Laughter is the Best Medicine


[Kugo] A flash is when a girl shows you her bitties ;>[Kugo] And then she shows you her bitties again! [Kugo] And then it helps you win! [Kugo] Ya boi Kugo is back to show you that you CAN have fun playing video games [Kugo] Aw nice A Piece Of Cheese! [Kugo] I been dying for a piece of cheese! [Kugo] What kind of cheese are you? [A Piece Of Cheese] Nacho
[“thebest” grimtot’s] That’s the question O_o [Kugo] Can I have a nibble..? [Kugo] You guys ready to have some lols :>? [Kugo] Some rofl lols :>? [Kugo] You can have rofl lols and not win! [“thebest”] grimtot’] Not in my book ;( [Kugo] What is your book called? [Kugo] Will you sign it? [“thebest” grimtot’s] My book is called-
[A Piece Of Cheese] His book is called “Tryharding” [Kugo] Is it like an autobiography? [Kugo] Or… [Kugo] I think we are going to be okay guys! [Kugo] Fictional? [Kugo] Well… [Kugo] I think your gonna do better latter on in the game, yellow, because cheese usually ages well :>[Kugo] Imma grab this chicken… [Kugo] His name is Chester ;D [Kugo] Come on Chester 😀 *Chicken dies* [Kugo] *Gasp* [Kugo] You guys got this! 4v2 :O [Kugo] And you guys got plenty of health as well :3 [Kugo] That… Could have been *laughs* [Kugo] *Gasp* DEVAIN! [Kugo] That must be a meymey I don’t know about ;( [“thebest” grimtot’s] Yeah come on ;( [“thebest” grimtot’s] Behind the times ;( [Kugo] What was it from..? [Kugo] Is it from uh vine..? [Kugo] How long have I been out..? [Kugo] God D: [Kugo] I shot through you I’m so sorry! [Piece Of Cheese] Watching B [Kugo] I want it D; [Kugo] Gimme it D; [Kugo] Gimme the gun D; [Kugo] Gimme the guuuun [Kugo] Oh *Laugh* how did we win xD [Kugo] I’m with you bro [Kugo] Ow [Kugo] Everything hurts [Kugo] Everything on my body hurts [Kugo] Piece Of Cheese! [Kugo] Do you wanna gun? [Kugo] Or you uh happy… right now [Kugo] You? Okay you look happy 😉 [Kugo] A tasty cheese is a happy cheese ;3 [Kugo] And a happy cheese is a Chucky Cheese ™ [Kugo] And a stinky cheese is a grundle cheese :O [Kugo] Got em! [Kugo] Line em up! [Kugo] Who wants to go bowling?! [Kugo] No big deal [Kugo] Joe’s a N- a Nido King [Kugo] He knows whats up [Kugo] Poison type earth type [Kugo] You ever seen a Nido King use flash? [Kugo] Putin it down! [Kugo] He’s back of site! [Kugo] He’s dead! (hes ded jim) [Kugo] I used, uh, [Kugo] One hit KO [100? Headshot’s] He’s apts, mid [Kugo] HORN DRIIIIILLLL [A Piece Of Cheese] That one tap :O [100? Headshot’s] Oh I said Joe? I’m so sorry Joe (boi) I meant to say “The Legend(27)” [100? Headshot’s] Oh my God xD I think you were talking when I said that [100? Headshot’s] I’m so sorry Joe ignore that xD [Kugo] *Moan* What did you ssssssssss… Uh Headshot’s!
[100? Headshot’s] I’m so sorry xD! I meant to send that to the legend dude xD! I think you were talking when I said that xD! [Kugo] After all this time we come into the game as no bodies and we tie the game and now- [Devain] I’m sorry Piece Of Cheese I didn’t- I didn’t mean that [Kugo] This is not how online games are meant to be played ;( [Kugo] This is not how it was meant to be ;( [Kugo] *Laugh* That slow melt 😛 [Kugo] Wooow, we might actually do this! [Kugo] How come you guys arn’t excited? [Kugo] You guys need to learn how to express your emotions :/ [100? Headshot’s] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [A Piece Of Cheese] That’s my emotion [Kugo] What happened to your emotions bro?! [Kugo] Good game guys 😀 [Kugo] Nice 30 bomb! [Kugo] Devain :3 [100? Headshot’s] I GOT SILVER!! [100? Headshot’s] YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH [Kugo] Alright… [Kugo] Wassup J1GSAW [Kugo] Anybody know strats for train? [Kugo] Perfect [Kugo] Let’s rush B backwards [Kugo] Kinda hard to do backwards to be honest [Kugo] Oh [Kugo] Got it! [Kugo] I found the hole boiz! [Kugo] Who else found the hole :>[Kugo] BOOM [Kugo] WOOOOOOOOOOOOO [Maverick] I like you Joe 😀 [Kugo] I like you too Maverick! [Kugo] What is it? [Kugo] No way! [Maverick] Yes it is! [Kugo] Ya know what my real name is? [Maverick] Keven? [Kugo] ITS MAVERICK! [Kugo] YES ORANGE! [Kugo] Give it to him penguin! [Kugo] X gon’ give it to ya! [Maverick] He gon’ give it to ya! [Kugo] Yo how you guys feel about… [Kugo] A couple flashes goin’ down Ivy, through CT spawn and into B site backwards but going forwards..? [Kugo] Um… [Kugo] Do you know what I’m sayin’? [Maverick] Perfect! [Kugo] I’m gonna assume the rest of you are, are with it! [Kugo] Yeah, I can see it! The approval… [Kugo] I… [Kugo] Ones there, smoking off [Kugo] Or we can just dominate them [Kugo] Okay! You know the plan boiz! [Kugo] Keeeep goin’! [Kugo] He flashed himself… [Maverick] Oh nice dude! [Kugo] High five yellow! [Kugo] Oh Jesus! [Kugo] Alright who wants this AWP? [Kugo] Maverick you want this AWP? [J1GSAW] Me right here I gatchu man [Kugo] You, J1GSAW? [Kugo] Okay [Maverick] Yeah J1GSAW is the best… [Maverick] Around…. [Kugo] No one’s gonna put J1GSAW back together [Kugo] That J1GSAW’s to difficult! [Kugo] To complex! [Kugo] So many mysteries! [Yes&No] There’s an AWP connector [Kugo] That’s how you put the pieces back together J1GSAW [Maverick] Joe I’m adding you, I like you Joe [Kugo] I think everybody should like everybody 😀 [Kugo] Right J1GSAW? [Kugo] Oh J1GSAW… [Kugo] You bring back such fond memories 😉 [Kugo] Me and my grandma used to put together puzzles in the living room 😀 [Kugo] She used to give me cookies 😀 [Kugo] She used to give me cookies and I would solve puzzles [Kugo] They would always be of lighthouses, every time! Jigsaws of lighthouses! [Kugo] They reminded me of the light that I have inside of me! [Kugo] That I can shine, through the darkness and the fog! [Kugo] Of the ocean! [Kugo] So that people that are lost can find their way home, [Kugo] You know what I’m trying to say J1GSAW? [J1GSAW] Sure, I gatchu [Kugo] I feel like your not listening J1GSAW! [Kugo] look you can see where it went! [Kugo] You can see both holes! [Kugo] I can see both holes! [Kugo] Thinking about starting my own, uh, sex education… [Kugo] Class… [Kugo] You guys wanna attend? [Kugo] A flash is when a girl shows you her bitties! [Kugo] And then she shows you her bitties again! [Kugo] And then it helps you win! [Kugo] *Gasp* How did you know? [Kugo] You can cross out that “Yes” in your name cause you just k(no)w :>[Kugo] You just k(no) bro :>[Kugo] You just killed meeeee! [Kugo] They know me for my one taps! [Maverick] Nature Valley Oats and Honey [Kugo] What flavour though..? [Maverick] Oats and Honey! [J1GSAW] Shut the fuck up train! [Kugo] What did the train do to you?! [Kugo] Oh no what happened bro? [J1GSAW] She got ran over… [Kugo] Was it an accident or was she just really adventurous? [Kugo] Whats up squad?! 😀 [Stumpy] Yah sah dude! [Kugo] Gary, I don’t like your attitude ;( [Kugo] But [Kugo] I think there’s hope ;/ [Kugo] I think that deep down [Kugo] Behind that wall [Kugo] You’ve got a soft inside [Stumpy] Get em Gary! [Kugo] Oh Doctor Gary is a surgeon! [Garry] Crouching in the middle of fucking nowhere don’t worry about it guys [Stumpy] You were insane Garry! [Kugo] Don’t- Yeah don’t be mad Garry you did awesome dude! [Stumpy] You did awesome bro! [Kugo] I feel your pain man ;( [Stumpy] It’s been a long day, without your my friend ;( [Kugo] I’m gonna tell you all about it when I see you again ;( *Screeching and inaudible noises [Kugo] Nice! [Kugo] If I ever have to clutch this game, please just scream like that [Stumpy] I got him don’t worry [Stumpy] He smoked me off [Kugo] *Gasp* [Stumpy] I got him though xD [Stumpy] He’s lit twelve! [Kugo] That was just enough! [Kugo] Nice! [Kugo] I got an AWP for you too! [Kugo] You got it! [Stumpy] I really appreciate that kindness! [Kugo] You got it dude! [Kugo] It’s what I do! [Stumpy] They’re probably gonna [Kugo] They gonna wush it? [Kugo] Fwashed 😀 [Kugo] They rushed through mid doors! I’m scared! [Stumpy] RUN [Stumpy] I gatchu homie! [Stumpy] Aggressive AWP! [Kugo] Get me harder! [Kugo] Yo, I’m stuck here, there’s a guy mid [Stumpy] *Sick toonz* [Kugo] Yay! [Stumpy] *Sick toonz* [Kugo] Ahhh! [Kugo] Here we see Garry in a one on one [Kugo] He’s a doctor! [Kugo] But can he be trusted O_o [Kugo] Mustache says yes [Kugo] Smile says no [Kugo] Yeaaaah! [Stumpy] Hey dude [Kugo] Let’s three- four smokes cross! [Kugo] Jesu- More smokes! [Kugo] There’s five people and only four smokes, why?! [Kugo] Why guys ;( [Kugo] Wait, you got one? Green throw it! [Kugo] Nice, nice, go on [Kugo] The ultimate cross! [Stumpy] 68 68 68- Oh my god Kugo! [Stumpy] 2gud5me9 [Kugo] m9e? [Kugo] Is that like when you have a fedora and you tip it? [Kugo] And you say, m9e :>[Kugo] Cause Garry your beautiful! [Kugo] If I wasn’t married I’d, ya know, slide into that steam friends list [Kugo] Yellow! [Kugo] No this is really smart watch [Stumpy] Oh my gosh that is really smart :O [Garry] Go A go A
[Stumpy] There both, go A right now! Run to it, just run to it! [Stumpy] Don’t shoot em don’t shoot em! [Stumpy] Actually yeah shoot em shoot em shoot em shoot em! *Noises..?* [Kugo] I do stuff good sometimes! [Kugo] You broke his heart ;( [Kugo] He’s so sad ;( [Kugo] *Humming* *Gasp* [Stumpy] Get em Kugo, get em Kugo! [Kugo] H- what is this guy doing?! [Stumpy] Don’t kill him don’t kill him don’t kill him don’t kill him! *Screaming* [Kugo] Well it was nice playing with you guys [Kugo] Thank you guys for watching another episode of the CS:GO Kind Chronicles, our solo queue adventure, to put some more fun in… Muffun! [Kugo] Tasty! [Kugo] Stay tuned this week for some more videos, and as always, take deep breaths, smile, and stay MIGHTY! Thanks for reading my subtitles!

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  1. Hello People, Please can u give me some skins :)))))))))))))))) ( if kugo reads this pls reply ) my trade like

  2. dude, this video was so awesome, u show us so much happyness, I laugh so much when he sayed "do u know whats my real name? joe! oh rly? my real name is maverick!" xD Keep the good work up!

  3. I used to click off to another one of his videos before the outro but one time i was busy and let it play out and now i cant stop watching it for some reason someone help

  4. I am not a sub. But a log time ago i found this channel when I was searching for cheap csgo skins. Only 5k. You have grown congrats 🙂

  5. "x gon' give it to ya". wise words by dmx, the same man who said "last thing i checked, yo niggas were havin sex, with the same sex. i show no love to homo thugs".

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  7. just wanted to let u guys know
    when i was like 14 i played cs1.6
    and i made up a game that was called cowboy on de dust long
    the point was 3 people
    guy in the middle he would count
    who ever dyes gets 3 free kills

  8. do you know why they were dead inside with no emotions…. because the game they had before that one was against hackers, the one they'll have after that one will be against smurfs… fml

  9. You know these videos make me think that I can actually talk to people in competitive, but then I remember they're all Russian….

  10. Man you are awesome , im new to this channel and im going though an tough time in my life but ur videos make me so happy that those problems feel less painful , if only everyone was like that life would be much more enjoyable .
    Best regards good sir

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