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Sleep Addiction | Comedy Sketch | Love Sleeping

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to Magicy Bunny and press the bell to know about our new videos. Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we will talk about a new habit, craving, love… basically about an addiction. And this is not a general addiction… We are talking about Sleep Addiction. Yes my friends, this addiction is to fall asleep. Umm…not gold, but sleeping for real. This addiction is to watch dream… Not to fulfil any, but just watching them. Those amazing dreams, which might never come true… Hi, my name is Rajesh. I love sleeping… Whenever or wherever I get some time, I tend to fall asleep… and love to get lost in my dreams. My addiction to sleep started during my childhood only. I used to get so many leaves during exams,
o ho ho ho… I was neither interested in studies, nor in sports. And in winters if I could get my feet warm,
I used to fall asleep automatically. Now you only tell me, a free person would only
fall asleep and, right? Mummy… Papa… even my friends tried a lot to… wake me up, but slowly slowly it rather became difficult. See, normally a person’s sleeping capacity
is six to eight hours. Right? In fact, in today’s busy life, people can’t
even complete six hours of sleep. We get a lot of weird cases of sleep addiction. These people normally sleep for ten ten hours. But on weekends and on holidays, they keep sleeping
for fifteen sixteen hours. It gets very difficult for us to treat these people then. It’s tough, very tough. You are trying to treat them, but they take a nap. Now how can I make someone eat medicine while
sleeping? It’s impossible. You see that man, this fellow… Rajesh. He came to us around two months back. We have tried all possible measures. We have tried my hubby’s old socks, garlic, onion, even dirty underwear… But once my Raju falls asleep, then no one can wake him up. He even blabbers in his sleep. I feel my Raju dreams about a really bad witch
while sleeping for hours. Oh my Raju! Oh my Raju! No no, mummy is saying this just like that. There was no witch. You come in my dreams, you hurt me a lot. You come in my dreams… I think the maximum I have slept, was for
two days. Someone make me drink Bhaang while empty stomach as Holi’s prasad. O ji, I am a hundred percent sure that he
is not my child. It isn’t mine, right? It isn’t, right? No, I would not believe that it is my child. I wanted a Ram, but got a Kumbhkaran. In the whole of our family, there’s no young
person who keeps sleeping till three or four. His cousins, get up at six. They get eggs and bread. Go to their jobs. Do household work. Some even have gone to foriegn. And then there’s this piece of shit… who never even bothers. He won’t get up even if you get a snake,
Ajgar, even crocodile on his chest. You wouldn’t believe, one day he wasn’t
getting up with the water drops. I saw, it isn’t working.
So I got a mug full of water. He still did not get up, so I was about to put a bucket full of water on him but his mother stopped me again. Started irritating me… No. Leave it, I say. No no. No, wake up Raju. Leave. Leave it. I will put this bucket on him, leave. Either he will get wet or you will get wet. Even on his wedding, he was yawning at Panditji’s
face all the time. After every wedding, people at home are curious… about the noises that might come from their room. That noise… you know. I heard a noise, there was a noise in his
case also. But only snoring. Shameless. Now what more should I tell you guys? We just got married a few days back… and they did not even tell about this thing
while tying the knot. Moreover, he was even sleeping on our first
night after having milk. Oh my damn… This bad luck again! Why are you crying Shalini Bhabhi when I am still here. I will make everything right. You please don’t cry. See, while dreaming you see… Kareena, Katrina, even Aaliya is better. You can be have a first night with anyone… I have had many… yawning relations with a lot of people. Oh my lovely dreams…. All these people tease an addict a lot. Lazy, idle, dozer, nappy… I also get called by all such names. But I manage somehow. Not a big deal. See, Rajesh’s treatment is still on. In fact, I am getting more problems in understanding
his sleeping patterns. I have never heard such snoring. Not even from my grandmother. I think it’s a very unique case. Very unique case. Sometimes, I also fear that I might get this
addiction myself. I feel scared. I feel this addiction is contagious. It is contagious. I don’t feel that I should get this addiction treated. I am absolutely fine. At least this is not a life threatening addiction. Not even am I compromising my sleep to get
my eyes glued on a useless phone or a T.V. Let me tell you the truth. People feel jealous of my sleep. They’re jealous. And I feel good about it… I am happy. Before leaving… Let me tell you a sleeping poetry. I have a beautiful habit to fall asleep. I have a beautiful habit to fall asleep. But I tend to forget every dream I watch in
them. At times, when I even retain a bit of it… to try and complete that dream, I fall asleep again. So, there you saw it friends… Maybe some addictions are not really as harmful
as we think they are. Some people sleep for six hours, some twelve
and some for eighteen… And rather than pressing snooze button all
the time, you should also complete your sleep like Rajesh
before actually waking up. Sweet dreams. Hello friends! If you also love sleeping like I do or you know someone who is also a sleep addict, then like and share this video. Do comment your best record time to sleep at a stretch. And for more such videos and funny content,
subscribe to our channel, Magicy Bunny. Until next time… (DAB) Oye, I have got dark circles man… Oh, I need to take a power nap now.

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  1. I yawned more than 10 times😂😂
    Well executed
    Again relatable Tarun can break his records for sure🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Loved this episode 😍
    Especially Raju ke mummy papa. Amazing acting you two and newly wed wife, she looks so adorable ☺️

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