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Solution to Writer’s Block – How to Write Jokes – Greg Dean

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Question and answer time tonight, so whose got a question? Yes. [O.S.] Hi. Yeah so when I’m writing I mean sometimes I feel like that kind of hit a
wall. I don’t know what else to say like I’ve hit this stopping point, I mean. yeah
yeah it yeah, I don’t really like the term writer’s block I mean it’s a lot of
people use that I like the way you put it’s kind of just not coming up with an
ideas etc it just kind of kind of hit neutral I so yeah there are some really
important things to know about that first of all what’s happening usually
with people is that while they’re writing they get an idea now I’m gonna
write about computers or you know a fashion or something like that right
you’re gonna get your topic and maybe they even wrote a premise you know and
then they’ll kind then then here’s where the problem starts their internal
dialogue their self-talk get stuck with the same question so that makes things
you know they’re in their head they’re going okay uh yeah a fashion okay
what’s funny what’s funny what’s funny what’s funny what’s funny what’s funny
what’s funny what’s funny it’s so funny and I come oh geez oh okay where’s the
joke where’s the joke where’s the joke where’s the joke where’s the joke where’s joke where’s the
joke and that keeps looping and that’s what puts you in neutral
that’s what keeps…because your mind isn’t going anywhere okay you want your mind
to continually go places and I learned this from Woody Allen not a biography
route biography you know where he talked about you know I get some kind of
dichotomy or an idea and then I asked hundreds and hundreds of questions and
that’s the answer questions see you only got one question where’s the joke what’s
funny you’re just rolling that and that’s why you’re in neutral
mind is literally not a you’re not giving it any questions to answer
okay you have to give it questions that go somewhere okay so you start out and
you pick something you know and ask as many questions you can about it okay you
start going though take it apart piece by piece or whatever and go okay what
are not alike about women’s clothes you know they’re you know aren’t they too
revealing do they look good are they sexy are they practical or this are you
just asked me until I like the buttons do I you know do I like them the belt do
I like the collar do I hate this do I hate that what’s yeah who’s the person
that now here’s the other piece you asked lots of questions about everything
whatever in again try to keep it to something very specific especially with
like a premises which is much more specific and you just keep asking
questions your mind then has to answer and that’s what keeps it moving forward
okay and then start asking us questions from a different perspective okay so you
kind of go from a critics point of view this particular outfit how would the
critic look at it okay going oh this is you know it’s not couture it’s this
thing now you’re looking at going oh I don’t like it the way it fits on the
runway model I don’t like this I know the critic oh it’s made of bad fabric
blah blah blah the designer you know oh this critic doesn’t know what he’s
talking about this is perfectly done and I’ve shaped this for this reason and I’m
expressing this inside this this dresses an expression of my loss of something
you know what I mean and now all these kind of things that people in the
audience and you and it just there’s just so many millions of questions
you can ask but each one of those times you ask the question remember here’s
here’s the B here here’s one of the principles the jokes are in the details
they are not in broad generalities they’re always in the little bitty
details so the point of asking questions is to get to those details what about
the belt what about the buttons what about the collar what about the hem
okay what about the draping what about you know what are all these things you
know and said what about the fits what exactly get into the little details of
everything because the jokes are in those details now I’m not saying you’re
going to come up with comedy material or a bunch of jokes by doing this what I’m
saying is is you have now have a chance of coming up with comedy and jokes
because your mind is not looping with a single phrase and stuck in neutral now
it has to answer all those questions and I always find if you’re asking questions
you have negative opinions and you dig into details funny people find jokes

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