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Sketch Duo Frangela Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

– Women of America,
we are here to set you free. – Yes, we are. – Right now, a whole bunch
of you are feeling alone. – Mmm.
– You’re feeling afraid. – Yes.
– And you’re in pain. And do you know
why you’re in pain? – Why? – Because you are
wearing shapewear. – Yes.
– I am! – Women of America, let me tell you something.
We need to get free. – That’s right.
– We need to get comfortable. – Mm-hmm.
– We need to bring back… both: The housecoat.
Bam. [cheers and applause] [patriotic music] ♪ – Whoo! – There was a time,
in this country– – There was a time. – There was a time,
in this country when the housecoat
equaled respect. – Thank you.
– There was a time that if a woman in a housecoat
told you to do something… both: You did it! [laughter] – Thank you.
– Yes. – We don’t care
if it was your grandma. – Your Mee-maw. – Your Madea.
– Your any mama. [laughter] – She didn’t need to buy
some designer, expensive purse
or some stupid fanny pack. – No, she had everything she
needed in her magic pockets. – Right in here, people. If you said, “Granny, I’m hot.” – She said,
“Here’s a fan, baby.” – If you said,
“Nanny, I’m thirsty.” – She said,
“Here’s a juice box.” – What?
– Here’s some throat spray. – What?
– And let Grandmama find you some water
with her divining rod. – She was prepared
for anything, people. – Yes! – She could find fresh water
with sticks. – Yes, she could! – And this is the thing,
women of America. You have to come together.
You have to unite. – Yes! – You have to learn
to love your body. Everybody, love your bodies.
Love your body. Everybody, rub your body.
Your body, not your neighbor. Love your body.
Every inch of this. And we want you to know–
God bless every American. – Yes.
– Of every shape, size, and situation. – Free your mind.
Free your body, and get your– both: Housecoat power!

8 thoughts on “Sketch Duo Frangela Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

    Frangela vs. The Chris & Paul Show better happen on the Semi-Final Showcase.
    If that happens they have a better chance at winning.

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