Laughter is the Best Medicine

SPELL IT (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 66)

Hey uncle relax Am not coming to you am coming to this uncle You want to run You think am coming to give you my assignment again? me… I’ll slap you now You see that I am going to this side to do something and you’re talking rubbish Anyway, go and do something Uncle please help me and spell PIT P PI PIT Uncle please help me spell CROCODILE Uncle please help me spell CROCODILE Uncle please help me spell CROCODILE See, that uncle has finished making call Uncle you can not spell CROCODILE? She has missed her line Emanuella see… You’re not supposed to say anything According to the script, you are supposed to go back… Forget the script, spell CROCODILE Director, I’ll slap this girl… oh… Director, please I’m sorry… Off camera, in real life, my uncle can not spell CROCODILE… – Uncle in real life, spell CROCODILE
– I’ll slap… I’ll beat here.. oh.. Uncle director, forget about this comedy we are shooting now In real life, my uncle cannot spell CROCODILE Uncle, spell CROCODILE in real life Director.. Spell it Yes, spell it Spell it See.. Uncle It’s not by shooting comedy, oh, you better go back to nursery school See him? My uncle Please let us start this thing from the beginning Joor

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