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Space Idiots – Rodney & John – Humor

– Are these things even close to a transport? – Ah, yes Elizabeth’s is. – And mine? – Ah, it’s a…brisk walk away. – And by brisk you mean… far. – And by walk, I mean run. …okay… – I would have thought that myself before i became a drug addict. – I’m sure you would have. – We’re lost anyway, what difference does it make? – I AM NOT LOST. – Who’s flying the ship? – Me. – That would be cool. I turned into a bug. – Oh, that’s why you didn’t want to be bait! – No, no, no. You had to be bait because she was expecting you to be the one trying to fly the ship! – Right! – As far as your little secret down here goes well, ah… – We say, “what giant underground bunker”? – Did you really get pizza for everyone? Because it would be a shame for that to go to waste if we’re going to, um… Yeah, ok, so solve this first… – Problem with that? – Me? Ah, no… He might. – Did you say you got lost in a garden maze once? – I was 10! Also, I was running from a bee. – You shot me! – Yes, Rodney, I shot you and I said I was sorry. – You shot me, too. – I’m sorry for shooting everyone! – Are you sure this will work? – Please. Of course it will work. – Why is it taking so long? – Why do you ALWAYS – ? – Everyone ok? – Yes. – Yeah, I’m good. – I think you singed my eyebrows! Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch? – Why would the Wraith do that? ::sigh:: – Well, it says right here: “I, the Wraith, delete this important information to keep you from seeing it!” – You’re exactly right, it’s a limited supply so why don’t we conserve it by you not talking… …AT ALL. – Which one are you? – Me. – Good you or bad you? – ME me. – Ever heard the term, “two heads are better than one”? – It’s a common misconception. – Give me the gun, I’ll shoot him myself. – I shot him. In the leg. – Well, TOO BAD! You tell that ungrateful example of unevolved humanity that we came all this way to rescue him. So, he’d better get off his a- – McKay says he’s…very hurt you won’t come with us. – Must be a real pain in the ass. – Oh, how long you’d work on that? – Longer than I care to admit. – You wanted a number! – A bigger number! – Yeah, well it may very well be longer. – Or shorter! – Look, I don’t know! Look, you’re missing the point. – Gentlemen… …FOCUS. – Yeah, we’re ah, I mean, we’re done here. We’re just…you know…finishing up… – G’night. – Goodnight! Have a good one! – Go, go, go, go, go, gooooo!

100 thoughts on “Space Idiots – Rodney & John – Humor

  1. I believe it is customary among your culture to shake hands … Haha only a bit of wraith humour 😉

  2. Oh, how i miss Atlantis 🙂 Friendship, adventure and drama with a solid dash of comedy. Why nobody makes sci-fi shows that actually are fun to watch anymore? Now it's all doom, gloom and truckloads of grittiness.

  3. Okay. That was really funny. 'Who's flying the ship? Me..?' Haven't actually lol in a while so thank you for that. Man I miss this show.

  4. I love these guys, the chemistry is great!

    I miss Stargate, both SG-1 and Atlantis – I even have moments when I miss Universe – it was just starting to get better when they cancelled it 😕

  5. This new Stargate show has to have some characters like these 2 and hopefully a Jack O'Neill like character if that is the case i will be in nerd heaven

  6. Hilarious, a little surprised you didnt include the "gluteus maximus" scene but still,this is brilliant 🙂

  7. I just been binge re-watching the show recently and I had been missing the gang so much. The humor between those two was glorious.

  8. As funny as it is in real life space doesn't tolerate idiots.
    One mistake could be fatal.And there is only one price:your life.

  9. How the hell did Atlantis not get a movie conclusion like SG1? It was at least as good, in some ways even better.
    Also, anyone else think Joe Flanagan's ears at oddly shaped? Like, they're a little pointy. Just an observation.

  10. This was the main issue with Stargate Universe. In SG1 and SGA the teams were more than friends, they became a family. SGU, didn't have their trust, love, humor and bond.

  11. Shepherd was the perfect mix of McCay and Ronin. They really did mess up when they cut that. You totally pulled on my broken heartstrings.

  12. I think that was one of my favorite things about Stargate as a whole..
    Both the Stargate program back on earth, and the atlantis expedition formed these tight knit families within each other.
    The characters all had such chemistry.

  13. Doing a Bing watch right Now!😎. Sure wish the powers that be would AT LEAST tie up the ending, and not just leave it hanging……
    Seems tv & Hollywood does this to a lot of shows.

  14. There are three bromances in this franchise that I love!
    Jack and Teal'c
    John and Rodney
    And Rodney and Carson

    Not necessarily in that order!

    Matt and Eli get an Honorable mention.

  15. I so love Stargate Atlantis. I am currently watching the whole thing for the 5th, or is it 6th time … right now on season 3 episode The Ark. I wish someone would bring it back, but unfortunately they would have to pay Jason Momoa a fortune now.
    How about a SciFi space adventure with Joe Flanigan and Ben Browder as partners … and David Hewlett as their boss. Have Claudia Black, GiGi Edgley and Jewel Staite in it as well. Come on producers, get on it!

  16. Jason Momoa and Joe Flanigan are still best friends. They shared a two bedroom suite together during the filming of Stargate Atlantis.

  17. Located another thing with Joe Flanigan in it. It is on Amazon Prime, a bizarre space sci fi tv show called Heavy Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Each episode is a different cast, different story but all based on the Heavy Metal Hurlant Chronicles comic books. Flanigan plays the lead in Season 1, Episode 5 “Master of Destiny”. It is a nice dose of Joe Flanigan for fans out there … with cussing and sex as an added bonus.

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