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SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE: Telling Jokes in Mandarin!

hi everyone welcome to chinesepod my name’s Fiona today we have a very special episode because joining us today is the holiday the holiday competition with their purchases hello dad – how was your Curtis Wow joining us are my partners in crime constant sanguillen – guys let’s say hi so how was it calluses hello I’m quitting so Curtis won the holiday competition so we’re doing a special lesson with purchase and we thought we’d share with all you guys as well because today we’re doing the very useful topic of telling jokes short shelf washer so while we’re learning how to tell jokes in today’s Mandarin class now okay so in today’s class we’re gonna give you some key vocabulary on the topic some phrases example sentences that you can use to start your jokes with and of course some Chinese shows so we’re gonna talk a little bit about what makes a joke funny but most of the time I would say most of the time they’re kind of tone based or play on words so it’s very important to get your tones right guys your tones are bad when you’re telling a joke you yeah that person will be like huh okay and I think if you can tell a joke in Chinese and they laugh with you it shows that you’re pretty good at Chinese I would say it’s usually a combination of at you and yeah not at you I must say even the worst of jokes usually as a learner of a language you’ll crack up a native speaker really easy cuz hey you’ve gone through the effort learning the joke telling the joke and this usually some kind of mistake there that’s gonna be funny as well as the joke being funny so you’re in a win-win situation there’s nothing to lose what’s that side note if you just read the English translation it went from it probably won’t be funnier like I read the English one of today’s and I wouldn’t know fiona was laughing a head off so I will see yeah I actually it’s okay we’ll save the job to later I’ll tell you guys from all about the joke later on to keep this experiment as authentic as possible I’m going to ask Constance to leave whilst I teach purchase the joke Constance will come back Curtis will tell Constance a joke and we’ll know if it’s funny because I’ll see if she laughs I’m gonna teach her I’m my constituent of anything so all right okay so let’s start with some key vocabulary guys first things first of course you have to learn the word for joke and that is shell what Xiao hua Jiao what very good shell well and that is literally laughing words na a very important one of my favorite type of joke and that is love y’all applause so that’s a code joke yeah so maybe Curtin soundtrack sure lungs shall walk perfect so that’s like if you say kind of like a sick dick it’s not sick it’s just a bad joke so you call a lung shall walk because when you tell a bad joke you’re kind of like oh so much because of joke yeah exactly an actual bad joke yes bad funny exactly but because it’s not funny it is funny and that brings us on to the next piece of vocabulary which is shall be it being what do you recognize as Cantus quick quiz here laughing electrical something I would see it so imagine there was like a bar right of how funny things are of one to ten and I usually say laughs upgrade to jokes like great two jokes or to crack me up you don’t need to tell me a great a joke so that is my shell Thea the point at which I love the minimum effective dose for laughter to happen exactly she’ll fear so um if you’re telling a love she’ll walk and the friends around you laugh immediately that means pomander selfie the e lo ok these so they have a very low point at which they laugh so it’s a way to say I laugh at everything and anything so you can say what the shell Thea hun be so need a Sheltie and hope fema go I’ve got very a quiet humor acquire a McCarter Curtis me the shell Thea huh FEMA boy what a shell game sure deal shouting happy face ha ha you don’t need to say this ooh there so you can just say what a shell you see ok now we come on to kind of what we think of more as a punchline in Chinese sorry and that is the word gum Oh a bit hard to say GE ng that a yeah impossible that’s a punch line it originates from a form of theater I’m not going all academics it’s originates from a form of theater in Chinese which is all about the spoken word and it’s done very quickly with a rhythm it’s called Shang Shung and a very famous stage actor kind of coined the term gum if you say sure the self a high yo gun if this joke really has gum it means it’s like really funny you’ve got an excellent punchline going there there’s a gum got a hunch line kind of it means it has substance no it doesn’t really mean punch line so I’m just giving you kind of what it would what what it would translate the meaning would translate ok ok ok I sort of get it okay yeah gone gone so if someone says like a really funny joke and it’s got a real good punch line Yoga Yoga and Hollis y’all do do that well I do or if it’s not funny you can be like make gum this also applies to TV shows if they’re doing a skit for it and it’s got a funny part in it you can say okay yoga right or make them now the next phrase I’m gonna teach it’s one of my favorites because I’m one of those awful joke tellers that will crack up at the joke before you okay so I’m nice the cheats yeah Lindsey shot so city is one self so city joong-won self tell oneself laugh somebody laughing you’re a joke it’s actually so city shell city Jap City sure that’s right okay now if a job is very funny you can be like holla still courtesy track Oh perfect yeah oh so it’s not funny well ha show ba ba ba ba the show actually this phrase well how the shell applies you know when back in your teenage years your parents would like laugh at something you’d be like not funny i I think Aiona if you know Iona her sister she says herself yeah she’s like bombshell now just one more phrase I want to go on before we give you the set you up for telling the jokes Curtis is that if you’re telling a joke probably – uh I don’t like gendering language but there is gendered language anyway if you’re telling a joke to a girl and she goes how final Oh fine so the word be fun do you know that white is that like mouth on my find the fun it means annoying so that’s like so annoying but it actually just Minds like it should be flirting if she said okay so it’s more about okay so annoying stop it kinda stuff so if you tell a funny joke rou-ha-nee sure that shelf up hon hush up yes you maybe you can do shows halfway sure how I love a new thing yeah so she’s not telling you that you’re annoying she she’d be flirting and the all again just makes it very cute cute right so I would recommend if you’re trying to portray yourself as a masculine guy I would avoid this phrase however it might just add to the joke right you’ve just told the joke and they’re like oh Sean could be like oh final so now we’re gonna prep you for your jokes Curtis so I’m gonna show you a phrase and that’s I’m gonna tell you a joke you’re kind okay that’s wha Gundy sure so what what gonna shrug up shout what you’re on track sure okay whoa good news y’all critics try only schwöre get out ha well welcome me show this yahwah an eyebrow raised mandatory all right we’re gonna show yourself oh okay that’s phrase one the second one maybe you want to be like have you heard of this joke have you heard this Jake have you heard this joke me team cool Yogesh Alfama me quinoa have you had the experience of listening for sugar Salwa you’re a true king go take a shower so wah wah wah yeah try it again no problem me tingle Jigga’s y’all fought one very good and the final one is I’ve got a joke do you want to hear it so that is why y’all pika she’ll quacks I have one joke me yeah we all ping yeah be our team attract sure mm-hmm will eager ha ha yeah well King me yo we are yo yeah so try and drag it up down yeah yeah perfect yeah exactly so what do you can sell honey yo we out he so with those kind of repeated verbs it’s good to just drag the first ones down because you don’t want to be like but but but right yeah baby yeah yeah yeah yeah okay perfect so let’s get on to the jokes so let me first give you some key words from this joke this features uh balls it do you know what a false is that’s like a steamed bun about the size of a fist and it’s got form inside all right follows it yeah Curtis you know and talking about and then it also features me and PL me NPO noodle of strips noodles yeah the actual noodles okay okay because if you just say me and it usually implies dish but by saying me and TL you’re specifying it’s like the actual like noodle right okay now this sounds going yeah exactly so let’s go through some key verbs so ty its high is to step on to step on okay hi ah is two feet punched a big to punch to beat don’t give away the shell yeah yeah I won’t give away no I know this idea a big gun and then also to get a perm is pump pump which means hot pan COFA pumpkin Kofa so when you apply heat to your hair you permit to make it go wavy to make it go curly okay so those are the things that you need to know in this joke me until Tyler Felton both the hello chief alum entr me yo Paula yo ITN both she’s the funky and Ian bout da da da sure meanwhile a pallet over what do you never true dilemma so now can we practice the Joker so maybe we’ll just do we’ll just practice reading after me for the first time I remember body language also always really helps in storytelling test address I didn’t stretch okay it’s okay this is what you learn in clown school no we’re just gonna slide this joke is actually a Chinese quad lesson if you get a lesson – one two – plug in our product there you can check out this Jake writing it down alright let’s start with the first phrase me and y’all Tyler bought me an ciao Tyler powder Zhang Jia parlamento meow Paulo me and chow Paola ETN each in one day or you can say yo een there was one day so you can say you can’t do it Ian when you’re telling a story yo each end ya don’t each end but it can’t see enough fun be a meal okay Alta Canyon from London from be immunised instant noodles oh yeah yeah yeah oh wow okay so here we have a great sentence structure just to be teacher fee one more time this EP n EP n structure it is great for describing two actions happening simultaneously right so fault EP and that funky Andean so to learn the first section both EP and off on the immune powder he enter Fang Yong Yong it’d be a sure Ibn schwa so he’s punching the convenient noodle and saying at the same time meet way Pamlico okay knee me away tongue top up top yeah oh oh oh yeah hold the EU a pallet oh what Jill oh yeah shoot me luck whoa Joe Rancher Neela yeah so this sentence structure is a bit threatening me way you thought quite violent it’s quite highly in buns so you a is to think wrongly if you thought wrongly about something yeah you thought run me away Carla told what you’re wishing me luck Plus cactus from I go to yoga guy with one J every time use New Year’s as long as master this one Joe native speaker to receive the joke go do I just I just go for Dartmouth will yo eager Shaolin yeah we all Qing Mian chopped our bouncer bouncer Hey oh boy he’s giving one second sorry all sides I can’t hear myself with the earphones it’s I sighs I meant Chow Thailand bouta bouta han Xiang Qi dollar yen Chao nan Chao paola eatin powder gender funk and even the funky onion EB ensure knee away tongue tofa would Joe bring Rancher Neela she good maybe the action okay good this is it this is the one I’m keeping it okay well first of all thank you so much Curtis for joining us on this my pleasure episode thanks for having me I hope you guys watching find the jokes funny we certainly do I’ll share the the war of the dumplings and the noodles for those slightly more advanced don’t give it away with this seriously gone forever yeah maybe I shouldn’t maybe don’t this be Fiona reading maybe you’ve heard the new series Christmas Papa she was asking whether you as a native speaker has a different way of life yes like when you laugh what noise do you mean more or less is there a culture where they have a completely different noise for laughing let us know in the comments mentally I must say when Asian girls love weaker the teacher is that whispered I don’t know that evening – yes and I think it’s because it’s seen as a little bit rude right so I’m like I’m a pump actually over dinner a Chinese for dinner today they were talking about commenting on my laugh because I while in keeping with Asian culture I have the flamboyant gestures of a westerner so I do this I would love to do yes yes so what’s your Instagram handle my Instagram handle it is at Carroll Curtis yeah I was just in China so check it out yeah I also for just an extra just to show some respects just um Curtis you’re a self study Mandarin learn to write you’ve done everything yes sorry ever been to school and it’s amazing it’s really amazing what you’ve been able to do yourself sir thank you thank you that is before all the self-study students out there you guys can tell jokes native speakers will LA and if you’re having any pronunciation troubles do go check out our say it right series I know I keep on plugging it but it’s just because I really genuinely believe it’s an awesome resource for self-study students you’re gonna get that those Corrections that tuition that you wouldn’t get because you can’t hear yourself right you don’t know the mistakes you’re making you don’t have a teacher to help you out so it’s a great resource for those studying Chinese yourself all right thank you so much Curtis so we’re just gonna say five

40 thoughts on “SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE: Telling Jokes in Mandarin!

  1. shuo1 " to say" should be pronounced without a y sound; the sh and the uo should not be connected by a y

  2. Nice vid,真的很搞笑:=>,where can I find more jokes? Jokes that native speakers find funny, of course! I'd really like to learn more about the humor thing, because it changes a lot from one culture to the other

  3. There was this Taiwanese guy at his 60s and I found him quite funny so I went like: 你非常好笑 and I received the strange look from everyone . and it wasn't till I leant you might just say 你很好笑 to your friends and to keep the respect to the elderly you should say 你講話(說話)很好笑。

  4. Where can I find this joke written out? I am in Neili, Taiwan and have made many Taiwanese friends and I would like to try some simple jokes to make them laugh… (hopefully WITH me^^)

  5. I had a blast filming this episode! Despite being very nervous and celebrity shocked! 😛 Glad people enjoyed the episode!

  6. I tried this joke and my Taiwanese friend laugh and shock at the same time..she asked where did I learn this joke…thanks you're really a big help

  7. I thought I posted this before but I guess I could not. So, here you go:
    Miàntiáo cǎile bāozi. Bāozi hěn shēngqì. Dǎle miàntiáo. Miàntiáo pǎole. Yǒu yītiān, bāozi kànjiàn fāngbiànmiàn. Bāozi yībiān dǎ fāngbiànmiàn yībiān shuō:
    Nǐ yǐwéi nǐ tàngle tóufǎ, wǒ jiù bù rènshì nǐle?

  8. This is great !!! Thank you so much !!!!! Fiona you should definitely do additional joke telling episodes with Iona 🙂 That would be soo funny!

  9. 在大陆的时候我听了一个真的好笑的笑话,我真的想这里说,但是有的人会被冒犯了。它想等的急疯在笑话的每一群人,特别是美国人,那我就可以说的因为我是美国的,但是有的人还会被冒犯了。

  10. This is my favorite Mandarin number joke. Person A is selling garlic and person B is a potential buyer.
    B: 这蒜怎么卖的?
    A: 四块!
    B: 十块??
    A: 不是十块,而是四块!!
    B: 二十四块???
    A: 不是二十四块,其实四块!!!
    B: 七十四块????
    A: 不是七十四块,就是四块!!!!
    B: 咋又九十四块了?????
    A: 我不能卖了!!!!!!
    B: 我也不买了!!!!!!

    This is a short skit you can look up on Youtube called "这蒜到底怎么卖的?“

  11. It brings in a lot of helpful key words, phrases and culture communication. That would be great if more of this style of videos are coming more and more.

  12. Was looking for hysterical Mandarin jokes, and instead clicked on this only to find an incredibly hot guy… Kurtis is a hottie😍😍😍

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