Laughter is the Best Medicine


As you can see, the growth
we’re estimating this year is very even,
very constant… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. There was traffic,
the subway was crowded… But I’m here.
That’s what matters. -We just started, Adrián.
-Thanks. Fuck me! You’re off to a bad start,
Adrián… I put it on silent mode. Adrián, I’m afraid you have
to shove the phone up your ass. What? With Vaseline
or whatever you want. They sent a memo yesterday.
It’s the new company policy. First clause:
cellphone in the ass. “It’s strictly forbidden
to use cellphones during assemblies
and or meetings. The device must be stored
in the anal cavity of the owner. The company
is not responsible for any loss or psychological
damage caused to the employee.” Okay. -You all got this?
-Yes. What a pickle! I have
to shove my phone up my ass? Please. Yes. Just a suggestion. Why don’t we all put
our phones here in the middle? No one will touch them. No, you’ll want to check
your notifications. No, I won’t check them. We can turn them off
so there are no problems. You’ll put it on silent mode
and check under the table. Just shove the phone
up your ass! -Don’t make us wait more.
-In front of everyone? No, use the restroom
and take half an hour, Adrián! Okay, okay, okay. Breathe. Can you look away?
I’m a little shy. Buddy, look away, please. Shit, it’ll get dirty. The technique
is from the front or the back? However you like.
And take it. Here it goes. I’m doing so you won’t say
Adrián doesn’t… Motherfucker! I think half has gone up. Just a little more.
Just a little more! There.
Can we speed this up, please? -Okay.
-Boss, I can stay seated. Can I get up, please?
I have the iPad. Okay, Olga, you can stand. -As I was saying…
-Boss, I’m sorry. Can I kneel down? I have my personal phone
and the company’s… Take it, Tatiana, please! How long does it take
to get used to it? Five minutes! Please! Don’t interrupt me, okay?
As I was saying… The numbers we’ve projected
for this year with the… The ones last year. Please notice
there was a drop in April, which was very substantial. -So…
-Yours was on too? But it’s on vibrate. Boss, you need to take
this corporate call! Hello! There. I heard it click. The battery doesn’t last.
It’s fucking hard. I think mine
won’t take long. It lets me know
when it’s charged. -It’s quick…
-Yes, but… It vibrates when it’s charging.
I can mistake it for… -There.
-Yeah? No. It was a fart. -There.
-No, it wasn’t a fart. There.

100 thoughts on “SOLUCIONES EXTREMAS

  1. Ya que ustedes Hacen los Sketchs de Porta Dos Fundos pero en español. ¿ cuando harán este ?

  2. es pinche teniente es un chingon, le a dado mas 200,000 descriptores, y todavía se mete un celurlar en el culo, mis respetos es un chingo

  3. Cuándo quieres poner gráficos de fondo para hacer que se vea más realista, pero se te olvida cambiar el "titulo del gráfico" JAJAJAJA 0:45

  4. No manches neta que el mejor humor está fantástico definitivamente hacía falta algo así excelente los productores y a los actores

  5. El mejor fue el de la Harina, este video de "Soluciones Extremas" es muy tonto, se les ocurren porquerias. Pueden hacer cosas mejores. Suerte

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