Laughter is the Best Medicine

So I installed a mod for half life…

Good morning suck up, and welcome to bleck masa a place in the middle of valve servers, and nobody here is a valve group member except me. Seriously everybody is a fucking valve group member, I can’t believe you want to work here you really are suicidal suck up are you? Next stop valve servers *repeated saying of swa* and the suck ups from HQ course sector 420 C it. The C stands for your mom has cancer Now wait for a few years for that fat paps ass soldier to arrive, just keep in mind that remember to speak doge to avoid any contact, ha fucking finally. Now i won’t have to look at your gold source face Well taste my gold source ass ASS! ASS! ASS! ASS! YOU SUCK MY!- *loud gold source burb* GOLD SOURCE!!! AH GET IT OFF *THIS IS GOLD SOURCE!!!* *ello is the milk man here* *THIS IS CAKE!!!* *EXTREMELY LOUD BOIS* What is it with the spatas in this mod am i right? *Jolly questioning this great mod and how great it is *Rock hard stuff happens somwhere in the back where the rejected are* Start remembering what your mom told you about manners kid *LOUD SCIENTIST WIMP* *Still screaming Jolly tries to enjoy this very guud mod for half loife *jolly is still enjoying this mod even with that man thats being put in the reject corner As I expected your mom was gonna be here child 🙂 *More great sound from this mod* barney: lol guy that was making this gave up on life and hanged him self over this poorly made mod lololol fgt. Guard: C’mon Gordon! *High pithced noises* *More stupid screaming* *Ear rape 101* Scientist: Why do we all have to wear these ridicules ties?>:I *Sped up dialogue* *More stupid screaming* *Minimized screaming* (I can barely understand what the scientist say.) Sex like now boy. He’s in the hazard suit you obviously can’t penetrate his metal ass. (Da fuck is he saying?) *Evil laughs* *Machine sounds mix with THIS IS SPARTA!* PENISH! *More this SPARTA noises *Rave music* *Sparta in a Deep voice* (I can’t translate the rest of the part because of the annoying shit that is happening) (It’s a racist mod jolly) (This mod is phallic..) (What do you expect?) *Further questioning of the mod* I see your in this mess too. DO YOU SUCK DICKS? (No but gay people and girls do) *Reverse do you suck dicks* *Alien like voice Do you suck dicks?* *Loud do you suck dicks.* (For the last time i said gays and girls suck dicks!) (Thx for killing him jolly.) STOP FREAKING BETRAYING ME I’M ON YOUR TEAM!!! (Nazis? Are you fucking serious?) DARGH! NOO!! 3x EUGH! DAARGH! NOO!!! STAHP! NOO!! DARGH!! STAHP!!! DAH! NOO!! NOOO!!! STAHP! UAGH!!! NOOO!!! DARGH!!! (Fuck it i’m translating it.) *Scientist screams that i have been fucking translating* I seem to be wounded but i can keep going 😉 ( 0_0 So that barnacle was giving you a head job?) Op SMG. I can give you something for the pain. *pulls out big ass needle* Don’t worry I am a doctor 😉 *Poke insta death* *Scientist scream like a banshee* (Yup, he is an asshole.) (In america SMG is OP.) (Ded, you killed yourself with a auto-grenade launcher.) (Yup its very very OP.) DO YOU SUCK DICKS?! DO YOU SUCK DICKS? (JOLLY NOO! Well you released the dick sucking snarks.) JAJAJAJAJA (OH MY FUCKING GOD!!)) Be sure to subscribe to Jolly, jolly give me a shoutout for doing the most boringest captions ever. Also subscribe to me. But mainly jolly.

100 thoughts on “So I installed a mod for half life…

  1. What a "song" on 0:59? Tell me please
    Что за "песня" на 0:59? Скажите пж

  2. Бочка, басс, колбасит соло Колбасер по пояс голый 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  3. this is the incredible diversity of half life, from incredible total conversion mods worthy of standalone games all the way to insanely ridiculous mods such as this. very few games can achieve such a feat.


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