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Spanish Transport Expert Laughing at Transport/Urban Renewal in Newcastle, Australia

So I was invited to a Revitalising Newcastle consultation We are revitalising the city..they say How – by removing the ugly trainline the trainline blocks access to the harbour Will they replace it with light rail or bike paths? No – with tall apartment buildings, they say! Its true! its true less transport, more people Its true they build a new university campus right beside the central civic station just 12 minutes by train to the main campus so they open the new uni building But the stations closed!.. the tracks are torn up students are totally confused train station, no trains its true Get on buses they tell them we are revitalising wave the bus, wave the bus Now the university will put a building on the rail corridor so no bike paths or sustainable transport can be there.. NO, the real reason – the rail land is the only land not undermined by mines developers want it for tall buildings so the transport corridor is gone for ever to open up the city! open covering trainline with buildings didnt consider putting trains underground or buildings above light rail “too expensive” would cost millions they say now hundreds of millions spent on putting in light rail in main road beside the perfectly good rail corridor light rail takes out two lanes of cars and it will be slower than the buses slower trip than current buses? yes, slower! peak hour slow already they’ll probably win an award for this developers helped close the train line and then bought the land near the new terminal thats not corrupt? No, government looked at it, decided it was just good business, its progress, you can buy coffee there now always need more coffee shops coffee is progress “Revitalising” At least citizens were consulted…. tell us what you want – you can have anything you want in the rail corridor…….except trains

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