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SKAM France || Lucas & Eliott || HUMOR [+3×08]

Well, you failed. No I didn’t. Yes you failed, it’s obvious. It’s impossible to fail something like this, unless you are really bad. I didn’t dare to say it. Oh, I see. He looks super cool, Eliott. Super nice, yeah. He’s a good friend. Hi! So you can already picture yourself with another girl, then? Well, yeah. Not necessarily a girl, though. Nah don’t worry, he’s not a real guy. Humor, Lucas! I thought… “It’s him, for sure, he’s scared of the dark!” Fuck! I’m not scared of the dark! Alright, a little bit scared. I don’t want to say it out loud when we’re together. Is it true that you’re gay? Ah yes, that’s true. Well, he’s… He’s my boyfriend. Isn’t that a butt here? Uhh… yeah. Sorry. Minimalism, Imane. Minimalism.

15 thoughts on “SKAM France || Lucas & Eliott || HUMOR [+3×08]

  1. I need someone to make a video of SKAM France avec le song ,,Later Bitches“ by the prince karma 😂

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