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Southern Slang You Should Know (GAME)

Okay, Mythical
Beasts, it’s time to learn
some southern expressions. (music playing )This stack of cards before us
is chock full of them, and as good ol’
southern boys, Rhett, we should be able
to guess most of these
correct, right? Oh, come on.
Don’t set the bar too high. So what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna take turns.
We’re working together. I’ll go first.
We have 60 seconds to
go through these cards – and just use–
– Per round. – Yeah.
– Per turn.
60 seconds per turn. I’m going to be
trying to get you to guess
as many as possible. I can’t do “rhymes with”
or “sounds like.” – Yeah.
– And I don’t think
we should be able – to do charades.
– No. You have to say
words to get you– I can’t say any of the
words that are on here. Yeah. Okay. Let’s do it.
Let’s learn some southern slang. And you can pass once
per round. – Okay.
– Stevie, count us in. Stevie:On your marks.
Get set.
Go!Okay, uh… Plum tickled! – Okay, equine animals are–
– Horse! And if you wanna
secure them you say? – Horse…strangle.
– No. This is– – Horse hold!
– Yeah, and what’s
an expression? Hold your horses! Okay… Use a southern
accent. – This is a place of worship.
– Church! And if you
pass gas… ( stammering ) – Goes over like a
fart in church.
– Bam! Uh, oh. Never
heard this one. Never heard
this one! Okay, this is an
amphibian with a shell. – A turtle.
– And a bunch of ’em
together would be a…? – A “turtile.”
– No. A bunch of cows
together is a… Herd.
I heard dat! I turtled that! – I turd that!
– No, no, no! If you got a bunch of turtles.
You already said it. – A herd–
– A herd of turtles. – Yeah.
– Faster than a
herd of turtles. Okay another word
for “feet.” It’s an
animal we both have. – An animal that
we both own.
– Stevie:Five.– Dog. Dogs!
– My dogs are hot! – What are they doin’?
– Hot dogs! – Walking dogs!
Time!– “What are they doing?”
– “My dogs are killing me.” My dogs are killin’ me.
My dogs are hurtin’. This one was,
“Off like a herd
of turtles.” Is that like
a poop thing? – ( laughter )
– No, off like a
herd of turtles is like–it starts
off very slowly. – I’ve never heard it either.
– Never heard it, but, I mean, you said
“herd of turtles,” – so I’m gonna give
us that point.
– (counter chimes) Oh, he’s gonna
give us that point. So we got three. – All right. I’m ready.
– I’m not impressed by us
so far. Stevie:Okay, here we go.
On your marks. Get set. Go.
All right… This is–um… This is
something that happens
in weather. – When it’s bad and there’s
lightning that comes from–
– Thunder! – No, it’s the–
– Clouds. Rain. Rain clouds. – Storm clouds.
– They form–yup. And it’s–you don’t
suck you… – Blow the storm clouds!
– Yup, so it– – The storm’s a-blowin’.
– I’ve never heard this. – The storm cloud’s
– It’s– – The storm cloud’s a-blowin’.
– “It’s Blowin’ Up a Storm.” – We didn’t get that one.
– Okay. Okay, this is
a saying for when
you’re angrier– Madder than
a hornets nest. Um, but it’s, um,
a chicken that’s not dry. Madder than
a wet chicken. – Madder than
a wet hen.
– Yes. ( giggles )
Okay. Um, and this one’s
not fast– Slower than balls! Slower than, yes–
the last word is a viscous substance
that’s sugary. – Slower than molasses.
– That’s right. Come on!
We got more! This is something you
say when you can’t
believe what’s going on. – Stevie:Five. Four. Three.
– Busterman knuckles.Two. One. Time!( laughter ) – Like W-T-F.
– Time. What in tarnation! – Agh! That’s good!
– That’s hard. – How do you clue that?
– Why–W-I-T. All right, so how many
did we get? We didn’t
get this one. – We got two.
– We got molas–
we got two. Blowin’ up a storm. – I–I–
– Blowin’ up a storm. I haven’t heard that
specifically, but that
makes sense. What I have said
a lot growing up is, Anything up a storm.
Like, “He was spittin’
up a storm.” – Yeah.
– Or, “He was coughin’
up a storm.” Coughin’ up a storm.
All right. I’m ready. Stevie:All right.
Get set. Go!
Okay, you’re short
and you say you
come up to… – Your knees.
– And there’s an insect. There’s an in–
ant knees. – No.
– Bees knees! – This is a comment
on how tall someone is.
– The bee’s knees! – Okay, shorter than a–
– What’s another name for
a locust? A cricket.
( laughs ) Another name for
a locust is a horn– I know what a–
a grasshopper. – A grasshopper.
– Yes, so you said knee
and you said grasshopper. – And this is how
you use those terms
– (laughter) to talk about how
tall someone is. – Shorter than a–
– You haven’t heard this
one before? No, I’ve never heard it.
Shorter than the knees– What’s not low?
Not low, but… – Short.
– Not low, but… High. Higher than
a grasshopper’s– I’ve said knee, I’ve said
high, and I’ve said grasshopper. You’ve said all those things,
so put those together
into a phrase. – I’ve never heard it.
You’ve heard this?
– Yes. Say those things. – Just say ’em back to me.
– Knee, grasshopper, shorter. – Stevie:Five, four, three…
– Knee, high– – Stevie:two…
– Knee high grasshopper. – Stevie:one. Time.
– Knee-high to a grasshopper! Knee high to a–
I said knee high
grasshopper. – ( mumbling ) A second ago.
– Now that was not my fault. – ( laughter )
– There is no way I can be
blamed for any of that. – Knee-high to a grasshopper.
– “He’s knee-high to a
grasshopper.” – For somebody’s that’s short.
– Never heard that. But you don’t–I
gave–you said every
single part of it. – He’s angry. Let’s keep goin’.
– Stevie:On your mark.
Get set. Go!
– Okay, um–
– Locusts! – This is when
a grandma–
– Cricket. wants you to kiss–
wants you to let her kiss– – Gimme some sugar.
– Yeah. That’s it. Um, this is what
you say to someone who cannot sing.
And it’s– Sounds like
a broken record. Jack and Jill
went up the hill – and they were carrying–
– a pail. – Well, not pail.
but it’s called a…
– Bucket? – Yeah. So, um–
– He couldn’t catch
a note with a bucket. Well, it’s not catch. – What do you do
with a bucket?
– He couldn’t toss– – No.
– He couldn’t fill up a– – bucket with his notes.
– Nope. Once the bucket’s
full, what do you do with it? – Empty. Pour it.
– No, you take it
Point A to Point B, by– – Carry. He couldn’t carry
a tune in a bucket.
– Yes. Okay. Um, this is–
this is– what you say when–
Barbara is a… – Dog.
– And this is what
you say when, um… something can’t
happen. – When you agree with it
in southern colloquialism.
– Stevie:Five, four,– Any dog is possible.
– Stevie:Three, two,– When you’re shootin’
birds, you’re…
– Stevie:One, time!– Stoned. ( laughs )
– Let’s try to get this one. You’re not stoned. “When you’re shootin’
birds you’re stoned.” – When you’re shooting birds–
– ( laughing ) That’s a southern
phrase. – Shootin’ birds stoned, man.
– When you’re shooting an
animal, you are a… – You’re doing what.
– Hunting. – Yup, so–
– Huntin’ a dawg. – Yep, so–
– Teach a dog to hunt. – That dog will hunt.
– That dog will hunt. – That dog will hunt.
That’s what you say…
– So we got two. – when you agree with somebody.
– All right, here we go. – Stevie:On your mark.
Get set.
– Wait. Hold on. First, can we
just reset to happiness? – I’m very happy.
– I know I frustrated you.
I’m gonna try really hard. – I’m trying.
– When you said, “Barbara
is a…” I said “dog,” but when I said
“These are animals that we own,” you said nothing.
For a while. – So, just get on
the same page,
– Okay. All right. – I’ll be very happy.
– Stevie:All right. Get set.
– Dog!
– Okay, this, uh, this
is the place we all go– – It’s the state blank
in October.
– Fair. – Yes. Oh, and–
– Fair–all’s fair
in love and war. You’re never gonna–
“Fair to Middlin’.” – I just don’t–never–
– Fair to middlin’ is like
it’s not great. – Okay, dogs–what sound
do dogs make?
– Woof! – Bark.
– What do you call it? – And then there’s
a big plant?
– Bark. Tree. – Yup, so…
– Tree. Bark. Tree
on the bark. – When somebody’s doin’–
– A big plant is a tree. When somebody’s doin’
something that’s–they’re
goin’ the wrong direction. – Opposite.
– Not down, but… – Up–up a tree.
– Dog, bark, up, tree. You’ve said all those
things, so what’s the
phrase–? Barking up a tree.
Barking up the wrong tree. – Yeah. My gosh.
– Is that southern? It doesn’t have to be
southern, it’s a common
expression Can I point out that
I know it’s easier for you because you have
the answer. Okay, what is the stake
in the ground that holds up – a barrier.
– Tent. – “Stake in the ground
that holds up a barrier.”
– Stevie:Five, four,three, two,
– You’re never gonna
get this. – He’s arguing with
a fence post.
– Stevie:one. Time.– Here we go.
– Why don’t you give
clues and I’ll guess? – Let’s just keep that for the–
– You think I’m better at that? I think I’m better at guessing,
so let’s just do that
for the last two rounds. Stevie:All right.
Here we go, and…go!
All right.
This is a saying for not getting
ahead of yourself. It involves fine, feathered
friends who lay eggs. – Don’t count the chickens
before they hatch.
– Yes. Okay, um… and this is another
animal that you ride
on with a saddle. – Horse.
– And it starts with the
same word as the last one. It starts with the same–
Don’t–Don’t look a gift
horse in the mouth. Yes! Okay. Um…uh… This is when
you’re– when some–
you’re acquired with your
britches not up. – Caught with your pants down.
– Yeah. This is somebody
really drunk. They are not one,
two, but… – Three sheets to the wind.
– Yes. Okay. Um… um, pass. “Family tree ain’t
got no branches”? Um…okay. This is an impossible task
involving the little
feline pets that you hate. – Stevie:Five, four, three
– Like trying a herd of cats. – Yes. And…
– Stevie:two, one. Time!– We did pretty good
that time, right?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! So, we passed on
this one–One, two,
let’s do one more. – We got five.
– We got five in that one! – You do that again.
– See? – You do that again.
– I found my calling.
You do that again. – Stevie:Okay, the last round,
guys. Here we go.

– Here we go. Stevie:Three, two,
one. Go!
Okay, uh, this one
you’re gonna whoop somebody! And what’s the thing
called when you skin
a buffalo – and then you make it
into a jacket?
– I’m gonna whoop your hide? – Yeah–well, no. It’s–
– Tan your hide. Yep. Um… Uh…pass. “Just fell off the
turnip truck?” Oh, I woulda
gotten that. – All right. When you’re
throwing a tantrum.
– Pitchin’ a fit. No, it’s a different
type of fit. Umm…uh… – A snake makes this sound.
– Rattle? – No. With his mouth.
– Hiss. – Hissy fit.
– Yes. Okay, um… ( laughs )
This is somebody
you feel sorry for – but you’re not really
gonna do any–
– Bless his heart. – Kinda like that.
– Bless your heart. You would actually
say this in church. – ( chuckles )
– I’ll be prayin’ for ya. – Yeah, I’ll pray for ya.
– ( laughs ) All right, the next one.
Uh… oh gosh. – Can’t pass. All right.
– ( straining ) – The circular things on
a car are…?
– Tires! – No. Wheels go…
– Wheels. – Wheels go up.
– Stevie:Five, four…– And then what do wheels do?
– Stevie:Three…They fall off.
The wheels fall off!
– Stevie:Two, one…Time!
– Pokey was a… – Bear.
– Pokey. – Your pet, Pokey.
– Oh, hamster. Hamster wheel.
Runnin’ in a hamster wheel. – The wheel’s are turning
but the hamster’s dead.
– Oh, I never heard that one. – That’s a good one, though.
– My dad would say, when it’s raining really hard,
he would say, “It’s rainin’ like a cow pissin’
on a flat rock.” – Yup, I’ve heard that one.
– I wonder if that one’s
in here. “The engine is running,
but nobody’s driving.” There’s lots of “you’re really
stupid” euphemisms in the south.
I don’t know why. If we ever go on
“$25,000 Pyramid,” we’re gonna have to
insist we never switch up. Like, “No, no, no!”
You bring a beard
and I’ll take glasses and then we just…
quickly switch so we can
always be center place. Link:I’m a good guesser.
Your clues are horrible.
You’re a great clue-giver, Link.
You’re a great clue-giver. Let him know how
great I am in the comments. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Corey, I’m Natalie,
I’m Thesley, I’m Amanda. And we’re in Big Bear Lake. All: And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. I don’t know. Are they–
are they standing on the water?
I’m confused. Click the bottom link
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Ear Biscuits Mason Jars
Yes, y’all. Y’all can.

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