Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sixer Movie Comedy Climax | Vaibhav Reddy and Pallak unite | Sathish | KPY Ramar | End Credits

Hey, god!
What happened? What happened? Hey! what happened, dude? Sorry, dude. Everyone was aware of the fact. It’s because of me. What’s this? What happened? Tell me. What everyone says is the fact. I shouldn’t have hid this to you. I’ve ‘night blindness’. I know earlier. You’ve fallen in love
with a ‘night blindness’ guy. You can’t get him married. Be careful. I’m going to be with you
throughout my life. Just twelve hours
doesn’t seem to be a issue for me. Some lies are needed for true love. For my sake, the lies you told
doesn’t bother me. What? Don’t you know when I’m ready? Come, let’s get married. You can accept, but we aren’t. Whatever,
I won’t accept this marriage. What are you thinking? Mom! We’ve to tolerate some faults and live. Like you tolerate my dad. We’ve to accept some faults and live. Like I accepted him. Believe me, mom. Oh,no! Definitely, I’ll be happy. The sacred firepit is not seen. What are you looking at? The auspicious time is arriving. I think your father is down. Call the bridegroom
to tie the nuptial thread. Beat the auspicious drums. Somehow managed
by handling this night blindness Ma, where is dad? He is missing since yesterday night Don’t know where has he gone Missing, huh?
Okay…okay – Bye, dude
– Thank you It’s getting late
Go and get in the car Bye, da
Shall we go? Why is he here? 15 people will be there You can easily hit them, right? Congrats
Go ahead Give me a cigarette He has planned something Where is your wife? I know you will be asking like this My wife is inside the car safely What will you do now? Your kids? Including my kids and our pet dog
all of them are safe He kept everything in safe zone Your wife and kids are in safe zone Do you think you are in safe place? Look at your shirt Ayaiyo! Sniper shoot…sniper shoot Don’t do, man All of you run away
before this cigarette falls down – Hey, dude…
– Or else Don’t throw the cigarette down I want to say a few dialogs – Go
– Wait All of you keep your mouths
on airplane mode Having a face like monkey yawns You call yourself a rowdy Haven’t you seen the caliber of my dude? He went to the sniper level Bringing here a vegetable cutter
and doing rowdyism You don’t need him to punch you I am more enough Henceforth he is not my target, but you As if he is Dhoni,
fix the target and hits the ball Hey, get lost Make sure join all of them
in the zoo including you Go and start the jeep – Clear the place
– Go, start the jeep How is it? Dude! Who are those snipers? Look at your behind Trusting these kids,
did you fight with those thugs? Yes What will I do
if they come here again? What can I do for that? Dude, he says I am his target I have a honeymoon trip
I am sorry At least you tell to your husband Fixing me into some problem
you want a pleasure trip? Pleasure trip is important, get lost Leave it, buddy
We can handle your problem What will he do? Please, da – Come, man
– Don’t leave me and go Happy married life Your 1st night will become my last night

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