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Sisters & Washrooms | Abish Mathew Stand Up Comedy | WHOOP

I was actually raised by five sisters. I was the youngest. I have
been their errand boy for everything. I am privy to so much information
that other men don’t have. I have bought more pads than I have
bought condoms in my entire life. I was the only kid in
Delhi yelling from rooftops. StayFree available just for 15 Rupees! What? Are you crazy? Wow!!! It’s amazing!! Before I learnt ABCD,
my sisters taught me PCOD. See! Only the women
are applauding at this! Men have no idea what PCOD is. They are like what? PCOD? Buddy, Period Call Of Duty? Buddy, Periods Cash On Delivery! Ohoho!!! Nope!!! PCOD stands for
Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. One out of every three
women in India suffers from PCOD but men know more about PMS
than PCOD because that affects us. If I ever had to go for a vacation, the
only thing my dad would ever tell me is “Whatever you want to do,
after your boards!” But for my sisters, it was always “Whatever you want to do,
after you get…” “Married!” See how they know the script!!! That’s been fed to them
from the very beginning. That’s why all women are always
looking at their dream wedding because that’s the
day they escape one prison, only to go into another prison. I, as a guy can
go with a phone and a wallet and my entire day is set. But for my sisters,
it’s a bag full of hand sanitizer, Dettol, extra roll of toilet paper,
just in case! Number one,
when a lady enters a public restroom she enters a one-bedroom apartment. She shuts the door and
she is already stressed. She has to take out her bag,
put it on this hook, make sure it doesn’t fall down. Take the dupatta,
put it up on this hook, so that it doesn’t fall down. Hope nothing happens to my Hidesign! After they have taken
a moment after so much stress that they are already in. After that, they would look at
their arch nemesis inside the washroom and then wonder. How the hell will I clean this? And then, starts this elaborate process. Hand sanitizer. Dettol. Flame thrower. After removing one
centimetre of that ceramic, this entire thing is more sterilized
than a Dexter’s crime scene. Even that 0.01% of the bacteria are like, “Please just come,
you have made a lot of effort, Please. You have already wiped
out my whole family, Please just come. I will go home. You have made a lot of effort.” Even after then they will not go. Because my sisters told me there
is another layer of cleaning required, which is this… After dressing it up like a dining table when
your in-laws are coming over, it is so damn clean, even after that women will engage their core muscles, bend forward, unhinge the
knees and without any contact… Dab dab. So much effort to go pee! You know what a guy’s
idea of a public restroom is? A wall!!! The only thing attached
are urinals which mean at least aim here sir!

100 thoughts on “Sisters & Washrooms | Abish Mathew Stand Up Comedy | WHOOP

  1. Dude you still are in an old era even the audience seems to belong to your category.. Wtf was that about marriage prison..crap
    BTW your jacket is trendy

  2. kudos to the visualization he was interacting with audience via his acts and whole scenario was going through my head . helll yaaaaa man that happens and what you said is exactly true😂😂😂

  3. Actually we are cautious… because most of the UTI diseases come from public restroom through our vagina..hey I mean u dnt wnt to b in bed with that much pain!!!so it's better being cautious than being infected..😉😉😉 and trust me it's worth it…😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  4. Actually we are cautious… because most of the UTI diseases come from public restroom through our vagina..hey I mean u dnt wnt to b in bed with that much pain!!!so it's better being cautious than being infected..😉😉😉 and trust me it's worth it…😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. Abish has proved he is from AIB, bakchodi ki hadd hai. The way you know what women do in the toilet, please understand that its the women who make the washroom dirty. Ask the janitor who cleans the public washroom.
    PCOD, all comedians are using it , coz they do not have anything else to tell about women. First breast cancer now PCOD.
    Why WOMEN do not tell about PCOD because it affects the fertility of a woman, and definitely they would like to hide this fact from the man.
    Look at all the women who were laughing on his nonsense.
    Stop being a cunt Abish

  6. wah man wah…. a man tlkng abt dis in a gud way… awestrck…indian men i hv seen r extrmes of too gud to spk such or mean ..
    public toilets are a misery 4 women(bus stops r disastrous)…. mst men dnt care, evrywhr its a toilet.its nt deir prb..

  7. thnx a ton for dng it gud.. healthy comdy… i lik cmdy ..but evrythng i watch it s alwys eithr i dnt undrstnd or too dirty, bad wrds for no reason.. like ur no reason at all thingy😛

  8. Watched the special & its so well written!!!!!! Very dunny🤩🤩🤭😂😂 Felt the taping could have been much better, the audience reactions were not audible or captured well.!

  9. Even i learned about PCOD few years back from a friend😁. Thank you for cracking a joke on girl problems and how much they go through in their life process without insulting our feeling.

    This is what called an actual humour. I wish it was longer.

  10. Didn't sound funny at alll……
    Hope u would understand the pain a women goes through due to minor infections…..
    Abish how would u understand that…. U r men after alll….

  11. Trust me!! Due to UTI'sss a woman has to do all the stuff just to pee! I think nobody like to clean a public loo unless one has suffered before but thanks for telling people because they think we take time to have hundreds of selfie's! Nobody gives a shit before but now people will show some concern ! Thanks

  12. Were you standing outside the door putting an ear on the washroom door everytime your sisters went to the washroom!! How did you gather such elaborate information!?!?!

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