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Social Media Eifersucht | Dragony Aunts | S01E03 | Comedy Central Deutschland

I worry that people were things I’m boring 342 likes for a fried egg it’s me crystal Rachel Green Rasmussen and I’m candy Joey Tribbiani hua hua and today we’re talking about Christophe halitosis and also friendship hmm a warm welcome to my hashtag work wife Yin hi and I am we heard you have a little problem yes I really need some help and tips how to make friends as an introvert I just worry that people would think I’m boring I think me and crystal can definitely help Yin why don’t we do some role play your interval play right let’s say the two of you are in a cooking class two of your two new students you’re meeting her for the very first time I’m gonna be in charge now we’re gonna direct this okay hi I’m Susan okay yeah I’m gonna stop you there in my life I want you to take her hand like this where’s your hands hi Susan look at the double hand it’s very warmth let’s do this again hi I’m Susan nice to meet you Susan I’m yeah nice to meet you yeah how are you I’m very well let go the hands it’s getting bit creepy yeah like over the hands yeah okay let’s open with some questions yeah ask for a few questions do you cook much at home I do but I’m I’m recently widowed because of a terrible fire that happened I mean stay on the positive yeah don’t ask her what happened well that’s good to hear that’s good to hear okay let’s switch hi how are you I’m Candi nice to meet you maybe not this let’s forget about that my love it’s okay okay yeah now you’re gonna share your passion with candy so say something interesting about you um I’m recently I just saw a movie you know what the name hold on I mean this island of the woods the shape of water the shape of water I actually thought that and I loved – it was brilliant yes very quiet but very romantic way I thought that so – yeah okay what we’re seeing here is what they call a breakthrough moment what happened is Yin you shared a passion of yours and she reflected back at you it’s a process of opening yourself of a shape of water never seen it I lied I think it was pretty successful I think frankly you’ve made two friends already yes you know people want to make connections and have faith in that take that with you and be like I’m gonna feel confident and going and saying hello to this person because they probably want to make a friend too all right thank you so much for your eyes thank you so much for being here you send in your questions and we’re gonna answer them let’s do it my best friend has started seeing a man who I think is a great a wanker how do I tell her to been off this twerp says Helen from Glasgow simple Helen haven’t killed gorgeous Katherine from Tooting says my mom is my best friend is that sad I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being best friends with your mom what’s your relationship like with your mum kandi I told you not to speak about my mom ever I’m sorry can you please welcome the sister of Kiefer Sutherland Joe Sutherland hi Joe hi gene hi so where you have a little pal problem you wanna tell us about it basically all of my friends are constantly posting about their many successes in life whereas I’ve you know spent all of my money on vegan sausage rolls and I have nothing to post what a contemporary issue so I think handy in order to get to the bottom of this problem we need to see these friends on social media okay whip it out Joe show us the goods I mean here’s like a perfect Sunday brunch look at that daylight just cascading through the window just illuminating the table roof day lights bad for your skin yeah and when she’s dead right now it’s all about elevenses I want to be happy for how Matthias has developed this aesthetic lifestyle getting 342 likes for a fried egg but I can’t be happy for them God Joe is bitter so Joe I think there’s one crystal clear solution to this and that is put the phone down get off the social media get out there spend time with your friends and do the fun stuff with them I guess I could try that so is there like an app that helps you do this no get offline okay and you know what Joe we’re your friends now another case closed what have we learned about friendship today [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Widerlich ! Bringt lieber mehr drawn together oder New Kids man sieht doch an den likes / dislikes dass das hier niemandem taugt

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