brother.. brother Don’t mistake It’s my business time, I can sell at least 4 pockets now It’s ok. It’s ok. work is important. carry on I wish you a bountiful business Ok brother Our symbol is joss stick Ok Don’t forget to vote for me Ok Hey, Where are our boys? They are delivering leaflets boss Ok, let’s move Dad, Are you gonna vote for him? Dear, let’s bother about it later He is telling he has many offers for us? Hey! let’s focus on our job. Let’s move. Dad, My uniform is torn a week ago Oh yes dear ! you said already! Please wait for two days I will buy a new one for you Ok Dad Sir, can I speak for two minutes?

31 thoughts on “Sir 2 mins – A Tamil comedy short film

  1. Pocket films 🎥 I am ur first viewer and 1st liker of ur video and I have write first comment ….lol
    Love ur films too

  2. Amazing concept 👌 A short movie depicting the truth of the present day world and busy human nature. But remember that the earth is round.

  3. அருமை. யாருக்கும் நேரமில்லை. எனது பக்கத்தில் பகிர்கிறேன். நன்றி திரு Arun Bhagath

  4. வாழ்க்கையின் சுவாரசியமான பக்கங்களாய்……..  அருமை வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  5. ஆஹா… அருமையான கான்செப்ட். தெரிந்தோ தெரியாமலோ எல்லோரும் எல்லோரையும் சார்ந்துதான் இருக்கிறார்கள் என்பதை உணர்த்தும் படம்.

  6. வாழ்க்கை ஒரு வட்டம் சார்..இங்கு நீயும் நானும் தனித்தனி இல்லை என்பதை விளக்கும் அருமையான படம்

  7. நம்மை சுற்றி வளைத்து இருக்கும் நச்சு வலையில் இருந்து மீள வேண்டும் என்றால் ??????? எப்படி !!!!!!!! அதற்கு அறிவியல் பூர்வமாக சிந்தனை செய்யப்பட்ட ஒரே பதில் காரல் மார்க்சு கூறிய பொதுவுடைமை சமுதாயம் தான்!
    அவர் நினைத்து பார்த்த அந்த உலகம் 1917 முதல் 1951 வரை சோவியத் ரஷ்யா வில் மலர்ந்து உதிர்ந்து போனது !. இனி வருமா?. காலமும் சூழ்நிலை யும் பதில் சொல்ல வேண்டும்.

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