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SOLVED – How to Replace Cracked iPhone LCD Screen | Fix Cracked Digitizer iPhone 6 Plus

hello everyone welcome Easy Steps today I’m gonna be showing you how to replace your cracked LCD digitizer on your iPhone 6 plus so you’re gonna be needing as your new screen Phillips screwdriver iPhone star screwdriver a pry tool suction cup and a pair of tweezers so as you can see my LCD is cracked so to get started you’re gonna open the two screws at the bottom of the phone one two so after removing the two screws were you gonna do is get your suction cup lift it from the left side of the home screen after suction cup doesn’t work we could do is just get your pry tool and you can slowly pry up the back like that and pry along all the edges and open it and slowly open it like that so next step is you are going to remove the five screws one two three four and five after removing the screws you’re going to want to slowly pick up the metal plate and now you’re going to remove the connectors one two three and four connectors next you’re going to want to open six screws there’s one two and three and there’s gonna be three on the other side also it’s for the shield after removing the six screws where you’re gonna want to do there’s gonna be two screws for the home button shield one to the screw for the metal shield here to remove the home button you’re gonna open the flex cable near the connector and next you’re gonna slowly push the home button from the back side keep that very slowly lift it up slowly lift it up at the top there is going to be four screws one for the metal shield right here and then there’s going to be one two three and these three are for the earpiece and camera the metal shield will lift right up and to move the front camera and earpiece we lift your shield up from the top and you’re going to slowly want to remove the connector for the home button right here is get your new screen assembly you don’t want to set your metal shield press down the connector and reattach the glue now you’re going to want to install the camera and sensor back in put the metal shield back on after installing the shield here you’re gonna be install the screw on top of the metal shield at the bottom and the six on the sides after installing the screws we’re going to install the home button press it down so the glue gets flat and we connect the connector I’m gonna put the shield back on and now we’re going to install the new LCD into our iPhone there’s gonna be four connectors you’re gonna want to press up four after connecting connectors just make sure you screen is working also your camera and your home button so now you’re gonna take the metal shield you’re gonna reinstall all five screws the five screws you don’t want to close your screen you’re gonna slowly press your screen and lock it into place and you’re gonna want to reinstall the two screws so that’s how you place your cracked LCD digitizer on your iPhone six-plus that this video has helped you in any way don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button thank you

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  1. Is the screen that you're using in the video to replace the cracked screen the same screen that is listed on the link I've been looking on what screen to buy but I read reviews about it not fitting properly or popping off I'm afraid to buy it?

  2. thank you, but I wish you would show placing the camera part back in more slowly.. so if my phone has lines and color, but my touchscreen works, do I order lcd replacement? but they are all saying lcd in the title, then in the details, they say "lcd not included".. I am trying to find the part on amazon or ebay and I am having a hard time finding the right product.. please help me 🙁

  3. This video is seriously awesome ! But i did all the steps and i connected the last four of the connectors and i was going to put the plate on and it was really really hot like i couldnt even touch you know what that could be???

  4. It's the best way to replace my cracked screen to the replacement one so the next time when it's fixed I need a armor case to protect it.

  5. Such a helpful, precise video! I had no issues with the audio, people should turn their audio up lol. But I was just wondering, my iPhone 6s plus, lcd and glass screen are broken. It has the lines and black spots on the screen and the touch sensitivity is a little off but it still works. Would Apple be able to fix it? I I really don't want to have to buy a replacement phone! Thanks in advance if you manage to see this!

  6. On my iPhone it's got a hairline crack on the inside and the screen doesn't respond to touch I using my iPhone 5s for now til my iPhone comes back from repair

  7. I just ordered the kit and screen! I feel much more confident after watching your video and I have watched a ton!
    Thank you!

  8. my LCD display is cracked a little bit in the corner of my iPhone is it necessary to get a new display or should I just make sure the connecters are correctly plugged in

  9. thanks man. best tutorial I've seen. but for some reason my iPhone 6s won't turn on after my screen cracked, i mean when it happened it looked like yours but now it won't…. u think i can replace the screen and work???

  10. i dropped my iphone6 and the same thing happened black lines dots and verticle horizontal lines.. is it just the screen or the innner LCD? please reply

  11. Thank you for such a clear video! I was able to replace my screen and its like its brand new!! None of my pictures or data was lost, camera still works on both sides, and the charging port still works! I used the same process for my iphone 6. I did unfortunately loose a screw in the process, but it still works perfectly!! Thank you so much!!!

  12. I have a question, there is like a mirror screensheet and I lost it, do I have to buy it separately or it comes with the kit

  13. Did anyone here who did this replacement got the 7 upgrade did they take ur phone and gave u the 7or did they say that's not the app screen

  14. thank you for the video. it made me feel less stressed after finding out a kid at my school had recently just broken my phone. thank you so much for the great video!

  15. The amazon links provided, why are there three and does it matter which we choose? My phone is like the one in the video. iPhone 6s plus

  16. I broke my LCD an was so worried I could not fix it but im so happy that I know I can fix it now and not spend 300 dollars on a new one! 🙂

  17. I Have a question. on my iPhone 6+ um I had problems touching the screen like my phone would touch other parts and do things by itself . I hope I'm explaining this correctly but when u exchange the screen does it fix all the problems like the touching sensor ?? Please answer my question because I'm curious

  18. How to know that’s screen is real or fake coz I dropped my phone today and I went shop to for ask about my screen cracked they said they got 2 kind of screen real and fack so how to know about real screen ?

  19. I did the repair but now the half bottom of the screen is unresponsive. Touch screen doesn't work but the other half does. Please help I believe I may have done something wrong.

  20. My phone looked exactly like this when i dropped it and 30 minutes later it went all the way out (black screen). Will this help if my screen went all the way out ?

  21. My screen is cracked and there is line going thru it does that mean I need to buy the new screen or a new screen and new LCD ???

  22. Before disconnecting everything, first thing to do is disconnect the battery because you might shorten the logic board.

  23. My sister has 3 iphone all 6s but one 7s I have a Samsung and I want an iphone so she said u can have one of my iphones I was exited but it's cracked on the screan but still works so I looked one YouTube how to fix it and I found this. im now using and iphone 7s thanks to you guys in happy

  24. Ok so i cracked my iphone screen decently bad and my phone still turns on and everything but 75% of the time when i press on my screen it wont recognise it as anything being touched or it will open a bunch of random stuff without my touching the screen. but like my finger print works fine to unlock the phone and everything. Any ideas what the issue is? If i replace the screen will it fix the issue?

  25. Mine is unresponive and click by it self. Will replacing the screen still work? It turned that way when i cracked the screen. I have an iPhone 6s. thankful for answer

  26. Hello,I have ink on mine but the screen is not cracked,samsung s6,do I have to still buy the complete LCD screen? wow……..this is amazing for you to have showed this,Thank you

  27. This video was very helpful. It is way more cheaper replacing it yourself than paying someone else to do it.

  28. Omg hes the only one who really did it other YT people just put back the screen lol like if this worked for you

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