Laughter is the Best Medicine

Spanish Laughing Man on Learning

so 4 weeks in class I said “the teacher’s here, let’s go in” We’re going to start the class. I think we have a test but then it seemed odd There was nothing She didn’t bring any test papers or those test booklets Only her class record on her She was only there to change the seat plan Again Again But nobody changes where they sit And One two three she counts the seat where you sit at because maybe you interchanged seats with someone She goes to this one very silent guy and said “Where do you sit at?” He said “I don’t know ma’am” “I just came here” “I just came to attend your class” “I dont know what this seat plan is about” “Does anyone sit over here?” And She said “go get your own seat” But no one was actually sitting there She was changing the seat plan everytime because many of us where absent all time Ariel She couldn’t have class because she was only doing seat plan until time ends But really and seriously If I, if I was asked what I really learned from that class I look them straight in the eye and say A never ending seat plan That’s all I remember We got no problem at all, we only had one tour That’s it

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