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Smoking Crack in Hell’s Kitchen

-You take your crack
and you put it in this top piece right here, then you burn it. For most people,
the pleasure is seeing the clouds. And after that it’s going,
that’s your high. There is no more. -[rapping]:
Attention, users and abusers -[rapping]:
Down and out losers -Stop chasing that cloud -(both)
It never fails to elude ya -Spendin’ that money like it’s
-Minute Maid -(both)
You get two bits charged On a whole week’s pay -Feels like you’re on cloud nine.
You got to get another one. -It’s called the five-stage high -It’s like 24/7 -(both)
You’re at the crack spot -It takes you out of the world,
you know, where you feel, you know,
when you feel confused and you feel alone and you feel a lot of
pressure and everything. It’s like you’re going to take a hit. -You take a chillin’ -When you’re illin’,
movin’ 80 miles an hour -You can’t slow down
-Got no willpower -Once you start getting high,
you really don’t think about tomorrow or the next day. You know, you just think about
getting another hit. Are you getting all of this? -(interviewer)
How do you feel now? All right. -Five seconds ago,
I was real tired. Right now, I got energy. I can get up from here now
and walk to the moon. Okay? I can get up
and walk to the moon. I’m good now.
I’m good to go. The reason I’m doing this
interview is ’cause number one, I’m tired of this place,
Manhattan, I’m sick of these
people around here and I’m leaving right now.
I’m out of here. Okay? I’m going back to
where I came from. If anybody sees this tape
and you know me, you know I tried,
you know where I came from. You know what I used to be, and I’m gonna get it again. -Why do you do it? -The first time I did it was because I wanted to
hang out with some girls. And I found out
that if you give the majority of females out here,
you give them a little… something that look like that.
You got a shot of that? You can do damn anything
you want to ’em. Okay? Okay, that’s number one. Number two is I never felt anything
like it before. I’m like in my own world.
I’m gonna tell you something. I’m not scared to say. I ain’t had sex with a woman
in at least three months ’cause I’m too busy chasing crack. I haven’t had an erection
in three months because I’m too busy
chasing crack. I even got to the point where
I don’t even care about women. I don’t care about men. I don’t care about nobody
but me getting another hit. I’ve been up three days now. Can you tell? I’ve been up three days. And three days, if you count down
the mileage that I walked, I walked from here
to at least the White House. It just looked like
a big rock on a hill. A’ight.
That’s about how far I walked. And the last couple days,
I went through in cash, maybe two thousand. The way I get it from,
who knows? It just comes. Captioned by

100 thoughts on “Smoking Crack in Hell’s Kitchen

  1. so you gave him a ride and bought him $45 worth of food at the KFC?
    Did you also give him a ride back to where you picked him up?

  2. thats the whole point. he made a big mistake and he's paying for it via. his addiction so now trying to live a normal life is a bigger struggle than before he got hooked.

  3. Do you want to smoke crack but feel discouraged by bias negative media propaganda spreading misinformation about this wonder drugs powerful medicinal healing properties?

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    Don't believe the hype, do your own research, don't let some scientist tell you whats good for you. The Illuminati invented crack as a way to prolong life. Dick Cheney will live forever.

  4. Well yeah thats when ur tolerance level goes up so thats when u smoke more like me a dime will get me high and ive been smoking weed for about 3 years and its the only drug ill ever do even though its not as strong of a high as crack or something its safe and is most likely guna become legal and people like being called potheads and nobody likes being called a crackhead

  5. Weed is not physically addictive the way alcohol and other drugs are. If you smoked weed for 50 years you could stop tomorrow without suffering withdawl symptoms, but if you tried that with alcohol or drugs and it could kill you. Any addiction that comes from pot is a mental one, and that's an addiction to feeling good, not the mj itself. Your ex's tolerance build up is not addiction, it's adaption, and it's fairly harmless because it takes just a couple days of abstinence to "reset."

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  7. What ever happened to Ben ? I am right here I lived its been a struggle for me for years after I don't really even recognize myself but I do remember the pain they found pat dead around the port authority during the winter, Robert Hayward thanks because he is telling the truth they invented it and it has murdered a lot of black People , as well as other groups they didn't want to stop it until it hit the white community then it became a problem, its 2014 my birthday 4/27 yes I have survived over came addiction in 93 haven't used since then so Robert Hayward you were unsuccessful , in your attempt to kill this African American ! ALSO THE HERION YOU CREATED IS WHIPING OUT YOUR YOUTH AT AN ALARMING RATE , SINCE YOUR SO PRO WHITE THEY NEED YOUR HELP BEFOR THEY DISTROY YOUR RACE CARMA IS A COLD DISH WELL SERVED !

  8. @Robert Haywood- no you personally didnt do it, but Americas ambivalence toward drug use cause a ripple effect. Bet your dumbass didnt know bigotted southern shippers and dockyards pushed cocaíne to blk laborers to keep them working longer! Bet you didnt know the pep pills given to Ww2 and korean era soldiers was bezedrine and methadrine-speed, that drug abuse was always under enforced as long as it stayed in poor and minority areas-now you suburban bastards have junkie sons and daughters……

  9. @Robert Haywood- hiv and aids may not have been created in purpose, but history shows patient zero for americas was probably a gay white sex perv fliggt attendant. Like the sick tuskegee experiment, whites sleep with everyone like pervs, men,women even,their pet dogs…white world sex tour travelers and dope junkies spread the sickness and disease….

  10. Crack will save America Smokers have a lot of fun. Smoking a lot of crack

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  12. 📞💬🔔_🎚91%12:09a.m

    Gorege: Hey I think i found a little crack on the sidewalk want to smoke it?

    Jack: No you can't because it is not the plant it's a part of it because the stuff they put on it in winter to take off the ice and snow makes it crack. And besides you don't do drugs.

    Goerge: OK.

    Gorege: Just kidding about the crack thing lol.

    This isn't real texts. If was I wouldn't except it.
    It's just to make you laugh well IDK. Don't do drugs
    If you see this kids do not do drugs. Do not let people give you drugs kids and this is true. And people you don't tell anyone different. I will never do drugs because they can harm you even controlled drugs that you usually take every day you take as much as your doctor says but if you take to much that could harm you that's called overdosing never do that. Be safe out there. The haters do not be mean here.

  13. Its 2018…Has anyone ever checked on the people in this Documentary, and see how their life is today…Just curious! !


    "In November of 2009 around 5:00am I was wobbling fuzzy-mindedly out of the forest after spending the past 6-8 hours and likely hundreds of dollars on crack in some tent with a bunch of fellow crack-heads. Once again-as was the pattern with me-I was filled with shame, disgust, regret and a good dose of self-recrimination and self-loathing. You know, the usual for many addicts. I had a .22 target rifle at home and a 12 gauge pistol grip shotgun (Defender) with rounds in a bag (a left over from my years in Northern BC (Prince George) where I spent a fair amount of time in the bush). I had been here before-twice-so I knew the steps. This time I am done. I started to think about where my brains and skull bits would go and how I could make it easier on my partner, or the paramedics, when they came to clean up the splatter. I had an enclosed shower in the bathroom en-suite. I could sit down on the lip, aim the barrel and tilt my head to the top corner and minimize the amount of damage the blast does to the tiles which would embed skull bits and brain tissue deep into the wall. I wanted to avoid this because that would truly suck having to clean that up."

    #addiction #crack #crackcocaine #cannabis #marijuana #psychology #wellness

  15. i havent had an erection in 3 months because im too busy chasing crack. jesus christ man if that shit doesnt tell you to stay away from that idk what else will.

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