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Sketch Group The Valleyfolk Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

[soft music] – Dial 118 please.
Please dial 1-1-8. – Mrs. Tompkins?
– Oh, yes. – Hi, yeah.
Thank you for your patience. In just a moment,
the doctor will be here, to go over your husband’s
current condition. – Please, sir, is he all right? – We’re doing everything
we can. I’m also legally obligated
to remind you that, at this facility,
we take pride in using only the best, cutting edge, state-of-the-art
medical technology. – All right.
– Excuse me. [laughter] – I just hope that my husband
is okay. [rhythmic buzzing] What’s that noise? – My favorite thing. [buzzing] – My name is Dr. Robot. I am the doctor assigned
to your husband. – Oh, thank God.
Is my husband all right? – Your husband is–
your husband is– – My husband is what?
– Your husband is dead. – What? Dead?
– Your husband is dead. Dead, dead.
Your husband is dead. Dead, he’s dead.
Your husband is dead. – Please stop, stop!
– Dead. – Stop, stop, stop!
Turn off. [buzzing] – Your first question
is printing. – Oh, my God. 20 milligrams
of your husband is dead. – Your husband is dead. Your husband is dead,
dead, dead. – Nurse!
– Your husband is dead. – Male nurse!
– Dr. Robot! – Dead, dead, dead.
– Not again! – Your husband is dead. [buzzing stops] [laughter] Your husband… is alive! – There you go.
– Oh, really? My husband is alive? – No! [laughs] Your husband is dead.
Your husband is dead. – Dr. Robot! [screaming] – Dead, your husband is dead.
– Robot, no! [screaming] – Your husband is dead. Dead. Your husband is dead.
Your husband is dead. Dead, dead.
Your husband is dead. [laughter] – Oh, no! He’s heading
for the children’s ward! [soft music] – There is another dimension
beyond that which any of us have seen. That place is known as the “five to six years
from now” zone. [laughter] [cheers and applause]

100 thoughts on “Sketch Group The Valleyfolk Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

  1. Honestly, I prefered Drennon. This just felt like 1 joke, over and over. The 20mg of your husband was dead was damn funny, but everything after that just felt kinda predictable and not as funny as I would have liked it to be.

  2. I missed tonight's episode, this is hilarious. I hope The Valleyfolk moved on."20 mg of Your Husband is Dead" Joe, Lee, Steve and Elliott killed it.

  3. How is saying "Your husband is dead" over and over again funny? Is there a hidden message there like the American male is offensive so the liberals want him dead? I just did not get it or why it was funny. Not funny at all the nerd was funnier.

  4. I would really dig this show if it weren't for chrissy teigen, really wish they had gotten leslie jones for this show. Almost a homerun!

  5. This is kind mediocre comedy with no originality what-so-ever. Kenan is probably the only judge I agree with. Off course, he's a veteran in comedy. And who are the other judges. The girl doesn't have any comedy background. And the older feller always picks the comedian that to me bombed.

  6. This is MY kind of humor!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaay out there – but hilarious!!! Not everyone can be bizarre AND funny, but these guys were spot-on! And then "Serling" came out and ended it perfectly! I was so scared the judges were going to blow it like judges tend to do – but lo and behold, that chick and Foxworthy DID THE RIGHT THING and overruled Kenan!!! I was sweating all the way through that stupid commercial break at such a crucial tie-breaking moment! Now I can sleep easy tonight and worry about that window-breaking sound I just heard in the morning…

  7. I feel like I just pulled a Rip Van Winkle…

    I went over to my parents house, and this comedy is on, "Hmmm these guys look familiar… SourceFed?"

    (Robot kicks through wall) Dude?
    (Elliot comes out for Twilight Zone bit) Dude!
    (At judging, when Joe takes robot head off) DUDE!

  8. The Valleyfolk vs. JK! Studios may happen next week.
    Two favorite sketch groups from this series.
    Who you rooting for?

  9. I love the valleyfolks act. I was laughing just as hard as Christy. I honestly thought the robot said “Your husband is gay” at first which made it funnier.

  10. Shout out the Mike Falzone. Shout out to Steve Zaragooz. Shout out to Neer Neer. Shout out to the calzones. Shout out to Elliott. Shout out to Joe.

  11. your father died your father died your father died. one of my fave new DB bits, I'm so hyped this got fleshed out – so to speak!!! Joe killed it with the physicality!! I'm so proud

  12. Keenan is the only judge who knows sketch comedy and I think he's intimidated by these guys. They actually have their own brand of humor

  13. To have seen the origin of this kernal of an idea to dancing Doctor Joebott is trult magical. My bois and grill always deliver

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