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Soooo....We Bought a Crack House...

so we bought a crack house well doll a wrench you guys know how YouTube has been going lately new monetization it's kind of hitting everybody and just it's been a struggle to pay the bills around here so hello so we um Meredith and I moved into the house that we live in currently not this one urine haskó right we were fortunate enough to be able to keep our old house we had a little house before that or the house before that was the first house that Meredith Maybach and we had our kids in it for few years and then we were able to keep it when we moved to the next house and use it as a rental property and so we had people come in there it just worked out so good like we loved having tenants they were super easy tenants to and we realized that the rental game is probably not always like that but ours have been awesome it's been another year and a half and we're like we want to try this again and so we actually found this house it was off market and so we got it for a deal that we couldn't pass up also it's then because also it's in kind of terrible shape it was I believe quite the party house it still smells like it still smells like quite the party house there was some yes I am not I'm not saying what I want to say here there were some very illegal activities happening I would imagine just by the smell of it in here anyway Meredith and I bought a fixer-upper also an understatement it's not too bad it's actually nice it's got good bones it just needs a little freshening up very good this is our first time to be in the house since we closed that's why we haven't had a video in a few days because we've just been working on this house and getting everything figured out so we brought a few things most of just for us got our kids to look at it with us when I came we're like don't touch anything like I'm sure they touched anything they'd be sick for weeks so would you would you like a tour I feel like usually on these these crib tours like that people are excited about and like they want to show it off we're excited too and there's a lot of things we'd like to show off to you oh hello come on in check out my crib over here this is why sometimes stand and do some thinking also if my hands are really dirty I touched this door a lot I just do we need to paint this door so we just need a new one I don't know if this camera like does it just can you not see how disgusting that's now get out of the light can you see how gross it is you can but I still think that like it looks way worse in person yeah yeah this no one ever washed hands in this house apparently also this seems like it may not be a bedroom door since there's you know not a doorknob there's just a deadbolt it's better door there was someone living in this like three days the carpet is not only is it totally shredded stained nasty but in case you're working on the project and you need some screws you're good if you want a smoke a cigarette this one's actually pretty much burned up but here this one it's got a lot of life left in it so they smoke this cigarette from the wrong end just same also I feel like we don't need to paint this right it's all about figuring out what you need to spend the money on what you don't I think the paint looks good in this room yeah we can sell these little toy dinosaurs come back here I think I think there might be a raccoon in here this door is as awesome right here oh there's no eye holes no we're good that's why here's a bike working here not sure why there's but you know what we probably just closed this room up you pretend like it doesn't exist come on back here and there because it looks okay from here that looks nice then you just kind of want to throw up thinking about bare feet touching that let's get out here I don't breathe it there anymore what is it what's going on here just throw that away today a closet same story with the oh we're good that is totally the doorknob that should go where that deadbolt is this is not a bad size closet I actually know what that is that's that's the hot-water heater no good place to stake a hot-water heater where you can't actually get to it it's good there's this is good we didn't even think to look in here I thought about opening the kitchen cabinets few minutes ago and I was just oh you do it huh no there's like some nasty underwear in here I'm gonna freak out yeah come on be nothing oh okay a little stuck okay we're good what if a freakin rat just jump we're good there's nothing in there yeah nope no these are actually lit stuck no it's actually pretty good I am like I know nothing's in here but I'm just okay this is I mean like if you got some real lights in here that lit it up a little better and like a fresh coat of paint because it's we need new carpet it's disgusting yeah it's gonna be nice I mean it's got real hardwood floor this is this is wood like that needs a little help – I'm really just grossing myself out just feel like we just need to burn a lot of things that's start over there's cigarettes in the carpet like one actually really cool part about this house so this is the front entry room and there's this like loft up here sometimes people put vent like covers over the air ducts sometimes you just leave it open so you can hello really feel that air coming out there's a syringe oh yeah that's an insulin syringe well that's what they're supposed to be used for totally because there was a diabetic here that's that's what this is for okay why is this carpet cut right here what am I gonna find under that just a hole that's that's burnt I wonder what don't hear oh it's like hard yeah I think they dumped paint there okay that's better than other things I could imagine for some reason when they moved out they took most of the light bulbs probably good what what is that thought I heard something oh yeah okay guys well gosh I know I don't advocate animal cruelty much unless it comes to wasp and then burn them with fire see ya why would they be a wasp up here is their nest in here yeah maybe we should do it at our house well there's the bit right there the cover oh yeah wonder why it's not just you know screwed on to the wall this is not like a house feel have been working on this is a house to have been living in walking past this every day come on in here this is the formal dining room one out of four lights work oh no there's just no bulbs no bulbs that's an easy fix one out of these two work there's a bulb there I want to look at that so yeah a little formal dining room actually is very nice wood ceilings real wood this will be really easy to make look amazing Meredith was talking about redoing the floor like sanding it because it's real scratched up over here like this is where like dogs ran through here or something because it is really nice it's just parts that are really scratched up but overall the woods really nice in here wood stairs wood ceiling all up in here happy birthday how are those two we need to get the gun we need a gun in here but overall yeah this is a super inviting front room right for Europe is that what you call this dining room let's check out the kitchen I open the bathroom so uh Meredith come on this is our property our investment property this property and pay for our kids colleges you have to have some part in taking a little risk here and there open the pantry really what do these give me the pantry they actually cleaned all this out really well it's pretty clean under white wonder why they taped these doors shut hard what do you call this butcher-block countertops so what do you do refinish them yeah they're nice you don't like the wood on wood though right so you want to paint these I think if you painted white it'd make a lot brighter and here it the camera does a good job of making it bright but it's actually it's actually pretty dark in this kitchen needs this thing doesn't do anything oh wait the like oh it does it didn't work the other day wonder what they cooked last looks looks good oh maybe this no this thing works good mayor they clean this place out this place is all clean what no but thought it might scare what oh we got lights what's this oh yeah that sounds real good real good what is that more lights need some bulbs these oh cool so we need one bulb for that and then we'll have under cabinet lights that's good I like that let's move on this is a bathroom and it actually is pretty nice yeah it's not the best tank looking good good nothing well huh spider there's a spider in there okay I really thought there'd be more things but place is totally empty it's great news there's our yard hey mayor you brought kids to us a rental property I didn't want to bring them no there Bharathi I do not condone this we had to find someplace so quiet but what do you guys think of our new rental house I'm just gonna find a nice place clear way that the screws in this cigarette butts just oh just feels good to just lay down at the new property you know this property we just we wanted to add another rental house because passive income we want to we want to kind of grow our little passive income streams it's a smart move it's a smart investment the last house are the house we have now that as a rental property it's paid off very well and it's been easy and it's a nice little income stream so if you're considering it go for it there are pitfalls for sure I've done tons of research and I've read lots of horror stories about how it can be bad but so far our experience has been very good overwhelmingly good this is a little different you know it's a little different but I think it's gonna work how good we have a lot of work ahead of us and Meredith and I kind of love this kind of stuff we like fixing up things we like tearing down ugly stuff and building beautiful things and so that's our plan and we want to bring you guys along with us it's basically like the next chip and Joanna Gaines actually never watched that show but people always talk about it and so they like do fixing up houses and such from what I understand that's mayor and I but we're so much better-looking and more entertaining I've never seen what either would look like I don't know they look like but I bet we're better-looking so anyway come check out us on our new HG TV show fixer-upper ranch I got better name rental ranch property home improvement ranch I don't know what do you think about our house do you love it or do you love it I love it thanks for watching good

49 thoughts on “Soooo….We Bought a Crack House…

  1. Be careful that's a crack house, there's certain ways it has to be cleaned before safe living in it and breathing the air for u and ur children… Just saying.. even the AC needs serious cleaning it's blowing on urself and ur children 😟

  2. You 2 are something else … I like the Way you said .." We" and turned around and looked at your Wife ! You really have a rare Gemstone sitting next to you ,never forget it ! Keep up all your Dream and the Visions, how you 2 want your Mansion to end up looking ….Good Luck to both of you !

  3. This is a wonderfully structured house. It definitely has the potential to be beautiful. I love all of the wood. I think in the kitchen tho I would leave all the cabinets wood and do something with the countertop. Maybe even just stain it darker

  4. I think it will be easy to get ready for renting, just need to deep clean new carpeting restore those wood floors the countertop paint the kitchen cabinets like you wanted paint the walls everything would be fresh and clean and it'll smell good luck I don't think you need it though.

  5. Comparing yourself to Chip & Jo Gains Really…lol! Your awesome but they are awesomeness times 2, lol! No just playing… y'all are great in ur own ways all the way around. Stay Amazing & life will bring ya happiness in all u do. God Bless…

  6. Sheltered ass people. Making a big deal out of nothing. Far from a "Crack house".. Few fixes and its done..

  7. If it was a real meth house, you'll have to do special work on it before renting or you'll be liable for law suits. Contamination lasts. You can check if the house was a meth house on this website run by the DEA:

  8. best quotes, "This is the door I like to touch when my hands are really dirty." "We'll just close this room up and pretend like it doesn't exist." "This is wood" "What's dumped here?" I think you found the meth kitchen at the end. Nice cigarette butt over your shoulder at the end. I think the ranch was safer than this place.

  9. FOREIGN MODERN EUROPEANS whose grandparents came to our land by way of ELLIS ISLAND CORPORATION are still squatting on our sovereign American land. However, your fiat system is finished so you will affirm your allegiance to the Moorish American Flag like you promised in the Declaration of Independence or you will leave or starve. Thank you for fixing up the domiciles. This is notice of intent to lien you if we haven't already. Peace.

  10. I’ve been managing rental properties for 15 years. The bulbs are missing cause they use them to smoke meth. It looks like you can do good things with it though

  11. The tape on the toilet and cabinets it to keep the portegist from slamming doors and set down, lol! I wish yall best. I need to be going this.

  12. These are YouTube "drug" rich videos. Put down one drug (Crack) in order to quietly praise (Meth) Its called "Drug privilege "

  13. That just let you know that the property has been winterized when you see the tape on the toilet like that

  14. Meredith please keep your hands off your face when in filthy places. Maybe gloves too. Quick fix and dump.

  15. You don't seem to have the slightest clue what it means if that actually is a chemically contaminated house.

  16. You didn't check out before you bought it!? Will be a nice House when fixed.
    Man your a JERK! You just spent your kids college.
    Your camera skills aren't good at all & your not showing off property as you should.

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