Laughter is the Best Medicine

SMACKLE HUMOR || “i’m coming, honey!”

Smackle! I’m coming, honey! Smackle! Do it! I know that sometimes I can be a handful.. Yes, yes you are. Who’s the creepy creep creep now On page 73 of your health books, what they’re trying to teach you is I’m gonna fail this assignment! Click. What happened? She crashed. Like a computer?! Yeah, it’s like llittle rainbow wheel speening she will be back. You know what I was dreaming of? How you doing? Hey, I thought it was Farkle Time! It is Farkle Time! It’s always been Farkle Time and it will always be Farkle Time! It’s Smackle Time for now on. You have very nice eyes. Okay. They formed in uterus starting with my oppitic nerve and then my retinas. Cookie day! What the f– I was all “help Lucas, help!” All while Farkle was hanging from a tree? No, every chance I get. Tell me when the pressure is suficient. All you have to do is meant it, Smackle. One thing at a time! Right, me and Lucas in Hawaii? Inside your head voice. Came in through the front door ’cause I’m wearing a skirt. Didn’t know it was window day! You’re hot for my mind? No. Mean you only see as a steaming cauldron of woman? Okay. I’m going through the front- Yeah, skirt. Why are we here?

38 thoughts on “SMACKLE HUMOR || “i’m coming, honey!”

  1. i love how you lined up the ding they put put for dick in the song and smakle saying click. i love gmw and little mix this was great

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