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Spencer Pratt’s Top 6 Meltdown Moments from ‘The Hills’ | MTV Ranked

– Here I’m talking about my little (censored) sister, who’s not relevant to my life. For me, that was the best, like I was proud of myself for not doing what I wanted to do to you. ‘Cause what I wanted to do and say to you dear, woo! I didn’t, ’cause I was praying. Praying like I do every day, to not say the things that I want to say to you, to your mom. No I know, I’m not. – Take a breath. – Do you see how I’m not saying them? – Yeah. – Very proud of myself. – It’s like your head’s about to explode, so take a breath.
– I’m sorry if I disrespected you, but I’m very emotional these days. Very. Very. So I say things that I feel. – I was the one that wanted to kill anyone that would ever talk like, that about my sister. And I still would. But that goes for my mom too. And as a family, that’s how we all should be. – Well, I didn’t say anything negative about your mom. Your mom is just the vagina that made Heidi come on to earth. You’re mom is not Jesus
or God or the Creator. – She never said she was. – So why can’t I say that? So why can’t I say that? Why can’t I say that? – Because it’s disrespecting your mother
– [Spencer] Not its not! It’s my opinion. – The bible says “Honor
thy mother and father.” That’s one of the 10 Commandments. – Hey preacher, preacher, this isn’t bible study. – You guys are the ones who are always preaching all the time.
– [Spencer] No ones preaching. – And practice what you freakin’ teach. – No one’s preaching here. This is life. – Let’s all take a breath. – You’re not her sister, you’re not her friend. You’re a liar and I’m gonna walk away from these lies, ’cause she’s gonna sit here and keep lying to you.
– Spencer. Stop it.
– You’re the biggest poser in this town. You know it and you’re gonna burn for it.
– [Heidi] Stop it. Stop it Spencer!
– You’re gonna burn. Oh I know, I know. – Spencer, Spencer that is so out of line. – [Spencer] No, I know. – [Heidi] Spencer that’s so out of line. – [Spencer] Go back to
your real estate job you (censored) liar. – [Spencer] Like you’re not defending her. – [Lauren] What? – The fact that you don’t think it’s crazy is what’s so crazy to me. You don’t think it’s crazy? No? – I feel like since Lauren and I are friends, I can make them friends again. I just cannot believe you wanna keep this fight going. – There’s no fight get, there’s no
– [Stephanie] Everyone gets it Spencer.
– There’s no fight that keeps going. – You need to stop having enemies Spencer. She’s forgotten this. She’s forgiven Heidi.
– We’re cool. I forgot it too. – No you haven’t ’cause you’re making me cry right now. – Stephanie you’re making yourself cry thinking about what you did. So I’m sorry that you’re
making yourself cry. – For God’s sakes just let me relax for a minute. I don’t know what you want me to do. – You do though. – Okay you want me to move in, but what about the repercussions for the rest of my life, it’s like– – [Spencer] What, where? – Oh, from my friends, for work.
– [Spencer] Friends? It’s one person, you keep on trying to pretend, how’s it gonna affect your work, how’s it gonna– – Okay, but why now, why can’t you wait? I don’t understand. – I’ve been waiting, we’ve been talking about this for over a month. Over a month now, we’ve been goin’ back and forth. – [Heidi] Is this like your way out? If you wanna be single, you wanna run around with all these girls, it’s like, just tell me. – Heidi– – [Heidi] Don’t blame it
on like a moving thing. – Heidi? – [Heidi] Yes? – If I wanted to go around
with all these girls, you think trying to get you to move in is what I would be doing? Does that sound like it makes sense to you? – Yeah. – It does? ‘Cause it doesn’t really make sense to me. No, doesn’t really. – All right, well my answer is no. – Sweet, my answer is get out of my car. – Stupid car. – I’m gonna leave, but I didn’t get to say hi. How are you guys? – Good, how are you? – Excellent, how are you? Wah wah wah wah. What are you crying about, Stephanie? What the (censored) are you crying about? That’s why you’re not in my life you crazy bitch. ‘Cause you come to barbecues and just start crying. I was just enjoying myself with my wife, and I get crying sisters in front of me? – She just wanted to say, “Hi.” – But that gets a cry away. What the (censored) do
I need to do to you? – Drama. – He just ignored me at the party, mom! (intense music) – What just happened? We’re over here having a little conversation and then all of a sudden, I got people stormin’ outta here. – I can’t even talk right now. – I know it’s your brother, but he’s off his rocker. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. – Here, I’m talking about my little (censored) sister, who’s not relevant to my life. – Right now, you are so stuck in your marriage, that I can tell you’re
not happy right now, you’re not. Am I right or am I wrong? You know you’re not. – I don’t know, dog. – No I don’t. – [Brody] Hey, get over here. – You are the lamest (censored) girl in this club. – [Brody] Dude, relax bro. – [Spencer] I hate that bitch. ‘Scuse my French. You’re (censored) being a weirdo, bro. – I’m over it. I don’t wanna hear anything
you have to tell me. – You’re up in my face, dog. – Walk the (censored) away. God. These people don’t know how dangerous I am. Like I really just had to like hold myself. Smashing his (censored) head off, you know like, this is like. (“It’s Goin’ Down” by Pre-Fight Hype)

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  1. Spencer is a piece of shit!…….no, spencer is a piece of undigested corn suck in a piece of shit….and that’s a compliment haha

  2. Okay the Spencer dude just needs to get knocked the f*** out like like he really just needs a good pop in the mouth or on the nose one of the other cuz I swear if I had anyone talk about my family or even talk to me the way he did you're done

  3. Who are these ppl? How did they get their own tv show? This is my first time seeing this and that Spencer guy is some character! Those girls need to just toughen up and move on the best they can. No point being in a toxic relationship.

  4. God, He is such a creep! I really do hope he has changed but I don’t really know that people like him change..also can we also acknowledge what an instigator Brody was? I’ve been rewatching all the episodes and Brody seriously stirs the pot so much!!

  5. Serious mental health issues. His interactions are all aggressive and negative. No amount of crystals can help that. Why Heidi stayed with him is miraculous and stupid. I hope he got the treatment he needed.

  6. Jennifer Lopez & Justin
    mommy (Melissa) Bible
    Danielle pullin Luis Luciano
    Misty brown & Scott brown
    Megan Ellis with Mike Ellis
    Michelle with Kevin
    Justina Thompson

  7. Audrina: “Hey Spencer! Where’s Heidi?”


    Lmaooooo I died 😂😂😂

  8. i think people forget that the whole cast as admitted to it being fake and stagged. so looking back this is so funny..

  9. Some of this shit cannot be scripted…like that's psychotic behavior and hopefully he got professional psychiatric help because he's crazy.

  10. Any man that argues, fights or acts like that is a male bitch. The show was more or less scripted – whatever. What is not scripted are the regrets Heidi & Spencer are going through right now, they deserve every miserable moment. "New Beginnings" won't even last until the second season, maybe even the first. Selfish grown-ups acting like spoiled children – boring!

  11. I think Spencer is an angry, malignant narcissist. Borderline personality disorder AND a histrionic. A DANGEROUS combination. Look how he talks to his own SISTER! UGH! Iam SO glad they lost a!all their millions. Yet, they live in his ( EXTREMELY affluent ) parent's Santa Barbara beach house. Yeah. Poor them.

  12. Say what you want The Hills survived because of Heidi and Spencer, they were the catalyst for the drama half the time. They were the Villains. Lauren and the rest of them were the Heroes. It’s the Spongebob/Squidward dynamic. We always need to root for someone.

  13. I’m amazed Heidi and Spencer lasted so long. It was so abusive. He didn’t want her to talk to her family or friends

  14. Spencer "ASSHOLE" Pratt is one manipulative,egotistical,narcissistic
    heartless,soulless, arrogant,self absorbs
    Condescend, evil prick bastard that need his head busted on. Bad brother,boyfriend and friend. 👎👎👎👎👎to that shit face punk

  15. Lmao “I’m sorry your making yourself cry” Spencer’s isn’t all bad- I kinda feel sorry for him after the show, they made him out to be the villain, even the car scene was fake

  16. I know this show is "scripted" but I still feel like Spencer is a manipulative dick! Scripted or not..

  17. 4:40 "That's why you're not in my life you crazy bitch – because you come to BBQs and just start crying" hahaha that line had me dying laughing

  18. Let’s be real back then Spencer back then was satan I mean he’s still wild but not as much anymore… 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. spencer has changed so much! he has changed for the better! he acted like a raging meth head in so many of these scenes! lol

  20. god i miss how naturally beautiful heidi was!!!! she was so fuckn gorgeous and i think the person who did that to her should be fuckn fined bcuz she was such a gorgeous beautiful girl back then but they completely made her look so different but i do love that spencer loved her either way and he still loved her after the surgeries and he loved her before them too. he truly does love heidi.

  21. hes a horrible person I dont care if it's just for the cameras. why would you want to be portrayed that way?

  22. Is it me or did Spencer marry Heidi out of spite for Lauren I mean seriously. And Heidi just sitting there I mean come on its like nope nothing going on upstairs that or she's just so terrified to upset him he's like a stage 5 stalker of Heidi's but then again probably a gold digger and why why why why why why did she do that to herself she looked fine the way she was now she's all stuffed like a turkey.🙄

  23. Why are we giving this guy another 15 min of fame?? I love The Hills, but I forgot what a horrible person he is.

  24. So y’all just human completely try and delete and have us forget and believe like nothing ever happened about how when he punched up some dude at the bar with uppercuts one of the greatest moments in mtv history u pussys ..

  25. I don’t care about his childish out burst he needs to grow the fuck up and act his fucking age that fucking douche bag

  26. They made Spencer look so bad in this show. You people really think that he didnt love her and care for her? They are STILL together .

  27. His grandma and my grandma are sisters. I won't repeat anything on the internet but the stories ive heard about them all are insane. I didn't even know they were famous until a few years ago. Never met them but gosh the drama.

  28. Hard to believe they pay people to act like they are stupid a** holes and people believe it. They told how they pretended Spencer was a dumb a**. I mean think about it nobody can be that stupid

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