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Slams Bails & laughing at ourselves - Philosophy for living life

well evening guys as I'm just headed up in here to the bookstore that I usually go to I was thinking first let me just this Mike yeah I was thinking about some of the comments I got and a lot of people's outlook I think in general on Falls and slams and bales and stuff and skateboard and you know wait a minute I'm just trying to make a video here man yeah I thought you were like security or something coming to be like now you can't do this yeah yeah yeah let's try it again take two I've had people coming out whatever I'm just sitting on a red curb which is appropriate because skateboarders we do a lot of call Slappy's grinds whatever you want to call it on red painted curbs or yellow car fire curbs or any of that kind of stuff that's slick right you're gonna fall you're gonna have Slams take every pro level skate video that you watch they all fall they're all there's tons of slams John Cardiel famous for his Slams which always said as long as somebody didn't really get seriously hurt the slams look kind of cool I don't know you know and I had that one in the DOJ super juice video that I did where I was hitting that dirt downhill pass a little thing there out onto the asphalt and board stopped you keep going right had a good slam you know did I break anything now I had my wrist slams on they work great yeah you know hit the shoulder a little hit this side of this knee a little bit so you got a little sore whatever it's just you know it's just what it is I don't know it you know if you're not willing to accept the fact you're going to fall bail or slam you know slams you're worst case scenario where you don't even realize it's coming a bail you're just bailing out of the situation early before you take the slam if you're not willing to accept that that's going to go on if you're either a trying to learn how to skateboard for the first time B you're getting back on the board after decades of not skating like me or even if you're a seasoned everyday skater if you can't accept that you're going to bail or slam on occasions you need to just not even be on it I think don't even step foot on it and I don't I don't understand what there's a lot of things that go on in the the culture at large is to everybody wants no risk and all reward that's an oxymoron there's no such thing so you just got to accept the fact you know be okay with it and also it's okay to have a laugh at yourself so it was it's funny I agree you know as long as like I said nobody gets seriously hurt type deals slams have always been good for a laugh I think it was it was a Johnny Knoxville when he started up the Jackass films said he realized that things weren't funny until somebody got hurt I mean now they took it to the extreme but I get the gist of what he's saying is it's it's like the early slapstick humor and stuff falling slamming whatever it's always been kind of humorous and if you can't laugh at yourself I don't know you're in deep trouble I think if you're taking yourself that seriously don't worry about it don't worry about the slams I'm fine if I get injured I get injured I've had a lot of injuries throughout my life from a kid on up recovered everything's fine I broke bones mild concussions glass stuck in the hand and cut out and stitched up and it's all par for the course of life I guess so with that I'm gonna get off this kerb and out from the side of this street and away from these folks because people are driving me crazy around here what are you doing YouTube yeah with that I'll talk with you guys later say yes

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  1. My wife loves watching me slam. Haha. She laughs every time. I’m like, you don’t even know if I’m really hurt or not and your already laughing! She says I have a signature slam where my feet always end up in the air when I’m on my back. Slams are kinda fun because it’s scary but then you realize you are alright and it’s kind of a rush. Good times landing or falling is what it’s all about. ✌️

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