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Spiritual cleansing (limpia espiritual) ASMR massage and neck cracking by Doña Esperanza

Inhale Inhale Inhale again… [inaudible] Inhale Inhale Stick your legs out Right. Now your foot. Hum… You’re nervous… You also have a lot of anger See, you’re very angry. Look, nervousness You also have some bad airs. You don’t have evil eye. What you have, do you see those white clouds? That’s bad airs. You are very nervous, and you have a lot of anger. Stick our your hands. Rub it in up and down like this. Show me your hands Rub them together. Inhale. Yeah. Smell it now. Go ahead and smell it, breath it in deeply. Once more. All the way back, like this Stick our your hand Now rub it on your belly Like this… Stick our your hand.. Rub it in hard. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, inhale. Like that, towards the back. Go ahead and just put it on. Show me your stomach. Go ahead and put it all over like this. Now its clean. Put it on your neck and arms. Now unbutton your shirt and take it off for the massage. Stick out your hand. Rub it in hard, and breath in deeply. Go ahead and press your hand to your face a little more. Press it against your face.. breathe in… Work it all the way back… like this Yeah. That’s good. Put a little bit on your belly. Keep you hands right there… Stick our your feet a little bit… go ahead and stick them out, okay? Like that. Now relax. [whispering:] relax your arms, like that Relax… Raise your arms up over your head like this, yeah? Like that, now hold them there. Like this… Right, like that. Nice and relaxed… Maybe not…[chuckling] Let’s go. Nice and relaxed. [whispering] nice and relaxed That’s it. Nice and relaxed… We’re all set. Yeah. [inaudible] [inaudible] Doña Esperanza, why does it have to be you that cleans the leaves after the limpia (cleansing)? Because… cleansed you, so I am prepared to clean them up. Because if someone else cleans them up, The bad airs and negative energy that the plants have absorbed will rub off on that person. He or she could get a headache or other ailments in their bodies so its better that I do it. I provide the complete service, because I am prepared to do it [chuckles] Yes, because are people who have more delicate temperaments Your wife could have cleaned up, but what the plants have absorbed would have been passed on to her. So I just clean up myself…

100 thoughts on “Spiritual cleansing (limpia espiritual) ASMR massage and neck cracking by Doña Esperanza

  1. Not crazy about the spitting because, y'know, *germs*, but the rest is nice. It does make me wonder about the meaning behind all the steps, especially the flower petals.

  2. Now if she did this right, both the Witch and the Patient are supposed to get red in the face. But I suspect only the Patient got red in the face, this time.

  3. Gee the next time I go grocery shopping I will do this at the Vegetable section and get thrown out of the store ,what a bunch of bunk !

  4. Love this a lot. Thank you for sharing this woman’s talent! I am very fascinated by these procedures but watch them mostly for the purpose that they relax me, this one was very calming. Thank you and have a nice day ☺️🙏

  5. Muy buenos videos, me encanta la continuidad que teneis, y sobretodo el afecto, calidez y tranquilidad que ellos transmiten. Un saludo companerooos! 🙂

  6. I am a 58 year old japanese buisinessman. And he looks like he got a butt on his browbone. Or his browbone is shaped like an ass.

  7. I really don’t want to offend but the sounds and sights of Ecuador really put me off ever wanting to visit. it sounds noisy and manic!

  8. The flower petal mouth shotgun, just cracks me up every time. I never notice the reload, she just pops up with petals in her mouth and you know whats up.

  9. Cuantas velas ➕de #4/ negativo energía muy mal humor ojeo envidias 😁dos Huevos una paloma y asunto arreglado mejor caldo de Piraña🐠 en lago agrio of Zamora y fuld %~☆👉💁👌🚵🌈

  10. Every person is made up of energy, and as we go  through life, we will encounter people who have negative energies whether intentionally placed or put on by others. I would highly recommend that one should have a spiritual cleansing at least once a year for overall good emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

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