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Sketch Group JK! Studios Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

[dramatic music] – Vikings! Today, we will scare the Saxon
scum limb from limb. [yelling] Their blood will flow as
a river beneath our feet. [yelling] Our blades shall silence their
pathetic cries for mercy. [laughter] Let us prepare for battle! [yelling] With yoga and dream journaling! [laughter] – Yoga and dream journaling?
– Yes. You can’t take care
of your enemies if you don’t take care
of yourself. Namaste. But Ragnar, today,
we kill the Saxon king, and claim old Britain
for our own! [yelling] – Too true! And how will we celebrate
this great victory? – Burn their crops!
– Rob their riches! – Feast on the flesh
of our enemies! – Take a steamy bath! In blood! [yelling] And lavender!
If I can find it. – Ragnar, why? – I have this amazing
new bath bomb. – Does it explode?
– It’ll blow your mind. That’s for sure. – Let us forget about bathing. Let us fuel ourselves for war
with meat and ale! [yelling] Or, we whip up some acai bowls. [laughter] – Enough distractions! Let us finish arming ourselves
for battle. Where are our helms?
– Ah, yes. I have replaced your helmets
with this. Sunhat.
Different kind of protection. But if you survive the day,
your skin will thank me. [laughter] – Ragnar, have you
lost your mind? Our enemies approach
as we speak, and yet, you are– what are you doing?
– Are you all this tense? That’s it.
Massage train. Captain’s orders. And I know what
you’re thinking. I’ll be the caboose.
Come on, come on. So tense– [clamoring] – No, the Saxons are upon us!
– Pagan devils! I have bested
your great leader. Now, I will make you watch as I record it in
my gratitude journal. [laughter] It’s important that we
remember these things. [laughter] [upbeat music]

33 thoughts on “Sketch Group JK! Studios Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

  1. I don't like how Jk! Studios skipped the "The meat will create digestive battles, that we don't need to fight" "I've lost that battle many times".

  2. Out of all three of my favorites from this week, I'm relieved that at least these guys made it to the next round.

  3. This is the only act the judges got right. These guys were funnier but the judges missed the mark with all the other acts. Smh

  4. AHHHH YEET!!!! CONGRATS JK! ON MAKING IT TO THE NEXT ROUND!!! LOVE YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  5. So are James, Adam, Whitney and Stephen going to preform too or are Matt, Jason, Malory, Natalie and Jeremy the only ones?

  6. I want to see the judges reaction to broken window it’s pretty much my favorite of all their current sketches!

  7. Yo don’t kill me in the comments, but this really wasn’t funny to me. I know JK has there fans and I respect that, but this didn’t get me one bit. They’re a good sketch group, but idk fell a little short for me. Just an opinion.

  8. They’re skits always are the same; one character contradicting the rest of them. It’s getting to repetitive

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