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SNL’s Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson with Handsome Naked – Bring The Funny (Finale)

-Yeah, yeah, yeah,
squads in the house. -Yeah, in the building.
You know what I’m saying? -Yeah, yeah,
this is all the people. -You know what I’m saying?
We in the building -This is all the people that
said we would never make it. -That’s right. This is for all
them haters at there. -Yeah, yeah, but look at us now.
-Look at the squad. -On the “Bring the Funny” stag
for the grand finale. -That’s right, but we ain’t none
of the competitors though. -We are not competitors. -So I guess they was
kind of right. -Yeah, they were real accurate
but yo, we about to tell ’em -Let’s tell ’em.
-Yo! -I feel like the beat abou
to drop any minute now. Let’s get it. Here we go.
-You know what? we just missed it.
-That was it right there, huh? That was it.
-We just missed the beat drop. -We should have came right in.
Okay. Well, let’s tell them a little
about ourselves. Um, we like to get busy. -We do. I got several jobs -Yeah, he got several jobs
but none of them include music -And one is a secret. -He’s a janitor. -Shut up. I said that in
confidence, man. -Oh, snap. That’s my bad. -Beat —
-That was the beat again. We just missed the beat
-We definitely missed that beat. How did you miss it?
I’m listening for it. -We missed the beat one
more time. Alright. [ Laughter ] This is going out to my
8th grade bus driver. -Henry! -He said that I was going to
ride the bus my whole life -Guess what? We took the bus
here tonight. -But it wasn’t his bus.
-And we got friends. -But we met some friends
on that bus. -Yup. Handsome Naked.
-Here they are, Handsome Naked -Yeah.
-Uh-huh. -Bout to jump up on this beat.
-Let’s go. As soon as this beat drops -We bout to get it… -Oh, we missed it.
We missed the beat -How y’all gonna roll out here
and miss the whole beat drop -Just keep going, keep going -This song goes out to all the
haters who said that we would never make it out
the first round. -But we in here though. -Yeah, I mean, we did have
to climb in through a window -But we in here, and we’re
really to jump on this track when we figure out
when the beat drops. -Okay, here the beat come. -Here it is.
-Whenever it drops. -Here it comes.
-That was it right there. -That was it.
-Really? -Just looking for it.
-What is the problem. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Cut it out. Cut it.
-It’s the queen! -[ Whooping ]
-It’s the queen! -What is this? -We ’bout — We ’bout to get
busy telling the people how people talking crazy. -That’s right, that’s right. As soon as we catch that beat. -This is coming off
like scattered. You know,
just like a little insecure. Season 4 filming right now
Holla at me. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. -I feel like you’re lackin
confidence. Maybe that would help you
catch the beat. Let me try to build you up
brother. You know what I’m saying? -Okay.
-Yeah. -Like K-beazy, catch the bea
because you’re a lovely man. You know, you’re a great judge
-Mm-hmm. -You’re smart.
-Thanks. -How ’bout that?
Does that make you feel good -Made me feel like I can catch
that beat, queen. -Thank you.
[ Laughter ] Now, C-Money.
-C-Monet. -That’s not better. Uh, you…put this whole
thing together, so you have initiative. -Yeah, I be having
initiations, baby. -That’s, uh, that’s a whol
other word. Um, but you know what? We don’t have time.
We don’t have time. We’re going to bring
the beat back, and if y’all can
actually catch it, we got a show to do.
-Catch the beat. -It’s gonna get caught.
-Bring it back! -Let’s catch it. [ All gasp ] -That ain’t the beat!
-What was that?! -We asked for the beat. -Why did that happen?
-We want beat back. -Phew, there it is.
-There we go. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Let’s get it.
-Uh-huh. -Handsome Naked
-Uh-huh. -Here we go.
-Let’s get it. -Here we go
[ Cellphone rings ] -Is that the beat?
-Oh, snap. I got it. I got a phone call.
Let me take this. -Kenan. He is so busy.
-Hello. You say what now? Oh, we done. But I’m saying, we were abou
to get to the verses. -Yeah. -But you saying
the verses don’t matter because we out of time.
Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. This was way too long. Yeah, I got you, I got you Yeah, nah, I’ve been good.
I’ve been good. You know, just working a lot
stuff like that. How about you?
Hey, who is this anyway? -[ Laughs ] -Jeff? Jeff Foxworthy? Hey, man. I’m looking at you What’s up.
That’s cool. So, you’re saying wrap it up Okay, I got you. Wrap it up. Hey, fellas, we gotta go.
We gotta wrap this thing up. -But the people thought
it was over, but it ain’t — [ Screams ] -Let’s go, let’s go. -Go, bro, go, bro, go, bro -Left turn, left turn,
left turn. -I’m like in “Mario Kart.”

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