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Spit-take Jokes

I jump for you why does it take your cap to the 105 cuz it has four doors chicken semester so a lot of the teachers eyes for us I know where the teachers on gosh she can she can control our pupils take a joke for you all right hey one of the Vikings and possums have in common what let's play dead oh ho when you kill all the rest jump for you right here really you got a dope song ever what's the difference between chopped beef and pea soup what's the difference you can chop me but yeah I can do for you what we call a fish with no eyes all right I got a gym for you really gonna do it for me yeah what are you getting across an element of kangaroo baby hold on a joke more you really yeah come to two minutes walk into a bar huh one was assaulting a little story here killing joke for me that's another yeah really one is the rift all off the leper on PR oh wow there was a face out in corner dumb idea

27 thoughts on “Spit-take Jokes

  1. First 3 seconds Im thinking "great, theyre in the shower because of the inevitable mess..nice production value… not."
    Then at 20 seconds Im thinking "ok I lol'd a bit, but Im not going to watch almost 3 minutes of the same gag."
    Then 30 seconds came along and the whole thing started looking more promising.

  2. "Hey dude! You wanna go stand in the shower, take turns telling jokes and spitting on each other while filming it??!!??"

    "That's a GREAT idea!!! Oh man, this is gonna be a BLAST!!"

  3. I love this so much 😀 !
    I think it's funnier because it's two dudes in a shower drinking spaghettios and jelly.

  4. So funny that I couldn't understand what they were saying half the time and I still laughed! Though admittedly, the jokes themselves were not the point of this, the best spittake video on youtube.

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